Easyway Commercial Screening Services


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Easyway Commercial Screening Services

  1. 1. Reduce Costs & Improve Efficiencies! Are your current Repair Bills far to High? Are You or your Client’s suffering from Business Downtime due to long lead times? Do you want to drastically prolong the Life of your much needed products? Do you want to avoid unnecessary spend on new products in these difficult financial times? Do you want your key products maintained in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost? Services & Solutions Easyway provides IT Services & Solutions within the Deployment, Roll Out, Break Fix & Reverse Logistics fields to some of the Market Leaders, across a range of sectors & industries. Our Core Business Services are: Product Screening & Filtration Very often products returned from the field are in fact ‘Not Faulty’ but sent back in error. All items are closely & professionally inspected & cleaned, then segregated in to either ‘Good’ for stock return, or ‘Bad’ for further processing Minor Repair & Warranty Management Beyond the 20% - 40% of products that show ‘No Fault Found’, Professional Cleaning & Minor Repair can further increase the percentage of products returned ‘Good’, back in to the field to over 50%. In many cases achieving a success rate of 75% - 80% ‘Good’ on many parts, way above the Industry norm of 25%. Still at a fraction of the cost compared to a High Level repairer. Any parts within Warranty we will manage specific to your requirements. Software Our Bespoke Software Solutions are offered in the form of Modules that comprehensively cover all areas of the Industry. They are then adapted to meet your exact Business needs, cutting costs & streamlining processes in a highly secure, real time environment. Warehousing & Logistics To reinforce & tie together the whole process we also offer Warehousing & Logistics Solutions. Storing what you need based on your requirements, so you only pay for the space you use. Working with our Logistics partners, Managing, Tracking & Monitoring the entire process to offer a complete end to end Solution. Benefits of Easyways Services ♦ Proven Significant Savings of up to 80% ♦ Greatly reduced Inventory investments & Repair Costs ♦ 24 Hour Turnaround for improved SLAs ♦ Reduce the spares required by Field Engineers ♦ Prolonged Life of your Key Products ♦ Increased Product availability ♦ Reduced Fixed costs & Operating costs ♦ Streamlined Business ProcessesUnit 3 Monkton ParkFarnham Trading EstateFarnhamSurreyGU9 9PA If you would like to discuss how any of our Solutions or Services can help you:Phone: 01252 721430 Call us on: +44(0)1252 721430Fax: 01252 726616 Or Email: sales@easyway-cs.comE-mail: sales@easyway-cs.com