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Enhanced Campaigns - Adspert
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Enhanced Campaigns - Adspert


This is the presentation to a webinar held by Adspert. Information about Googles enhanced campaigns are given. Additionally Adspert gives useful tips for the optimization of the campaigns.

This is the presentation to a webinar held by Adspert. Information about Googles enhanced campaigns are given. Additionally Adspert gives useful tips for the optimization of the campaigns.

Published in Education , Technology , Design
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  • 1. WHO WE AREMaciej and JudithMaciej Sleziak Judith FreksaCustomer Happiness Manager Senior Marketing
  • 2. ENHANCED CAMPAIGNSThe future is now … or at least in the near futureWEBINAR PLAN1. Enhanced campaigns – incoming changes2. Display bidding and targeting overhaul3. Adspert – our point of view4. Q&A session
  • 3. ENHANCED CAMPAIGNS Targeting for devices
  • 4. TARGETING FOR DEVICESThe difference between desktop and mobile is blurringUSERS ARE STARTING TO USE MOBILEPLATFORMS IN A SIMILAR WAY AS DESKTOPSEnhanced campaigns will be delivering ads on alldevices.
  • 5. TARGETING FOR DEVICESThe difference between desktop and mobile is blurring CPGN-PC m. CPC €1,00 Device Bid adj. Desktop - CPGN-TAB ENH-CPGN m. CPC €1,20 Tablet - High-end Mobile - 50% CPGN-MOB m. CPC €0,50The bid adjustment factors are as of now modifiable at the campaign level.Starting mid May Ad Group level bid adjustmentfactors for devices will be available.
  • 6. TARGETING FOR DEVICESThe change has positive and negative consequencesPROs Easier control over bidding for different devices No need to make up multiple campaigns for same keywords and devices (according to Google) Better data structure and analysis opportunities
  • 7. TARGETING FOR DEVICESThe change has positive and negative consequencesCONs A complex campaign overhaul is needed No possibility to target only one platform or only mobile Realistically less overview and control over spending Impression, click, conversion and cost irregularities expected
  • 8. ENHANCED CAMPAIGNS Location and scheduling modifiers
  • 9. ENHANCED LOCATION BIDDINGLess need to duplicate campaigns for various locationsBID MODIFIERS BASED ON LOCATIONThe bid modifier for the most specific region will takeeffect.CPGN-BLNm. CPC €1,00 Location Bid adj. ENH-CPGN Berlin - Charlottenburg +150%CPGN-CHBm. CPC €2,50
  • 10. SCHEDULING ACCESSIBILITYThe legacy scheduling modifiers are also upgradedSCHEDULING IS NOW MORE ACCESSIBLEA new tab in campaign settings allows users to definead running times as well as add bid adjustments tospecific run times.
  • 11. EXAMPLE: BIDDING SCENARIOBidding adjustments are multiplicativeASSUMPTIONS FOR SETTINGS 2 users are searching for the same keyword “alcohol” but have very different purchasing patterns The manager has set up the campaign with a Keyword max. CPC at €1,00.
  • 12. EXAMPLE: BIDDING SCENARIO Maciej Orders beer from a desktop PC in Berlin. Device Bid adj. Location Bid adj. Time Bid adj.Desktop / Tablet - Berlin - Mon – Fri. -50% Mobile +120% Paris +30% Sat. - Sun. - €1,00 * 100% * 100% * 100% = €1,00 (Base bid * modifiers)
  • 13. EXAMPLE: BIDDING SCENARIO Judith Orders a bottle of champagne on her iPhone from her apartment in Paris. Device Bid adj. Location Bid adj. Time Bid adj.Desktop / Tablet - Berlin - Mon – Fri. -50% Mobile +120% Paris +30% Sat. - Sun. - €1,00 * 220% * 130% * 100% = €2,86 (Base bid * modifiers)
  • 14. ENHANCED CAMPAIGNS Call and app download tracking
  • 15. CHANGES TO CAMPAIGNSMore tracking and optimization opportunitiesCLICK TO CALL TRACKING Now calls of a given minimum length can count as conversions and hence can also be optimized.
  • 16. CHANGES TO CAMPAIGNSMore tracking and optimization opportunitiesAPP IOS DOWNLOAD CONVERSION TRACKING Now downloads from in-app-advertising on iOS can also be tracked No tracking for search or display though
