Mobile Jeopardy


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Play Adva Mobile Jeopardy and test your knowledge of our mobile marketing service.

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Mobile Jeopardy

  1. 1. "Mobile Fan Club" Jeopardy Mobile Web 400 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 500 100 200 300 400 500 Selling Merch Fan Blasts Mobile Promotions Engaging Fans Reports Social Networks 100 200 300 400 500
  2. 2. The place we “scrape” to get basic info about you. Question
  3. 3. Answer What is MySpace?
  4. 4. Things you can upload to show on your home page. Question
  5. 5. Answer What are: Pictures Music YouTube Video?
  6. 6. T or F. Your mobile web site can be viewed on any phone with Internet access. Question
  7. 7. Answer True.
  8. 8. This feature lets you collect a fan’s email and location in exchange for “content”. Question
  9. 9. Answer What is “Exclusive Content”?
  10. 10. Question Your mobile web site can be modified and designed at this place.
  11. 11. Answer What is The Artist Portal?
  12. 12. True or False? Artists can make money selling merchandise from their mobile web site. Question
  13. 13. Answer True.
  14. 14. T or F. Fans can only pay for merchandise by sending you cash through the mail. Question
  15. 15. Answer False. (Paypal and credit cards are accepted)
  16. 16. When a PayPal transaction has been successful, the money is transferred to the artist during the next ______ . Question
  17. 17. Answer What is “ the next Hour ”?
  18. 18. T or F. The fan pays for the merchandise item, shipping if applicable, Paypal service charges and Adva Mobile service charges. Question
  19. 19. Answer True.
  20. 20. These three categories of products can be sold to fans from your mobile web site. Question
  21. 21. Answer What are: Merchandise, Music and Tickets?
  22. 22. Question T or F. Fans have to “opt in” before you can send them a SMS Text with the Fan Blast tool.
  23. 23. Answer True.
  24. 24. T or F. The Fan Blast tool lets you notify fans by SMS Text, email, or Twitter Status update. Question
  25. 25. Answer True.
  26. 26. These three Filters can be applied to target your Fan Blasts. Question
  27. 27. Answer What are: Location Age Gender?
  28. 28. True or False: You can send yourself a test message before you schedule your fan blast to make sure the message is correct. Question
  29. 29. Answer True.
  30. 30. DAILY DOUBLE Click Here
  31. 31. The name of the page on the Artist Portal that shows all your fan blasts, when they were scheduled, how many fans received the fan blast, the web page they were directed to, the message in the SMS Text, and the Title. Question
  32. 32. Answer What is: The View All Page?
  33. 33. T or F. Fans can join your mobile club right at your shows when you tell them to text “get your band name ” to your shortcode 88704. Question
  34. 34. Answer True.
  35. 35. T or F. You should not inundate your fans with text messages. Once or twice a month is about right. Question
  36. 36. Answer True.
  37. 37. Question Fans can do this on their phones to let you know what song to play for your encore.
  38. 38. Answer What is a Voting Campaign?
  39. 39. Fans can do this on their phones to win a prize, for example, a backstage pass or signed copy of your CD. Question
  40. 40. Answer What is a Raffle or Contest?
  41. 41. Review and update the _________ ________ to keep fans coming back to your mobile fan club Question
  42. 42. Answer What is the Home Page?
  43. 43. T or F. The Reports Dashboard gives you a quick snapshot of all your mobile fan club activities. Question
  44. 44. Answer True.
  45. 45. This Report shows you how many fans you have, and a graph over time of how your fan base is growing. Question
  46. 46. Answer What is The Fan Report.
  47. 47. T or F. The artist “owns” the fan’s mobile phone numbers and can contact them whenever you want. Question
  48. 48. Answer False. (The phone numbers, like email addresses, are “yours”, but there are rules for contacting them.)
  49. 49. Question “ I’d like to know where my fans are located so I can send a text blast to only those fans in a particular location.” is something you might say when looking at which report?
  50. 50. Answer What is The Location Report?
  51. 51. Question T or F: There is a Report that shows me what content is being downloaded by fans from my Mobile Site, and how many times.
  52. 52. Answer True.
  53. 53. T or F. Mobile marketing is a new way to help you engage your fans on their mobile phones. Question
  54. 54. Answer True.
  55. 55. Using your mobile fan club is part of an overall marketing __________ to engage your fans, create loyalty, and sell more music, tickets and merchandise. Question
  56. 56. Answer What is Strategy?
  57. 57. T or F. Adva Mobile provides a Widget I can put on my Web Site and MySpace page to get fans to sign up for my mobile fan club. Question
  58. 58. Answer True.
  59. 59. T or F. Promoting my mobile fan club on my Facebook, MySpace and Twitter pages is a good way to get fans to sign up to my mobile club. Question
  60. 60. Answer True.
  61. 61. T or F. Fans will increasingly connect to you on mobile phones as more fans have smartphones and mobile internet access . Question
  62. 62. Answer True.
  63. 63. Question The link on your mobile home page lets fans do this.
  64. 64. What is Tweet to you? Answer
  65. 65. T or F? When you set up your Twitter Status on the Artist Portal, Tweets made by fans on your mobile site show up on your Twitter page. Question
  66. 66. Answer True.
  67. 67. Question T or F. If your Twitter Account is set up to send Tweets to your Facebook Page, fan Tweets on your mobile site will also go to your Facebook Page.
  68. 68. Answer True.
  69. 69. T or F. The Adva Mobile Facebook Page is a good place to connect with us and other Artists that recognize the advantages of mobile marketing. Question
  70. 70. Answer True.
  71. 71. This company provides a superior way for you to connect to your fans on their mobile phones. Question
  72. 72. Answer Who is Adva Mobile?