How to analyze your websites traffic


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How to analyze your websites traffic

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How to analyze your websites traffic

  1. 1. How To Analyze your Websites TrafficIf you are already getting traffic or you are working hard to getting traffic, it is VERY important thatyou monitor and analyze it! You need to know exactly who your visitors are, where they come from,how long they stay, if they click to other pages, etc.Why this is important? Because you only have limited resources like time and money, so you want tospend them wisely. For example if 95% of your traffic is coming from YouTube and 5% from articlemarketing sites, you may want to re-evaluate the time and effort you put in article marketing andfocus on video marketing.Or take the following example from a more technical point of view. If your site is hosted in the goodold US of A, but all your visitors come from Europe, you may want to relocate your hosting over toEurope to improve the speed of your site.Also if you buy solo ads from someone on the Warrior Forum (or any other source for that matter)you may want to check where their traffic is coming from. If all your customers are normally fromthe US and the solo ad traffic comes from Asia and no one is buying, the traffic is useless.There are several methods to monitor your traffic. 1) Your hosting company provides free website traffic monitoring. I’ve seen a few of these and they are rather useless because they just show you a user-friendly representation of your sites traffic log. Downside is that the log contains every visit to your site; this includes spiders, bots and other traffic that is of no interest to us. I once put up a new site and the first day I had 15 visitors when nothing was there to see. This kind of monitoring just sucks. 2) Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google. It shows the detailed statistics we are looking for and displays it in a nice dashboard. You can create a profile for each site you own and has integration with Adwords. When you sign up for GA you’ll create a profile for your site and put some javescript code on your website. Every time your site is visited, the code gets loaded and Google analyses the visitor. The downside of this method is that if your visitors have Javascript blocked in their browser, the visitor isn’t analyzed causing holes in your stats. GA also offers split testing of your website. This allows you for example to test multiple squeeze pages on your visitors and see which one converts the best. Visit: 3) Clicky Web Analytics. Clicky is my favorite, it offers the same services as Google Analytics and adds a lot more exciting functions like: Real-time analysis of traffic so you don’t need to wait a day to see results, video analytics, twitter analytics, Wordpress plugins, keyword rankings and on and on. There is a free version if you want to try it out and see if it’s for you. I myself use the paid version which of course offers multiple site support and the more exciting functions. One more important feature that Clicky has is the fact that it still works when users have disabled javascript in their browser. This means even more accurate analytics in comparison with Google Analytics.
  2. 2. I use Clicky to see what happens on my sites when I launch a newsletter or run a solo ad. Youwill see real-time where the visitors are coming from and what they are doing on your site.This allows you to tweak your site more easily and see the results directly. There is a featurecomparison between Clicky and Google Analytics on their site.Visit: getclicky.comIn the above screenshot you can see I received 165 visitors from the once replied there on a post and solved someone’s problem and put a link back to my site.If you do this every day on several forums you can get a lot of traffic in the long run.So you see it’s important to analyze where you’re traffic is coming from.Visit my website for more free resources: