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    AIESEC Romania portofolio for accenture AIESEC Romania portofolio for accenture Presentation Transcript

    • AIESEC Romania Portfolio CONTENT 1. About AIESEC 2. AIESEC Conferences -National conferences -International Conferences 3. Events 4. Employer branding projects 5. Global Internship Program 6. National Group of Partners CONTACT Adriana MAHU Sales Vice-president AIESEC Romania 0040 728 294 179Together we ACT to achieve Romania`s potential!
    • 1. About AIESEC
    • AIESEC – Activating Leadership Our impactAIESEC 64 years of Activating Leadership Romania•AIESEC is the international platform for young people to explore and develop their • 1.500 members leadership potential to become change agents that have a positive impact in the society. - 500 members having an•Our members receive an integrated experience comprised of Leadership opportunities, international internship International internships and participation in the Global Learning Environment. - 700 members having a managerial•The main advantage and the difference of AIESEC is that the members interact every day experience with leadership and internationalism. • 90 projects for approximately - 30.000 studentsAIESEC Romania 21 years - 4000 high school pupils - 130 NGO’s•first leadership development organization from Romania. • 2.500 alumni•15 cities in 2011. 35% in top management•1.100 new members recruited in every year from 5.000 applicants. 25% middle management•bring impact in 30.000 students, 4.000 pupils, 20 NGOs, 100 projects. • Partners: BRD, Accenture, RBS, KPMG,•1.500 members, 700 leadership positions, 1000 international internships.•2.500 alumni, 35%top management, 25%middle and 25%entrepreneurs. Hilti, TMI, Human Invest, D’ale Carnegie,•reach 500.000 students from 50 universities. RIN Grand Hotel. GlobalThe AIESEC difference • 110 countries , 730 local offices • 60.000 members, 2100 Universities•We are part of a network of over 110 countries, the biggest youth organization in the • 945.000 alumni world. • 10.000 partners•We select our members from the best 5% in the University, based on a competency • 470 conferences annually model. • 16.000 global internships•We have 20 years of experience in youth development we offer 63 preparation • 20.000 leadership roles conferences, management positions, international internship opportunities. • Partners : DHL, Unilever, Alcatel-•We have been working with 442 companies from different sectors that have benefited of access to more than 2300 talented young people , former AIESEC members, and Lucent, Artemisia, Microsoft, ING, Tata extensive exposure. Consulting, PwC, UBS, Facebook
    • Why partner with AIESEC? “The AIESEC members that we interacted with, have been extremely proactive and adapted Access to a international talent pipeline to all of our needs, in a way in which all the-a pool with 10.000 candidates from 110 countries events that we have participated to, have been beneficial for our organization” Access to a national talent pipeline Monica Toni-a pool with 1.500 AIESEC members from 15 cities HR Manager A&D Pharma Increase your employer branding-promoting your company, culture, value, opportunities • Global Exchange Program • National and Regional Conferences Direct connection with students and pupils • Romania Youth Leadership Forum-10.000 participants, 100 projects • Leaders of Tomorrow • AIESEC Employer Branding programs Increase your brand awareness • National Recruitments • Local Groups of Partners- 15 cities, 50 universities, 500.000 students • National Group of Partners Action on the CSR by developing young people 550 partners in 2011-2012
    • No of studentsthat Background Youth in Romania appliedfor AIESEC October 2011AIESEC Romania is the biggest student-run 367 ITorganization in our country. With this we stillhave a lot of ground to cover. In Romania, in 107 Mathematics2010/2011 school year, there have been 673,000students in Romania. 1 408 Economics & Business AdministrationThis means that we are offering the Experiential 263 Mechanics, Physics or technicalLeadership Development Programs to 0.23% of engineeringstudent population. 1 174 Law, Languages, Philology, Sociology, Communication,- Total of students 2011-2012: 673,000 Medicine, Sciences- Students in private Universities: 280,000 3319 Total applicants for AIESEC- 4500 students had an international mobilityprogram in 2011 (94,72% from public Universities,5,28% private Universities) AIESEC Global Internships in Romania:-AIESEC Ro covers 32.9% of all Universities (1st of July 2011-now; incoming and outgoing)-Youth involved in AIESEC Romania projects: -Corporate internships: ~17013 000 -Non-corporate internships: ~410
