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George's 18th George's 18th Presentation Transcript

  • George Money’sFirst 18 years.
    by Adrian Money
  • 15th August 1992, Sussex County Hospital
  • A brother for Sophie!
  • One day my son, you will have hair like me!
  • Great aunt, nana, uncles and cousin!
  • From an early age I have been interested in construction.
  • Caught skinny dipping!
  • First Birthday
  • Helping Mummy work from home
  • Why are you laughing?
  • I’m not playing that until I’ve disinfected the keys!
  • Only one more sack to fill!
  • GeorgiePorgie didn’t see the joke!
  • Sucking in my bottom lip helps me to concentrate when I’m watching TV…
  • …and when I’m driving!
  • There’s a shark behind you!
  • 2nd Birthday
  • Shame about my runny nose!
  • With my cousins!
  • 3rd Birthday – Thomas the Tank cake
  • Teddy bears’ picnic
  • No L plates here
  • Obviously not house trained (the kittens that is)!
  • That lower lip again!
  • 4th Birthday – racing car cake!
  • Civil Engineer? Obviously concentrating again!
  • Can’t sleep without (mum’s old) NIGHTIE!
  • With uncle, cousins and sister
  • First day at school!
  • First girlfriend - Ruth
  • 5th Birthday – a porgie cake!
  • Screech screech…
  • 6th Birthday – a spider cake!
  • When do we get to eat the food?
  • I hate the beach!
  • 7th Birthday – unidentified cake!
  • Look what the tooth fairy brought me!
  • 8th Birthday Party
  • Millenium
  • Learning about stereotypes!
  • First riding lesson!
  • 9th Birthday (and a very small cake)
  • Our life in his hands!
  • Those Jodhpurs are a bit loose!
  • 10th Birthday – a caterpillar cake!
  • And we still have George’s favourite ever crocodile!
  • 11th Birthday with best friends Oli, Jake and Adam!
  • First day at big school!
  • Two packs between three – eating fast!
  • 12th Birthday at home!
  • Very Brighton (if you know what I mean!
  • 13th Birthday – Dom Pérignon or Cava?
  • What do you mean, Porgie?
  • 14th Birthday – shaken not stirred!
  • Rapido!
  • First Michelin experience!
  • 15th Birthday – cake a bit small!
  • Yum yum, live clams!
  • Money, George Money!
  • 16th Birthday - another small cake!
  • Do I look cool?
  • Looking smart with the “Dorset three”
  • 17th Birthday – a Tortilla cake!
  • What control! (over a very small hurdle)!
  • Take 32!
  • Minutes before 18th Birthday!
  • 18th Birthday 12.01am!
  • 18th Birthday – 2nd night!
  • Sleeping it off!
  • With this ring I thee honour!
  • This slide show