School Tools Overview - WSOC-TV 2010


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2010 marks the 20th year that WSOC-TV has supported our community through the Family Focus program. This presentation outlines the opportunities available for organizations who are willing to underwrite some of the elements of School Tools this year. Contact me at with questions or for more information.

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School Tools Overview - WSOC-TV 2010

  1. 1. Cox Broadcasting 1901 N. Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC
  2. 2. In 1990 WSOC-TV began an outreach project to reflect the purpose of our station call letters, “We Serve Our Community.” Our mission was to work together with civic-minded underwriters to help members of our community deal with various problems facing families. Since our commitment began, hundreds of charities and millions of viewers have benefited from the exposure that “Family Focus” has given to the causes and issues that affect today’s families. The WSOC-TV “Family Focus” program is a comprehensive public service campaign that supports major charitable causes, family-issue programming and family-oriented events while providing its partners with maximum exposure for their community commitment. In January 2010 WSOC-TV’s “Family Focus” will begin its 20th year of using the power of television and internet to educate and inform our community about how to create a stronger family unit. Mission
  3. 3. Because this program impacts so many facets of this community, the support of our underwriters is paramount. Along with Channel 9, our partners share in the responsibility of designing this highly acclaimed program. This includes financial support as well as open discussion to determine the family issues that need to be addressed. The on-air and on-line promotion of these specific, family-oriented issues offers a unique co-branding opportunity with WSOC-TV, Charlotte’s top rated television station for news for eighteen (18) years running. It allows tremendous visibility for your company’s civic participation unlike any other program in the Carolinas. Our Underwriters WSOC-TV commits resources within our television and online properties to maximize the reach and effectiveness of the “Family Focus” project, and we are proud to invite your business to join us in our efforts for 2010.
  4. 4. Throughout the entire year “Family Focus underwriters are involved in various high- profile community projects and events that support the family and the community. Major Projects Combined, the major projects of “Family Focus” provided the underwriters with over 2,800 HH GRPs of Public Service Announcements last year. These projects are opportunities for our underwriters to be recognized for their role in improving our community. Each project in the program is supported by 4-6 weeks of on-air and on-line promotion, and each underwriter receives individual video and audio sponsor recognition tags that rotate equally. Live interview during 2009 School Tools collection event at a Food Lion store 2009 School Tools collection event at Knights Stadium
  5. 5. Major Projects 1. Steve Udelson, Channel 9 Meteorologist’s projects a. Steve’s Coats For Kids b. Steve’s Sun Safety 2. Education a. School Tools b. Outstanding Grads 3. Cause Marketing a. Summer Food Drive b. Room in the Inn c. 9 Who Care 4. Events a. MLK event at Levine Museum b. Theatre Charlotte c. Mother’s Day d. Father’s Day 5. Discounts for families through Family Focus Card School Tools Collection Day 2009 at WSOC-TV studios with collection team from the N.C. Air National Guard 2010 Plan
  6. 6. “School Tools” is conducted in cooperation with Communities In Schools, Classroom Central, the North and South Carolina National Guard and local businesses. School supplies are collected throughout the month of August, then are given to students in grades K-12 who need them. This project has grown from serving 5,000 children in 1997 to more than 100,000 children in 2009. Overview “Carolinas’ Outstanding Graduates” is a project that recognizes an outstanding graduating senior from each high school in our 22 county market. They are invited to enjoy a fun-filled day (last year at the Levine Museum of the New South) and are honored through PSAs that run on WSOC-TV Channel 9. This campaign takes place in May – June.
  7. 7. Logistics SCHOOL TOOLS -- July 29-Sept 6, 2010 Elements include: • On air • Your logo/audio inclusion in promotional schedule to air on WSOC TV • Inclusion in a minimum of 75 live mentions during daily newscasts throughout the period • Live remote with station talent at the pre-approved location of your choice during the promotional dates; this includes 15 additional promotional announcements for the remote and 5 live cut-ins to air from the site • Spot bank for your use; schedule will be customized for you •On site • Your inclusion in the WSOC Collection Day at TV studio from 10am to 7pm; includes station talent and a minimum of 5 live cut-ins that include mentions of you as a sponsor. You are invited to be on-site throughout the event with your staff, volunteers, trucks, etc. as pre-approved by station. •Your logo on all collateral materials to include collection barrels, posters, banners, etc. Barrels will be delivered to your location(s) and picked up periodically as applicable • On line • Opportunities for your messaging Carolinas’ Outstanding Graduates -- June 1-June 10, 2010 Elements include: • On air • Your logo/audio inclusion in promotional schedule to air on WSOC TV • Spot bank for your use: schedule will be customized for you • On site • Invitation to be at event if you want to have a presence • Your logo on all collateral materials and signage • On line • Opportunities for your messaging
  8. 8. Advantages to the Community There is no comparable commitment by any Charlotte media outlet that provides major exposure for public service issues: • Scores of nonprofit charities and events supported each year • Event exposure in top-rated newscasts and other top-rated programming • Primetime, issue-oriented programming • Deep discounts for family entertainment events Advantages to our Partners “Family Focus” consolidates the public affairs commitment of its partners for maximum impact and exposure: • Corporate logo placement in partnership with well-recognized “Family Focus” brand in WSOC-TV’s top-rated newscasts and on Charlotte’s #1 broadcast media website • Support of more causes than possible individually • Airtime to support partners’ businesses through commercial advertising • Partnership with the largest media-related community outreach project in the Charlotte area • Huge exposure for partners’ community involvement • Benefit of employee pride and morale by showing partner focus on charitable commitment The “Family Focus” project is a turn-key campaign that requires little work from our corporate partners to operate, but its degree of success depends on the active participation of all partners. We meet regularly with the partners to coordinate the campaign and encourage input and guidance from our partners. Advantages
  9. 9. Join us in 2010 for “Family Focus” as we continue to make a difference: We Serve Our Community! This proposal and its contents are the exclusive property of Cox Broadcasting and are not to be reproduced in any way without permission. All elements are subject to change. Sept 2009