    • AIESEC members in Romania No of members AIESEC Experience ~580 Exchange programNo of active members: 1 433 – April 2012 ~600 Leadership PositionsPercentage of Backgroundmembers15% IT3% Mathematics49,6% Economics & Business Administration9% Mechanics, Physics or technical engineering23,4% Law, Languages, Philology, Sociology, Communication, Medicine, SciencesTotal 1 433
    • Year Plan – AIESEC Romania Conferences and EventsIuly August September October November December •Local •AIESEC •20-23 Sep •18-24 Oct •22 - 25 Nov •Local Planning Internation Rock Me Euroco RYLF Elections Meetings al Congress •3-9 Sep •1-20 Oct for 2012 - •Internation Iashington Autumn 2013 term al Train The Recruitment Trainers •AIESEC •AIESEC University University • Local • Local Universities Universities workshops workshops with with companies companiesJanuary February March April May June •10-13 Jan •21 - 24 Feb •1- 20 Mar •26-28 Apr •9-12 May •Evaluation Members SprinCo - Spring Leaders of National and Committee area Recruitment Tomorrow Congress Assessment Conference preparation Period - National •Career After •Career After elections University University • Local • Local Universities Universities workshops workshops with with companies companies
    • 2. AIESEC Conferences
    • National Conferences “Through the partnership developed by RBS with AIESEC Romania we want to invest in• Every year, AIESEC Romania runs a series of National Conferences, with the the education of young people and promote purpose of developing leadership skills, management, team work, and different the concept of sustainable development, internal process. with all three components: environment,• By being present in our conferences and offering education and training to our social and economic” members, your company positions itself as trusted AIESEC Partner, is close to our members who will sooner or later head out of the organization and seek for a Georgeta Bora successful career. Sustainable Coordinator RBSWhy participate to these conferences? • Management Conference – Sep 200 middle and top management• Access to the future talent pipeline of employees and access to their opinion. • Romania Youth Leadership Forum• Be recognized as an organization with sustainable practices. 500 future leaders• Promote your own management strategies as examples for youth. • Leaders of Tomorrow – April• Target future talented employees to be recruited after they finish their •80 former AIESEC top management experience in the organization. • National Congress – May• Interact with experienced young people that have knowledge, abilities, attitude 100 top management and values according to our organizational directions and goals. • Awards – Nov ember and March
    • Leadership Conferences Talent pipeline Employer BrandingRomanianYouthLeadershipForum Preparation workshop22-25 November – Bucharest, Leadership preparation seminars conferencesfor all AIESEC members April – May 2012Involvement: InternationalTrain the-trainings,workshops,forum, seminars, panels, networking October – November 2012- companyopportunitiespositioning;companyproducts Trainerspromotion August 2012 Training for students with AIESEC Workshops with studentsFinancial: 500 – 7 000 euro experience that want to become targeted by the companies:IASHINGTON trainers economic, technical, social,3-9 September– Iasi, Cultural and leadership preparation for law backgroundsnationals and internationals RockMe – Autumn -Workshops with groups of 40Involvement: studentsand fresh graduates-workshops,debates,study case Conference - differenttracks and areas-Financial: 500 – 3 000 euro 20-23rd September Preparation for AIESEC middle - flexibilityof the program:EuroCo management on functional areas, internships,workshops – you24- 29 October – Cluj-Napoca, Management and leadership management, soft skills choose from differentframespreparation for international presidents of AIESEC - 15 cities in Ro: Arad, Brasov,Involvement: SprinCO– Spring Bucharest,Cluj-Napoca,-workshops,debates,study case Contanta,Craiova, Galati, Iasi, Conference Oradea, Pitesti, Ploiesti, Sibiu,-Financial: 500 – 3 000 euro February 2013 Suceava, Tg.Mures, TimisoaraNationalCongress Preparation for all AIESEC10-13th of May – Conference for leading teams members on functional areas, Involvement :Involvement: management, soft skills - Company representatives in-trainings,companypresentations,AWARD performanceFinancial: 1 000 – 1 500 euro Involvement: workshops and trainings -Workshopsand preparationsfor - content of the sessionsLeaders of Tomorrow specificgroup of studentsfrom Financial : 500 – 2 000 EuroApril – Conference for students who finish their AIESEC experience. AIESECInvolvement: Financial: 500 – 2 000 euro-trainings,workshops,forum; companyopportunitiespositioningFinancial: 2 000 – 4 000 euro
    • National ConferencesRock Me 20 – 23 September 2012 Key benefits for Accenture• 200 delegates from 15 cities – the conference has the purposes the members of • Your company can build the AIESEC Romania on programs, to deliver strategical preparation, to downscale corporate image among selected, information from the International Conference, LEAD program proactive, entrepreneurial, talented young people, AIESEC Romania members • By involving in AIESECSprinCo 21 – 24 February 2012 conferences not only you will increase your brand awareness• 300 delegates from 15 cities – vice-presidents, middle management, project managers – in this conference, technical preparation is delivered to delegates on amongst our members, but also functional areas, awareness of the external environment you will give back to society by investing in the education of future Romanian leaders • Also you can target futureNational Congress 9 – 12 May 2012 talented employees to be recruited after they finish their experience in the organization, in the same time• 120 delegates from 15 cities – leading bodies of AIESEC (presidents and vice- they will also target you as a future presidents) – in this conference, AIESEC Romania plans its activity for the following company they will like to work in year
    • National Conferences National Conferences Leaders of Tomorrow– 26-28 April, Bucharest Leaders of Tomorrow– April, Bucharest Key benefits benefits Key for Accenture Leaders of Tomorrow is a conference addressed to AIESEC members who are about to finish their experience in the organization which provides the • Training/workshop/assessment framework for the interaction of talented individuals with high profile center for the participants companies from Romania. • Promote the current or future The know-how and the support from partner companies and speakers from opportunities in the company corporate and non-corporate sectors offer the participants an added value for and a competitive advantage on the work force market. students and graduates with AIESEC experience that are looking for jobs Participants Profile • Top talent access •80 students or recent graduates with mininum 1 year of AIESEC Experience; • Direct interaction with members that either occupied top management position in AIESEC or had an participants international experience (70% have bachelor degree) InvestmentPartners LOT 2012 • 1,500 euro–career forum partner • 2,000 euro – workshop • 4,000 euro – conference partner
    • ABOUT Romanian Youth Leadership Forum 2012 What is RYLF? • Romanian Youth Leadership Forum is the biggest youth conference in Romania and the biggest on the topic of leadership. • 500 talented young people gathered to develop their leadership skills and 22-25 knowledge interacting with social and business leaders. November 2012 Bucharest • 500 talented young people • social leaders at Youth to Issues Forum • Inspire Leadership Event • companies in Youth 2 Why should you participate? Business Forum and • Take part in forming the future global minded leaders of Romania by sharing your Competencies sessions experience and perspective on business and education and other topics the country • Alumni and members in is facing today. AIESEC 22 and Awards Gala • In the last 6 years over 2500 students have benefitted from preparation and now 35 % of them are in top management positions, 25% are in middle management positions and 25 % are entrepreneurs.Partners RYLF 2011
    • International Conferences AIESEC International Congress 2012, Russia, Moscow•The biggest and the most anticipated event inthe organizations life, taking place annually anduniting the representatives of local and national Key Benefits for AccentureAIESEC entities in 110 countries at one place and • International,national and localtime to set goals for the next period, celebratethe success and share the experience. brandand product awareness•10 days of discovery, collaboration and • Networking with other partnersinspiration for the current AIESEC top levelleaders from all over the world. and Alumni • Product sampling for the AIESEC International Congress 2012 Partners: Alpha Bank, Lindab, Lufthansa, PWC , AIESEC International Partners special events,parties and coffee breaks AIESEC Romania objectives for International Congress • Positioning as a company that sustains Cluj-Napoca as an -downscaling information from AIESEC EuropeanCity. International -partnerships with other countries for Investment offering international experiences • 1000 euro- the fee for 3 persons -positioning of AIESEC Romania in the from AIESEC Romania national international network team (1 fee-350 euro, presence is mandatory)