  • 17. ENHANCED CAMPAIGNS Sitelink upgrades
  • 18. SITELINK UPGRADEEnhanced sitelinks grant higher click-through-ratesAUTOMATIC AD TEXT IS ADDED TO SITELINKSSitelinks will now feature automatically chosen text fromother ads to improve user experience and improve click-through-rates.
  • 19. ENHANCED CAMPAIGNSChanges are unavoidableENHANCED CAMPAIGNS ARE BEING INTRODUCEDAS WE SPEAKThe change is irreversible and will be automated later.“We will begin automatically upgrading all AdWords campaigns toenhanced campaigns starting on July 22, 2013.” – Google AdWords Blog
  • 20. DISPLAY BIDDING AND TARGETING Default and custom bidding
  • 21. DISPLAY CHANGESThe changes in display were pushed more secretlyBIDDING ON ONE TYPE OF TARGETING ONLYStarting now Google is changing the way advertiserscan bid on their targeting methods in display.Before – multiple target type bids possible –(e.g. separate bids on selected placements and for a given topic).Now – max. one bidding method possible per ad group.
  • 22. DISPLAY CHANGES - MODIFIERSLose some, gain some – bidding modifiers for displayTARGETING METHODS WITH DEFAULT CPC BIDSMAY HAVE BIDDING MODIFIERS set custom bidding on managed placements bid adjustment for females by e.g. +20% and for age by +50% Judith €1,00 * 220% * 130% * 100% * 120% * 150% = €5,15
  • 23. ADSPERTOur point of view
  • 24. ADSPERTOur point of viewWHAT DO WE THINK ABOUT THIS CHANGE?We are excited! The changes make bidding moreflexible and will allow us to perform even better.
  • 25. ADSPERTOur point of viewCAN ADSPERT OPTIMZE ENHANCED CAMPAIGNS?Yes, our system is compatible with enhanced campaignsfrom the beginning of the switch.Bidding is done as usual 5 times per day.
  • 26. ADSPERTOur point of viewDOES ADSPERT MODIFY THE BID ADJUSTMENTS?Not yet, the modifiers need to be adjusted by our clientsmanually.
  • 27. ADSPERTOur point of viewWHY DOESN’T ADSPERT CHANGE THE MODIFIERS?The current API version of Google (latest release04.03.2013) does not let us make changes for modifiers.ARE YOU GOING TO CHANGE THEM?Yes, when the API starts to support bid adjustmentmodifiers (hopefully with the next API release in May).
  • 28. Q&A SESSION
  • 29. ADSPERTCustomer questionsWILL MY RESTRUCTURING OF THE CAMPAIGNSDISRUPT THE BIDDING?Adspert notices click and conversion changes early andreacts dynamically.If there are dramatic changes in the account or you arecompletely restructuring the account – it may be betterto run the account manually for a week to checkperformance.
  • 30. ADSPERTCustomer questionsWHICH ACCOUNTS / CAMPAIGNS ARE MOSTLIKELY TO HAVE THE BIGGEST IMPACT?Above all device specific campaigns (pure mobile, orpure desktop) where the conversion rates and trafficbetween mobile and non-mobile differ significantly. Desktop: 50 conv./month at 20,00 EUR per conv. Mobile: 10 conv./month at 80,00 EUR per conv. Enhanced: 60 conv./month at 30,00 EUR per conv.
  • 31. ADSPERTCustomer questionsWHAT CAN I DO TO SPEED UP AND IMPROVE MYBIDDING?If you notice that after the switch to enhancedcampaigns costs per conversion have changed or thatyour values of a conversion have altered, please go toSettings  Conversion Values and increase ordecrease values appropriately.Adspert will do the rest of the job.
  • 32. ADSPERTCustomer questionsIF I CHANGE BID ADJUSTMENTS WILL THATDISUPT BIDDING?Frequently changing the bid adjustments will affect theresults.Ideally you should set the modifiers and let thecampaign run for a few days to monitor theperformance.
  • 33. ADSPERTCustomer questionsWHAT HAPPENS TO MY KEYWORD HISTORY?The keyword history stays, if you simply switch toenhanced campaigns.If you want to copy keywords from other campaigns tothe new enhanced campaign, the history for thesekeywords will be deleted by Google.
  • 34. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION!Feedback and questions are appreciated: