Learning to flow

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A talk I gave at Colours of Water, a conference about the convergence of art, music and the new science of water.

A talk I gave at Colours of Water, a conference about the convergence of art, music and the new science of water.

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  • 1. 2640 Lyndale Ave S.Minneapolis Minnesota 55408Learning to flowColours of WaterMarch 22, 2013
  • 2. Lao TzuImage via: Tom@HK at http://flickr.com/photos/62424894@N00/2175595214The highest form of goodness islike water.Water knows how to benefit allthings without striving withthem.
  • 3. Life depends upon business.But does business support life?
  • 4. New science of waterScience that serves peopleConnected to our everyday experienceHolisticInterwoven into life
  • 5. New science of water New models in businessScience that serves peopleConnected to our everyday experienceHolisticInterwoven into lifeBusinesses built around peopleWork connected to meaningNetworkedA living construct
  • 6. Is business learning how to flow?
  • 7. AIDA ModelDeveloped by Elias St. ElmoLewis 1898States changed behaviour is aresult of changed attitudes.Image via: greeneyefordesign.com/
  • 8. Marlboro ManImage via: http://www.wallz.eu/
  • 9. Cognitive dissonanceDeveloped by Leon Festinger 1957. We change our attitudes to fit our behaviour rather than the other way around.Image via: thefreeman.net
  • 10. Albert OttoHirschmanEconomist who proposed thatcognitive dissonance beemployed as a strategy forbehaviour changeImage via: www.twylah.com
  • 11. FacebookDeveloped an application thatrewards the behaviour theywant to create.Changed the way we thinkabout the world.Image via: lolzbook.com/
  • 12. Companies are defined by what they do,not by what they say.Zeus Jones Proprietary and Confidential.  All rights reserved 2011.Image via: Thomas R. Bruce/
  • 13. Image via: http://www.adme.ru/
  • 14. The actions of business are shaped by thetools we use. The tools are shaped by thephilosophies we hold.
  • 15. Brand PyramidDesigned to enable companiesto be consistent and say thesame thing everywhere.
  • 16. Brand MoleculeDeveloped by John Grant 2006Designed to enable companiesto do a variety of coherentthings
  • 17. Business performance directly tied to job satisfactionOver the past five years the average annual return on the Workplace Fund was 10.81%. The S&P Index for the same period was just 3.97%100 Best Companies to work forParnassus Workplace Fund
  • 18. Jobsatisfaction nottied to income.Daniel Kahneman and AngusDeaton of Princeton studiedeffect of increasing incomeupon well being.
  • 19. Performanceinverselycorrelated withbonusesIn 2008 Dan Ariely at DukeUniversity showed high bonusesuniversally led to worseperformance on knowledgework.
  • 20. Job satisfaction most directly tied to work withmeaning. Work with a purpose & autonomy.
  • 21. Companies are increasingly defining why they are in business.And being held to that description by people inside the company and outside.Image via: www.techautos.com
  • 22. Image via: www.emeraldinsight.com/
  • 23. Image via: www.emeraldinsight.com/
  • 24. Zeus Jones
  • 25. Traditional Management Project LeadPermanentTop downFor past performanceAuthorityRewardTemporaryBottom upFor current needResponsibilityTraining
  • 26. Valve SoftwareImage via: www.isett.com
  • 27. Morning StarImage via: www.smithsonianmag.com
  • 28. GE Appliance ParkImage via: www.ideastream.org
  • 29. Paul FairlieFrom York University inCanada has attempted tomeasure meaningful workwithin organisations.Found it is also correlated tophysical health.Image via: employeeengagement.ning.com
  • 30. It’s not just internally that traditionalstructures are dissolving.
  • 31. Customersatisfactioncentral tomarketingefficiencyAll forms of advertising trustedby less than 50% of peopleThis is on top of the fact that99.99% of advertising fails toreach its intended audience.
  • 32. Blurring rolesof customersNot merely source of incomebut can also help to generatenew business.(Yes, yet another triangle)
  • 33. OKCupidOnline dating site that usesmember data to improvesuccess rate of its members.Creates reports on dating thatact as marketing
  • 34. EtsyA marketplace for arts and craftsImage via: chezbeeperbebe.blogspot.com/
  • 35. Traditional attitudes towards competitors andcompetition are also changing.
  • 36. InnocentiveTechnical collaboration between companies like DuPont, Procter & Gamble, BASF, and Eli Lilly and Company
  • 37. GreenXchangeOpen source repository to share and license sustainable processes and IP.
  • 38. BMW and Toyota collaborate on fuel cellsThe two companies also agreed to collaborate on a fuel-cell system, lightweight technology and electric powertrains.Image via: www.h2it.org
  • 39. Companies coming together around higherpurpose and collaborating around a platform.
  • 40. Jean-Charles Rochet & Jean TiroleNamed these kinds of relationships: multi-sided markets in 2002Image via: www.facebook.com/Image via: www.tse-fr.eu/
  • 41. Traditional markets Multi-sided marketsTransaction-orientedWinner take allLinear scaledIndividualisticHigh controlRelationship-orientedValue ecosystemsNetwork-effectCooperativeLower cost
  • 42. ModernBusinessDeveloped by Zeus Jones 2009Designed to connect employeesto the mission of the companyDesigned to remove the barriersbetween customers andemployees
  • 43. Obedience to authority experimentStanley Milgram also documented the toll taken upon shock givers.Image via: www.imaginesciencefilms.org
  • 44. Edward de BonoThe job always changes you; you never change the job.Image via: http://hubmilan.wordpress.com/
  • 45. Geoffrey WestPhysicist who has studied the maths of citiesImage via: conversationcrossroad.com
  • 46. Cities scalesublinearlyCities grow sub-linearly andendure because they arenetworksCompanies grow super-linearlyand die because they are not.
  • 47. If profit is bound to work with meaning andcompanies are bound to customers and eachother...
  • 48. Is business learning to flow and can it, oneday, support the lives that depend upon it?
  • 49. 2640 Lyndale Ave S.Minneapolis Minnesota 55408Thank youColours of WaterMarch 22, 2013