    • 3. AIESEC Events
    • AIESEC Romania Events Thanking and Networking event, January 2013 Key Benefits for Accenture Main Partner:• This is a special event dedicated to the companies in Bucharest• The main purpose of the event is to thank the partners that supported -Theme of the event basedAIESEC Romania during the year and invested in the development of youth on the company culturein Romania• AIESEC Romania wants to present the impact of its activity in Romania - Promotion based on theand also the impact of the strong partnerships to all the companies concepts used by thepresent at the event company - Promo campaign in the corporate environment What do we want to achieve through this event? STRUCTURE - Speech, Company Agenda (1 hour) presentation during the -Presenting the partners on projects and their results event -Presenting the partners from the National Group of partners and their results -Evaluation on AIESEC Romania activity and next plans - Networking theme during the event -Partners presentations Networking (1 hour) -50 partners and possible partners and alumni of AIESEC Romania Investment OBJECTIVES • 1000 euro- partner To position our partners in front of the companies as a partner for developing youth and • 3000 euro- main partner thank them for their support
    • 4. AIESEC Employer Projects
    • Employer Branding projects AIESEC University Key benefits •AIESEC wants to get in touch with students in their final year • You have access to 50 chosen •Considering that students want different things, the event was structured in 5 tracks: students on every workshop. The Finance, IT&C, CSR, Marketing and HR same to a whole track. • Thanks to the connection between participants and corporate domain this project will • Transmit your ideas, vision and increase awareness about the current situation in the work force of the targeted group perspective to young people by your of age companys representatives. • Your company is positioning in front Country Calendar of the students as a possible employer. Also, you have the • ARAD – AIESEC University – Mar – Apr 2013workshops, Apr-May 2013 Internships opportunity to get in contact with • BRASOV – AIESEC Academy – Oct 2012 workshops; Mar – Apr 2013 2nd edition interested and motivated students • BUCURESTI – AIESEC University – Sept – Oct 2012 workshops, Mar- Apr 2013 - that want to be well prepared for their Career After University future job. • CLUJ – Oct 2012 – workshops, Mar-Apr 2013 – workshops • Your company can position as a • CRAIOVA – Business Academy – Oct-Nov 2012 workshops, Nov-Dec 2013 social responsible one. internships; Shape your Career – Spring 2013 • You have the opportunity to find out • CONSTANTA – AIESEC Academy – Oct 2012 what are the students expectations • IASI – AIESEC Academy – Oct 2012, Change IT – Mar-May 2013 and to know what they want. • GALATI – Oct 2012 – workshops, Mar-Apr 2013 – workshops • Positioning as supporter of youth • ORADEA – Begin your Career – Mar 2013 development and build a sustainable • PLOIESTI – AIESEC Academy – Oct 2012 talent pipeline. • PITESTI – Business Academy – Oct 2012, Start your Career – Oct – Mar 2013 • At the end of the whole event we will • SIBIU – Oct 2012 – workshops, Mar-Apr 20123– workshops have a closing ceremony where you • SUCEAVA – AIESEC University – Mar 2013, Change IT – Jan-May 2013 can talk with other partners at the • TIMISOARA – AIESEC University – Mar 2013 event. • TG MURES – Best of Mures – Oct 2012, 2nd edition – Mar 2013
    • Employer Branding projects Key benefitsApril – May 2012 October – March – May November2012 2013 •You have access to preselected • Arad • Arad • Brasov youth from 15 main university • Brasov • Brasov • Bucharest • Bucharest • Cluj-Napoca centers • Bucharest • Cluj-Napoca • Cluj-Napoca • Constanta • Craiova • Craiova • Iasi • Iasi • Constanta • Timisoara •Find student expectation from • Oradea • Iasi • Sibiu all over the country • Galati • Timisoara • Oradea • Tg.Mures • Ploiesti • Pitesti • Positioning as supporter of • Sibiu youth development and build a • Suceava • Timisoara sustainable talent pipeline for • Tg.Mures an entireNETWORK of YOUTH * Followed by internships and in house events Investment • 500 – 3,000 euro
