Adriaan Brits: Luxury brands in China, an update


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This is a marketing report which focuses on Luxury Brands in China. It takes into consideration complex geopolitical factors and assesses the risk to western companies seeking to invest in Chinese infrastructure.
Whilst the report discusses certain flash points such as counterfeiting in China, it nevertheless takes a sympathetic approach to the geopolitical situation China faces, largely as a result of unsound western policies.

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Adriaan Brits: Luxury brands in China, an update

  1. 1. Luxury Brand Marketing in China And updated report for fashion and luxury goods in China (Adriaan Brits) ebook/dp/B00Q1TX6Q4/ref=pd_ecc_rvi_1
  2. 2. Executive summary The scope for luxury branded consumables in China Market entry strategies Internal criteria (company specific) External criteria (environment specific) Market entry decision - suggested modes of entry Where and how to adapt elements of the marketing mix Price Promotion Participants Product Place Process Physical evidence Current issues in market development Market competitors Suppliers Buyers Substitutes New entrants Conclusions Whether a suitable opportunity exists Market entry methods Marketing mix adaptations How Prada and Armani gained competitive advantage in China dp/B00Q1K1C1Y/ref=pd_ecc_rvi_1
  3. 3. Executive summary: Luxury branded consumer goods in China Adriaan Brits is the lecturer for one of the largest classes in the world where he teaches an International Marketing Diploma through Udemy. As a specialist consultant in this field, he created this report to help companies seeking entry into the Chinese Luxury Market. This report acknowledges that whilst experts do not find Chinese consumer data reliable, by analyzing the recent progress of major US and European luxury brands with a duty to report on investors, a clearer picture of this specific sector emerges. Store counts and performance of brands such as OMEGA, LVMH, PRADA, Hermes and Burberry are taken into consideration. By considering the performance of these brands alongside economic indicators, the report finds that significant opportunities exist in China. However, a broad range of geopolitical factors and conflicting reports on political risk affirm the need to enter the market cautiously, providing specific examples of how China is likely to react to treatment by the West – and the implications this may have for western corporations doing business in China. dp/B00Q1K1C1Y/ref=pd_ecc_rvi_1
  4. 4. The report is available on Amazon – Get your copy today: dp/B00Q1K1C1Y/ref=pd_ecc_rvi_1
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