Easter triduum


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Easter triduum

  1. 1. The Paschal TriduumCelebrating the Great Mystery of our Faith
  2. 2. What is the meaning of the wordPaschal and Triduum? The word Paschal means: Passover. The word Triduum means: Three days.
  3. 3. What are the days of the HolyTriduum? The days of the Holy Triduum are: A. Holy Thursday B. Good Friday C. Holy Saturday
  4. 4. What is the Holy Triddum?A. The Triduum is acelebration of thethree holiest days inthe liturgical cycle.B. The Triduum is theclimax of Holy Week.C. The entire season ofLent is a preparationfor these three days.
  5. 5. Why is the Holy Triduum so Important?The Triduum is acelebration that highlightsthe Paschal mystery.Through the liturgy of thesethree days the Churchremembers that Christsuffered and died, but thathe also came to life.The Triduum is thecelebration of the Church’ssalvation through Christ.
  6. 6. What is the connection between Lentand the Easter Triduum?The forty days of Lent are a timeof spiritual preparation for thesethree holy days.Lent’s renewal throughprayer, fasting and almsgivinghelps us prepare to understandthe meaning of each of thesethree holy days.
  7. 7. What does the Holy Triduum rememberand celebrate?A. The Holy Triduumremembers and celebratesChrist’s victory over sin anddeath.B. The Church celebratesChrist ’ s victory over thepower of death from EasterSunday to PentecostSunday. C. Fifty days of joy andcelebration.
  8. 8. How are the days of the Holy Triduumcounted? The days of the Holy Triduum are counted the way the Hebrews counted their days. From dusk to dusk. For example: From the evening of Holy Thursday to the evening of Good Friday one day. From the evening of Good Friday to the evening of Holy Saturday a second day. From the evening of Holy Saturday to the evening of Easter Sunday another day.
  9. 9. The Holy TriduumLent officially ends on HolyThursday.The Holy Triduum begins onthe evening of Holy Thursday.On Holy Thursday there is onlyone mass.The mass of the Lord’s supperwhich is celebrated in theevening, and includes theceremony of the washing of thefeet.No morning masses arecelebrated on this day.
  10. 10. Holy ThursdayA. The faithful gathers in church tocelebrate the institution of theEucharist and priesthood.B. The washing of the feet is areminder of Jesus’ command to serveone another.C. At the end of the mass the BlessedSacrament is moved to the Altar ofRepose during a solemn processionfollowed by Adoration.D. The faithful is invited to stay in frontof the Altar of Repose to pray beforethe Blessed Sacrament until midnight.E.. The sanctuary is cleared. Alldecorations are removed from thechurch.
  11. 11. Good FridayA. This is a holy day of fastingand abstinence.B. Is the only day in the liturgicalcalendar that a mass is notcelebrated.C. The liturgy of the Lord ’ spassion is celebrated, followed bya homily, the Generalintercessions, communion, andthe veneration of the cross.D. There is no solemn processionon this day.
  12. 12. What is the veneration of theCross? The veneration of the cross is the last section of the Liturgy of Good Friday. The faithful are presented with the cross, then the faithful venerate the cross with a kiss, as a sign of respect and devotion.
  13. 13. Holy Saturday Easter VigilA. The Easter Vigil is thehighest point of the EasterTriduum.B. The Easter Vigil beginson the evening of HolySaturday.C. This is the longestcelebration in Catholicworship.D. The Easter Vigilcelebration proclaimsJesus ’ triumph over thepowers of evil and death.
  14. 14. Easter VigilA. The Easter Vigil beginsat night with the blessingof the fire, a solemnprocession and the singingof the Exultet.B. The Exultet is a songsung by a Priest, Deaconor cantor proclaiming thesalvation of the risenChrist.
  15. 15. Easter VigilA. The fire is blessed, fromthis fire the Paschal candleis lit.The Paschal candle is asymbol of Christresurrected.B. The priest blesses thecandle reminding thepeople of God that Jesus isthe alpha and theomega, the beginning andthe end. All time belongs toChrist.
  16. 16. Easter VigilA. The Paschal candle iscarried by a priest or deaconinto the darkened church.B. As the processionprogresses the lights of thechurch are gradually turn on.C. People light their owncandles from the Paschalcandle carried by the priest ordeacon.D. At the end of the processiona priest or deacon sings theExultet or exultation song. Thepeople hold their candlesduring the song which proclaimGod’s salvific actions.
  17. 17. Easter VigilThe darkened church, theprocession, the paschalcandle ,the fire, and theexultet are all symbols thatremind us that Christ ’ sresurrection defeated thedarkness of evil.This ceremony reminds us thepower of Christ cannot bedefeated nor those who havehis power.
  18. 18. Easter VigilA. After the Exultet is sung thehistory of salvation is proclaimedthrough a series of sevenreadings from the Old Testament.B. The readings from the book ofExodus are giving specialattention on this night.C. After each reading a psalm anda prayer is said.D. At the end of the last reading theGlory is sung.E. The altar and the sanctuary aredecorated and the bells, and thechoir proclaim the joy of Easter.
  19. 19. Easter VigilA. During the Glory, in certainchurches, a group of peopleare in charge of decorating thebare altar and sanctuary withbanners, linens, and flowers.B. All the lights of the churchare turned on as a symbol ofthe resurrection.C. After the Glory an epistlefrom Paul is read followed bythe Alleluia which is sung forthe first time after Lent.D. Then, the Gospel of theresurrection isproclaimed, followed by ahomily or reflection.
  20. 20. Easter VigilA. After the homily the baptismalwater is blessed with the Paschalcandle.B. The catechumens andcandidates are initiated with thesacraments of initiation.C. The congregation renews theirbaptismal vows.D. After the baptismal ceremonythe second part of the mass, theliturgy of the Eucharist, continuesas usual.E. This is the first mass of Easterday, and the beginning of theEaster season, fifty days ofcelebration that end on PentecostSunday, the feast of the HolySpirit.
  21. 21. The Lord is Risen! Alleluia! Alleluia!