Predjudice for cheterfield leadrship pp48 1006 250711


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Prejudice, its still with us and we need to keep talking about it this is my small contribution to various conference's and training times. How do we stop ourselves from being so.

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Predjudice for cheterfield leadrship pp48 1006 250711

  1. 1. PrejudiceFor D.N.A.BTC ADVANCED NORWICHPCC Foster be concerned TrainingBTC ConferenceChurch Leadership Training Chesterfield DerbyshireNo: PP48 /1006
  2. 2. PREJUDICE• opinion or feeling, especiallywhen formed without enoughthought or knowledge
  3. 3. The Dictionary - Definition– prejudicenoun [C or U]an unfair and unreasonable opinion or feeling,especially when formed without enoughthought or knowledge:– likeLaws against racial prejudice must be strictlyenforced.[+ that] The campaign aims to dispel theprejudice that AIDS is confined to thehomosexual community.He claims that prejudice against homosexualswould cease overnight if all the gay stars in thecountry were honest about their sexuality.
  4. 4. Prejudiceverb [T]Someone or something thatprejudices you influences youunfairly so that you form anunreasonable opinion aboutsomething:likeHis comments may haveprejudiced the voters againsther.
  5. 5. Prejudiceadjective DISAPPROVINGshowing an unreasonable dislike forsomething or someone:likeThe campaign is designed to makepeople less prejudiced about AIDS.The media has been accused ofpresenting a prejudiced view ofpeople with disabilities.Some companies are prejudicedagainst taking on employees who areover the age of 40.
  6. 6. Prejudice• prejudicialadjective SLIGHTLY FORMALharmful or influencing peopleunfairly:like• The judge decided that allowing thevideotape as evidence would beprejudicial to the outcome of thetrial.(FromCambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary)
  7. 7. The Scripture• 1 Timothy 5:21 I charge you before God,and the Lord Jesus Christ, and the electangels, that you observe these thingswithout preferring one before another,doing nothing by partiality.Preferring orPrejudice• 1 Timothy 5:21 I charge you in the sight ofGod, and Christ Jesus, and the chosenangels, that you observe these thingswithout prejudice, doing nothing bypartiality. (Webster)
  8. 8. AND A QUOTE FROM JEFFLUCAS• “Prejudice is a subtle virus: it maylinger deep within and almost gounnoticed, until the right difficultyignites it with ugly results.”
  9. 9. Prejudice• unreasonable opinion• formed without enoughthought or knowledge
  10. 10. What do we form such opinionsabout?• People• Food• Places• Countries• Ways of thinking• Colour
  11. 11. What cause us to form suchopinions?• Fear• Emotion• Protectionism *(usually anemotional response rather than areasoned one)• Ageism• Youthism• Money• Poverty
  12. 12. So…•*You can not educatelike that I am trained tobe a teacher and Iwasn’t trained like that.•You can not run achurch like that I wentto theological collegeand we were trained torun a church and it isnot like that•You cant lead aworship group like thatI have been doing it for10 years and it is notlike that.•‘Have you everheard young childrensay things like’ “Idon’t like that kind offood” and then youask “when did youtry it?” and theyrespond, “I neverhave” so you say,“so how do you knowyou don’t like it” andthe answer is “I justknow!”
  13. 13. But If It Is Not RationalNot Scriptural
  14. 14. Why then are we so willing tobe prejudice?• There are times by the way when itis right to be prejudiced – it is rightto be prejudiced against sin, evil,even in knowing too much(Romans 16:19 For your obedienceis come abroad unto all men. I amglad therefore on your behalf: butyet I would have you wise unto thatwhich is good, and simpleconcerning evil.)
  15. 15. So what effect does ourPrejudice have on others?• (The Prejudice exercise)Lets play the game…
  16. 16. So how can we cease to beprejudiced in the wrong way?• Flip chart.
  17. 17. Adrian HawkesPrejudiceFor DNA January 2005/06BTC Advance course 14thFebruary 2006NorwichBTC Conference May 2006 ChichesterPCC Foster care training 28thApril 2006Leadership Training Chesterfield 13thAugust 2011