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This presentation was provided by UBM Conferences, as part of their upcoming "Food Import Regulatory Standards Forum" - 24 May 2013. To learn more, visit: www.foodimportregulations.com

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FSS Act on Labelling_2013

  1. 1. FOOD IMPORT REGULATORYSTANDARDSParna DasguptaHead – Regulatory & External Affairs, GSK
  2. 2. Understanding the Labellingrequirements as per the FSS Act2
  3. 3. Label ‘Label’ means any tag ,brand, mark, pictorial or otherdescriptive matter written, printed, stenciled, marked,embossed, graphic, perforated, stamped or impressedon or attached to container, cover, lid or crown of anyfood package and includes a product insert
  4. 4. General RequisitesRegulation 2.2 (Chapter 2) lays down the requirements for labeling ofprepackaged foods It is mandatory that every package of food should carry a label thatbears all the information required under FSSA The label should not carry a false, misleading or deceptivedescription or presentation of the prepackaged food and thelabeling should not create an erroneous impression regarding thecharacter of food in any respect
  5. 5. General RequirementsRegulation 2.2.1:•Labels shall be in English or Hindi in Devnagri script:•Label in pre-packaged foods shall be applied in such amanner that they will not become separated from thecontainer;•Contents on the label shall be clear, prominent, indelible andreadily legible by the consumer under normal conditions ofpurchase and use;•Where the container is covered by a wrapper, the wrappershall carry the necessary information or the label on thecontainer shall be readily legible through the outer wrapperand not obscured by it;
  6. 6. Label Must Carry… Name of the food List of ingredients in descending order Nutritional information Name and complete address of manufacturer - Net content by weight or Volume Lot no/Batch identification Date of Manufacturing /Packing Best Before Date Veg/Non Veg logo of appropriate dimensions
  7. 7. List of Ingredients• If the ingredient is a product of two or more ingredients, such compoundingredient declaration shall be accompanied by a list, in bracket, of its ingredientsin descending order of weight or volume•Every package of food sold as a mixture or combination shall disclose thepercentage of the ingredient used at the time of the manufacture of the food if suchingredient–(i) is emphasised as present on the label through words or pictures orgraphics; or(ii) is not within the name of the food but, is essential to characterize the foodand is expected to be present in the food by consumers, and if the omission ofthe quantitative ingredient declaration will mislead or deceive the consumer.• A compound ingredient, constituting less than five percent of the food, other thanfood additive, need not to be declared;• Disclosure of such ingredient is not required if the Ingredient is used as flavouringagent• In case of bottle containing liquid milk or liquid beverage the declarations withregard to addition of fruit pulp and fruit juice shall invariably appear on the body ofthe bottle.
  8. 8. Nutritional Information Nutritional information is the declaration of the nutritional composition ofthe food. It provides an idea of the nutrition that can be derived from thatparticular article of food – Mandatory for all foods Nutritional information should always be stated in numerical terms per100g or 100ml or per serving of the food on the label. For declarationmade per serving, the amount in g or ml should be mentioned beside theserving measure This declaration should compulsorily comprise of the following: Energy value in kcal Protein, fat and carbohydrate along with sugar quantity in g Amount of any other nutrient for which a nutrition / health claim is made The amount of vitamins & minerals in metric units
  9. 9. Nutritional Information Food claimed to be enriched with nutrients, such as, minerals, proteins,vitamins, metals or their compounds, amino acids or enzymes shall givethe quantities of such added nutrients on the label. When a claim is made on the amount or type of fatty acid or the amountof cholesterol, the amount of saturated fatty acids, monounsaturatedfatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids in g and cholesterol in mgshould be declared. Along with this, the amount of trans fatty acids in gshould also be stated.
  10. 10. Nutritional InformationNutritional information not necessary for the following: foods such as raw agricultural commodities like, wheat, rice, cereals, spices,spice mixes, herbs, condiments, table salt, sugar, jaggery non –nutritive products, like, soluble tea, coffee, soluble coffee, coffee-chicory mixture, packaged drinking water, packaged mineral water alcoholic beverages fruit and vegetables, processed and pre- packaged assorted vegetables fruits, vegetables and products that comprise of single ingredient, pickles,papad foods served for immediate consumption such as served in hospitals, hotelsor by food services vendors or halwais or food shipped in bulk which is notfor sale in that form to consumers.
  11. 11. Other Product Specific Requirements
  12. 12. Manner Of DeclarationGeneral Conditions Any pictorial device/graphic matter on label shall not be in conflict with theregulations Declarations shall be legible, conspicuous, plain, bold and in contrast of thebackground colorHeight Of Numerical In The DeclarationSr. no. Net Qty. Minimum Ht. of numeral1 Up to 50g/ml 1mm2 Above 50g/ml up to 200g/ml 2mm3 Above 200g/ml up to 1kg/L 4mm4 Above 1kg/L 6mm
  13. 13. Manner Of DeclarationPrincipal Display Panel (PDP) PDP- that part of the container/package which is intended or likely to bedisplayed or presented or shown or examined by the customer undernormal and customary conditions of display, sale or purchase of thecommodity contained therein All label information shall be given on the PDP All information required on label shall either be Grouped together at one placeOR Pre printed info. at one place and online info in another place
  14. 14. Claim Claim-means any representation which states,suggests or implies that a food has particular qualitiesrelating to its origin, nutritional properties, nature,processing, composition or any other quality.
  15. 15. Nutrition Claim Nutrition claim” means any representation which states,suggests or implies that a food has particular nutritionalproperties which is not limited to the energy value but includethe protein, fat and carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals;Viz : Product A rich in Nutrient …
  16. 16. Health Claim “Health claims” means any representation that states, suggestsor implies that a relationship exists between a food or a constituentof that food and health and include Nutrition claims which describes the physiological role of the nutrient ingrowth, development and normal functions of the body;-- Other functional claims concerning specific beneficial effect of theconsumption of food or its constituents, in the context of the total diet onnormal function or biological activities of the body and such claims relate to apositive contribution to health or to the improvement of function or tomodifying or preserving health, or disease.
  17. 17. Risk Reduction Claim Disease Risk reduction claim relating to the consumption of a foodor food constituents, in the context of the total diet to the reducedrisk of developing a disease or health – related condition; “risk reduction” in the context of health claims meanssignificantly altering a major risk factor for a disease or health-related condition
  18. 18. Special Labellingrequirements forImported Food
  19. 19. Special Requirement for Imported Food All Imported foods to comply with all labeling and claimRegulations Country of origin for imported food:(i) The country of origin of the food shall be declared on thelabel of food imported into India.(i) When a food undergoes processing in a second countrywhich changes its nature, the country in which theprocessing is performed shall be considered to be thecountry of origin.
  20. 20. Special Requirement for Imported FoodSpecial instructions on Manner of declaration• Only Veg/non veg logo and Name and address of importer can be affixed as a sticker -upon arrival of import on Indian shores but before import clearance (in customs bondedwarehouses) and the sticker should not mask any original declarations No other label requirements like name and address of manufacturer, Net weight,Ingredients list, information to determine date of manufacture and best before or Expirydate, batch no/code no etc can be given on a separately attached sticker by theimporter A relaxation on printing of Date of manufacture on sticker – This is allowed for 6 monthssince December 2011 only in cases where the original printing on the label is in Julianformat. In such case the date can be given in Date/month/year format as required underFSS regulation on a sticker and the sticker should not mask the original print If Batch no/lot no not preceded by the title then Authorised officer may verify fromrelevant documents that these are valid batch nos/lot nos
  21. 21. THANK YOU