Gaming Update November '11


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Gaming Update November '11

  1. 1. NOV´11
  2. 2. November cuts the days shorter and makes the evenings longer. But we dontcomplain. It means extra time for games! Or at least it feels like that. Nothingbetter than turning on your console and plunging into the couch straight afterdinner to not come out of there till its time to go to bed. So lets see what newthings are there to entertain us on these long autumn nights. November is a topgaming month! Advance_Gaming Advance Blog
  3. 3. GAMES FOR HEALINGWe wrote about Jane McGonigal before. The blue-eyed angelof positive gaming is taking centre stage again. This time sheis pushing her positive message about gaming a bit further.She showed the world that games can make someone abetter person, but she is now opening our eyes evenfurther, for games that can heal us. Yes, like medicine.After suffering a traumatic brain injury back in 2009, good oldJane developed a game to help herself heal. It was a lowpoint in her life and she needed something to get her back onher feet. The game she developed backthen, "SuperBetter", is now turning into a big gamingplatform where everyone can create their own healing These goals could be as simple as being a bit less No matter if you are a drug addict or you have been Big online shoe-seller Zappos is already using it to lower itssitting at home with a broken leg. employees’ stress levels with the help of a positive emotion game and social connection.The SuperBetter platform will do this by keeping youcurious, optimistic and motivated through the healing period. SuperBetter is based on research in psychology, neuroscienceIn the process you will also be able to get your friends and and medicine, and combines this with proven game-family involved. They become crucial allies in helping you win mechanics to make you addicted to healing. If the fun stuffthe healing game. isnt good enough for you, SuperBetter gives you more information on the science behind it, showing you whatThere are two parts to the game. To start with you get 7 suddenly made you think healing is so much fun.missions to create the basis of your SuperBetter experience.After that the game becomes your creation and it is up to you VIDEOand your family and friends to use this part to achieve yourreal-world health goals.
  4. 4. XBOX TV COMINGDont call it a game console stupid! These days the big shiny box we used to play on for hours is turning into something muchbigger. The evolution is clear, those boxes are turning into full-blown entertainment consoles with a central place in the livingroom.This Christmas, an extra entertainment layer will be added to that: television. Microsoft has signed over 40 deals with televisionand video-on-demand companies to distribute content through the Xbox. Combine that with the search capacities of Microsoftsown Bing search engine and the Kinect motion controller and you have television magic. Imagine waving your hand to get to thenext show or just using Bings voice search to find your favorite episode of Friends."Can I have the episode where Chandler and Joey have a duck?"Great times source:
  5. 5. SHOOT HIM! Hide behind that rock, and take out your 80mm to shoot the bastard! It could be a scene in Warco, a new first-person shooter where you dont point your gun but your camera on the bad guys. Working together with a journalist and a filmmaker, the guys at Defiant Development in Brisbane are putting a game together to let you experience what it is to be an embedded journalist in a warzone. The idea comes from Tony Maniaty, an Australian war journalist who has been covering news from the worst places in the world. To get things going he teamed up with Robert Connolly, the director of Balibo, a movie about the deaths of Australian journalists during the 70s in East Timor. Only later, the development studio got involved. Warco, what is short for war correspondent, promises to be a refreshing new kind of first-person shooter in which you play as journalist Jesse DeMarco who both films and edits his news reports. According to the developers it is a game about making choices, about finding ways to tell your story and navigating between right and wrong. Warco is both a story telling engine and an action adventure with a new perspective. But we silently hope that it does come with at least a pistol or a knife. Just in case. VIDEO www.defiantdev.comsource:
  6. 6. source: glitch.comGLITCHIf you’re not really comfortable with the aggressive vibe of World of Warcraft, maybe this new free-to-play MMO is somethingfor you. Glitch, the brainchild of the team behind Flickr, is hard to define. It takes place in the imagination of 11 ancientgiants, and believe us, ancient giants have a very weird imagination.Glitch is a little gem to explore with your friends. The web-based game keeps on expanding and players help shape the openworld. According to Stewart Butterfield, CEO and co-founder, Glitch is an experiment in culture building. It provides rawmaterials and a stimulating environment. But its the players who bring the infinite world alive, shaping it with theirimagination. So a little bit like that long lost Second Life, but in 2D and a little bit cuter?Watch the video and decide for
  7. 7. DISNEY GOES IPAD SOCIAL GAMERS STICKING TO THEIR MONEYWe are all playing around with our iPads here at Advance How would our lives be without social gaming? Therelike we’re little children. But what if we were really are 37 million social gamers in the U.S. alone. But whochildren? What would we be playing on dads iPad? Angry are they? And what do they want?Birds for the 10 millionth time? Not anymore. Together with game developer RockYou, the researchWith Disneys new toy there is no going back to the old guys at Interpret got their hands dirty to dig to thedays. From now on the virtual and the real world are bottom of this 3-4 year old question. When they finallyone, just like kids see it. Pick up your favourite heroes from emerged from the depths of Facebook and other placesthe Cars movie and let them drive over the screen of your of uncontrolled social fun, they came to the conclusioniPad. No worries, the skid marks are only going to be that most social gamers are women. Three-to-two tovirtual. be precise. And it seems like a big group of them would prefer to keep spending their money on shoes insteadThe Appmates, as they are called, are miniature figures of games. A whopping 40% of social gamers said theywith special sensors mounted on the bottom to interact would never pay for a social game, and only 11% saidwith the iPad. Your device will know which of the they would pay for a subscription.characters is being put on its shiny glass surface and willthen change the game accordingly with different sounds But the Interpret researchers didnt only come backand dialogue. with bad news. When it comes to in-game advertising, 45% of social gamers are willing to endureMaybe a good idea for Christmas. At least if you want to this in return for extra virtual currency. While 41%share your iPad 90% of the time. wouldnt mind reviewing or sharing the game experience for extra in-game bonuses.VIDEO Seems like there is a big future ahead for "free"! But hasnt there always been?
  9. 9. ZYNGA STARTS BUILDING ITS OWN NESTLittle boys grow up. And when they do, they want to spread their wings and leave home. The sameapparently goes up for social game developers. After having made their name and fortune onFacebook, the master brains behind Farmville and Cityville are now ready to start building their ownlittle house. Zynga is starting a gaming platform boys and girls!And why wouldnt they? Every month they have to pay rent to big daddy Facebook anyway. They justmight keep that part for themselves from now on. Putting the money directly into their own pockets.Which probably explains the name of their new home, Zynga Direct. At this new hangoutspot, players will of course be able to connect to each other and be social as always. Both oncomputer and on mobile.The aim? "To create socialness about the games and not just within the games." Get it? Zynga wontbe leaving Facebook anytime soon though. Facebook is still a nice and warm home to be, but one dayyou can be sure Zynga will be moving all its boxes to its new
  10. 10. A DIFFERENT KIND OF CONTROLLERStep aside Microsoft and Sony. Motion control is so 2010! At least inJapan, where Tech Arts 3D, developer of the game 3D Custom Girl, willrelease the worlds very first vagina controller. Yes, you read that right.The USB Onacon fake vagina will be in stores at the end of novemberand will be bundled with 3D Custom Girl. A game in which you designyour very own virtual girl to do things with we dont really want to knowabout.But hey, there must be a market!HOW TO GET 225 MILLION DOWNLOADSDevelop some cute virtual 3D creatures that respond to touch andrepeat everything you say. Then let people record funny videos withinthe app and let them post it on as many channels as possible. Bingo!Oh and dont forget the Asian Android market. Or as Outfit7, thedeveloper behind ‘Talking Tom’ and other 3D talking creatures puts it:"We have users in over 100 countries, around half of our audience is inAsia and were seeing growth biased towards Android thats consistentwith its scale in that market." And lets admit, we would have forgottenabout that ourselves.So, talking 3D creatures. We can only imagine the IP possibilities. MickyMouse, time to polish your shoes!
  11. 11. NUMBER OF THE MONTH…of kids age 2-17 play mobile games.Coming from only 8% in 2009. How many kids have an iPod Touch? Put your little hands up!
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