File maker pro 8.5 upgrade win mac


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File maker pro 8.5 upgrade win mac

  1. 1. REVIEWS - FileMaker Pro 8.5 Upgrade Win/MacViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating4.5 out of 5Product DescriptionNow with FileMaker Pro 8.5, there is a database smart enough to link information from your database to theWeb. Simply add the FileMaker Web Viewer to any layout, point FileMaker to the Web information that you wantto use, and FileMaker will automatically deliver it all on one screen. Only licensed users of FileMaker Pro6(through 12/31/2006), 7 and 8 qualify for the upgrade version of FileMaker Pro 8.5. Read moreProduct DescriptionFileMaker Pro 8.5 is the new version of the worlds best-selling, easy-to-use database software for Mac OS X andWindows users. The application provides you with world-class tools to manage, customize and share yourinformation about people, projects, and assets on a network or over the Internet. In fact, FileMaker Pro 8.5revolutionizes the way you interact with data online, letting you incorporate live web pages in records in yourdatabase and take advantage of up-to-the minute information from the web. This is an upgrade versiononly. A previous version of Filemaker is required.
  2. 2. FileMaker Pro is the number one-selling easy-to-use database software for Windows and Mac OS that helps youmanage people, projects, assets and more.As effortlessly as you can bookmark a web page in your browser, you can add a live web page to a record in yourdatabase. View larger.Get up and running quickly and easily. The FileMaker Learning Center offers a fun, convenient way to learnFileMaker Pro 8.5 at your own pace. View larger.
  3. 3. FileMaker Pros designers have pre-designed databases, set up reports and mailing labels, and added automationfeatures to help you get started even faster. View larger.The award-winning ease of use thats built into every aspect of FileMaker Pro continues to be praised by millions ofcustomers and industry experts around the world. View larger.Putting the Web and Your Network to WorkThe most advanced version of the industry-leading database application to date, FileMaker Pro 8.5 lets you adda live Web browser window to any database layout as easily as you bookmark a Web page. Since FileMakerautomatically updates the information on the fly, your database remains current, without any searching orbrowsing necessary on your part.Your information is even more valuable when you can share it. With the cross-platform, multi-user networksupport, youll be able to share FileMaker information over a network with up to five simultaneous Windowsusers, Intel-based Mac users or PowerPC Mac users. And the programs Instant Web Publishing lets you shareFileMaker information over the Web -- giving your team secure access to the information they need anytime,anywhere via a browser. If you have remote offices, clients or vendors that need anytime, anywhere access toyour FileMaker information, youre in business.Easy Set-up and ProgrammingWith FileMaker Pros easy-to-follow on-screen, step-by-step instructions, youll be up and running in a matter ofminutes. Whether you want to organize a home library or your companys inventory tracking system, FileMakernot only meets your every needs but offers an application thats easy to set-up, easy to learn and easy to use.In fact, FileMaker Pro 8.5 comes with its own Learning Center -- complete with 28 QuickTime video tutorials --that lets novices and FileMaker experts alike tap into the richest features of the application.When its time to start working, converting your data couldnt be easier. Just drag your Excel files onto theFileMaker icon on your desktop, and the information will import automatically. FileMaker can also import manydifferent file formats so theres no need to re-key your information. Searching, sorting, and reporting is alsoeasier than ever. When you need to create daily project lists, weekly sales reports, monthly newsletters ormailing labels, FileMaker produces what you want, sorted the way you want. Plus, you can save your output toAdobe PDF or Microsoft Excel formats, and send it via email in seconds.Thanks to FileMakers robust toolset, you can create your own database in minutes, complete with yourcompany logo and custom name fields. In fact, you can customize almost every area of FileMaker to work theway you do, so youre not forced to manage your information in a pre-set way. And by providing you withpre-defined Web addresses for some of the most popular, information-rich web sites on the Internet -- e.g.,FedEx, MapQuest Maps, Google search and Wikipedia -- FileMaker Pro 8.5 makes it simple to add Web-based
  4. 4. content to your database.Storing Your DataGot data? FileMaker Pro 8.5 lets you store virtually any type of file, including Word files, movies, pictures, andPDFs. Sharing the information in your FileMaker databases is also a breeze. Once youve built your data base, itcouldnt be easier to print invoices, letters and mailing labels; produce reports in PDF or Excel formats; createcustomized electronic forms that look just like your paper forms; e-mail the contents of virtually any field with asingle click and view live Web information associated with your data from within FileMaker.Best of all, the programmers behind FileMaker Pro 8.5 know that youve got important things to do. Youshouldnt have to spend your valuable time on rote tasks. FileMaker Pro 8.5 includes dozens of features thatsimplify and automate operations -- from faster searching and sorting to easy creation of email newsletters andpre-programmed functions. The program also comes with a powerful scripting language so you can automaterepetitive tasks. You can also use the Email Merge feature that lets you send e-mails to one or many contacts ina few simple steps without scripting. Add merge fields from your database for added personalization, andautomatically add attachments if you need to. This feature is great for email newsletters, news updates, andmore.Other advanced features will let you get real-time information from the Web that is associated with your datawithout having to open a Web browser. You can track every shipment from within FileMaker, view detailedmaps to your customers locations, even get the latest prices on products youre researching delivered to youautomatically. You can easily add calendar drop downs, data entry value lists, and hundreds of other built-inprogramming functions to save data entry time and automate repetitive tasks.Read more