    • 5. Global Internship Program
    • What is Global Internship Program?• For 64 years, companies relied on the Global Internship Program to meet theiremployment needs by gaining access to a talent pool of bright and motivated youngleaders.• 110 countries, 8.000 candidates, 1.700 universities, 3.000 partners• AIESEC can give your business access to a pool of top-notch, international talent havinga diverse range of skills from Marketing and Business Administration to Programming andDesign.AIESEC interns have a distinct advantage overother young people. Through our innovativedevelopment process, AIESEC interns bringvaluable competencies including:LeadershipTeamworkGlobal networks & perspectiveInterpersonal skillsCross-cultural communicationTime managementProfessional skillsCareer-related experience
    • Recruit international top talents• AIESEC is present in 108 countries, all of which participate in the Exchange Program.Simplifying the hiring process• AIESEC Provides assistance with every procedure related to bringing the intern in Romania, as well as with his integration.Globalize your work force• An international working environment will add dynamism to your company’s culture.Cost effective• The financial investment is minimal 500 euro fee + trainee’s salary according to Romania’s local market.Diversity• Gain access to a different perspective, provided by a well‐prepared, self‐driven and eager trainee.Flexible timing• You can choose the exact duration of the internship form two months to 18 months. AIESEC Guarantees your trainee will work in the company for that long.
    • 6. National Group of Partners
    • Personalized actions for AccentureImpact all over the 15 AIESEC Centers in Romania• AIESEC Global Internship program• Conferences and trainings• Campus activities• Alumni events• Top Talent pipeline• Board of advisors• Mentorship program• Financial sponsorships• In-kind sponsorships• Publications and printed materials• Contests and online positioning• National facebook Page: 4000 fans• AIESEC Romania Blog –• National site – Our Values Activating Leadership Act Sustainably Demonstrating Integrity Enjoying participation Living Diversity
    • National Partner Benefits – Long term Partnership (min 1 year) • By choosing to participate in a number of events and programs developed by AIESEC Romania, you will be reaching a certain level of investment, which will place you in our National Group of Partners - NGP (*see next page). • By becoming part of our NGP, you will receive these extra benefits, according to your level of partnership: •Company logo appears on every material released by AIESEC Romania (press portfolios, posters, flyers, corporate materials) AIESEC Romania Newsletter sent monthly to 1.500 members, around 2.000 Alumni, 5.000 students and our partnering companies. Monthly message in the Newsletter •One page in AIESEC Romania’s annual report to present your company and the reasons you chose to partner withPlatinum Partner AIESEC(20.000 euro) •Launching the Partnership at RYLF and AIESEC 22 Gala (600 participants) (November) •Personalized products •Initiatives made with the company •Online Campaigns •Company logo appears on 2000 posters and 15.000 flyers distributed all over the country in October and March, during our two member recruitment campaignsGold Partner •Having a Partnership Launch in an AIESEC National Conference, in front of around 200 participants (30 min. in which(15.000 euro) you present your company and the reasons you chose to partner with AIESEC) •Personalized products •Online Campaigns •Promotion of your company on the website through logo, and partnership description •Promotion of your company’s logo on AIESEC Romania’s wiki on our international platform www.myaiesec.netSilver Partner •Promotion of your company in AIESEC Romania’s Annual Report (released every February and distributed to our(10.000 euro) partners) in the Partners section • Launching the Partnership at Management Conference (September) • Logo on 3.000 posters, 30.000 flyers, 2.500 annual reports, 50 NewslettersBronze Partner • Roll-up at the national conferences(5.000 euro) • Logo on the AIESEC Romania Board Signatures (10 Board Members) • Materials for members at the national conferences *all the higher partnerships include the smaller partnerships’ benefits
    • AIESEC Romania 15 Local Committees 1500 members The most successfulbrands constantly deliver on what they promise.