National Hardware Show May2011


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National Hardware Show Product Presentation May 2011

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National Hardware Show May2011

  1. 1. MAY 10-12, 2011
  2. 2. Fitted shape (standard doorknob becomes sleek handle) Color-tinted, faceted polycarbonate lens Standard doorknob Adaptable silicone boot ABS construction (various color options available) Manual on/off switch 3 AAA batteries 108-degree passive infrared (6- to 9-month sweep with 8-foot range lifespan) Open core for access to lock or keyhole Dual high-brightness LEDs (various color options available); ten-second auto-dimming shutoff featureillumi-knob motion sensing doorknob light ™ Glows when you need it
  3. 3. 10-foot cable extends between “low-battery” car and “full-battery” car Top Hand-crank recoils the cable No need to lift the hood! Recharges a low battery in approximately 15 - 30 minutes. Bottom Display screenJump Starter Car-Battery Charger ™ Safely charges a car battery using 12V vehicle cigarette lighters
  4. 4. Six super-bright LEDs (continuous illumination or flashing mode) Flip-up design (measures 5" tall x 51/2" wide x 1.0" thick) Magnetic base to place on the trunk or the hood Strong, durable construction; splashproofTriangle Emergency Flashing Signals Attaches to a vehicle that’s alongside a road or highway during an emergency
  5. 5. Measures 3.5" diameter x 1" thick Splashproof; strong, durable construction— withstands impact if a vehicle drives over it Three super-bright LEDs (continuous illumination or flashing mode)Round Emergency Flashing Signals Place on the ground alongside a road or highway during an emergency
  6. 6. Comfortable, ergonomic nonslip grip fits nicely in the palm TPE plunger boot Nail-support magnet Drive-distance adjustment sleeve Magnet Non-marring TPE soft-touch foot Built-in magnetic nail-storage compartment.Push ’n Hang Push-Hammer ™ Hangs pictures fast! No smashed fingers!
  7. 7. Includes 1/32 and 3/32 nail sets 3 /32 nail set 1 /32 nail set Press to pop the nail set from the handle Magnetic nail starter Mini claw for tight spots Nail set stores flush— doesn’t interfere with grip SPRING 2012General/Finishing Hammer with Integrated Nail Set Storage
  8. 8. Vertical/horizontal bubble levels Belt clip Scriber mount magnetic pocket ABS construction Multi-scriber support holds: • Carpenter’s pencil • Standard No. 2 pencil • Grease pencil • Utility knife blades • Tungsten Carbide scribing tool • Felt-tip pen Adjustable-fit slider SPRING 2012 Surface mount with 360˚ swivelProScriber Arc Marking Tool ™ Quickly and easily marks perfect curves of any size
  9. 9. Multi-bubble level alignment (0˚; 45˚; 90˚) Snap-fit interlocking connectors Works as multi-axis level Works as multi-axis square SPRING 2012Combination Level and Square Multi-purpose interlocking tool
  10. 10. Easy-to-read altimeter-style Extruded aluminum frame level indicator Retractable bungee straps and fastening clips keep SPRING 2012 it securely mounted to an object, for convenient, hands-free useHi-Viz Level The hands-free, easy-to-read level instrument
  11. 11. Extruded aluminum frame Aluminum: It can be configured for 12-, 24- and 36-inch designs Removable single magnetic level: It can be configured for 12-, 24- and 36-inch designs Trio level version: 0-, 45- and 90-degree indicators Extra-large, single magnetic level SPRING 2012Hi-Viz Level Series Various styles of hands-free, easy-to-read level instruments
  12. 12. Thumb stop/lock Durable steel-forged surface for hammering Tape measure Molded palm-fit rubber grips Carabiner clip SPRING 2012Measure & Hang Combination tape measure and hammer all in one—perfect for indoor and outdoor projects!
  13. 13. Slide-hammer Slide the hammer forcefully in order to jam the pry bar into the tight spot Hammer also serves as an ergo-grip Cast steel Forged steel tempered blade SPRING 2012HammerBar Sliding hammer-assist helps get a pry bar into tight spots
  14. 14. Cord Lock in open position Dual openings for cord to pass through Ideal for locking an exposed engine block heater to an extension cord. Use a padlock (not included) to keep the Cord Lock firmly closed. Center pivot Locks a cord around a post to help prevent theft— Opening for a padlock perfect for protecting construction equipment that (prevents from pivoting open) must be left unattended.Cord Lock ™ Helps prevent cord theft; also keeps power tools from “walking away”!
  15. 15. Semi-flexible thumb support for better leverage and improved comfort 8" Long Nose Design adaptable to: 8" Linesman (not shown) 8" Slip Joint Bent Diagonal Long Nose Cutting Lineman’s Precise, nonslip operation due to soft, contoured Multiple custom-color variations available finger gel pads Ergonomic inside grip with soft gel material for greater Available in open stock or custom sets control and comfortDouble-Grip Pliers ™ Extra inside handle doubles grip & control
  16. 16. #45 heat-treated carbon steel with micro-nickel or black-nickel finish 5" Bent Long Nose Ergonomic, wishbone-style inside grip with soft gel material for greater 51/4" Bent Long Nose control and comfort 41/4" End Cutter 51/2" Flat Nose 4" Wire Cutter Soft, contoured finger gel pads for secure, Rubber hinged clasp for nonslip operation holding tool closed when not in use Available in open stock or custom setsDouble-Grip Precision Pliers ™ Extra inside handle doubles grip & control
  17. 17. Drop-forged, heat-treated carbon steel with micro-nickel finish 8" Long Nose All-weather, nonslip urethane-foam grips Ergonomic inside grip Thumb support 8" Slip Joint Available in open stock or custom setsStretch-Grip Pliers ™ Precise control like no other!
  18. 18. 4" Bent Nose Drop-forged, heat-treated carbon steel with micro-nickel finish 4" Long Nose All-weather, nonslip urethane-foam grips 4" Flat Nose Ergonomic, wishbone- style inside grip 4" Wire Cutter Available in open stock or custom setsStretch-Grip Precision Pliers ™ Precise control like no other!
  19. 19. Socket-head adapter fits on either side Socket-head selector Sure-grip TPE handle Includes ratchet. Multiple socket heads—each size is a solid 6-point socket: 3 /8" 5 /16" 1 /2" 7 /16" 5 /8" 9 /16" 3 /4" 11 /16" 7 /8" 13 /16"Select-a-Socket Multi-Wrench ™ 10 sockets in 1 tough tool
  20. 20. Ratcheting socket Tightening/loosening indicator arrow Wrench-assist hex nut Removable shank SPRING 2012Ratcheting Nut Driver Set Speeds up fastening or adds greater torque when driving a nut
  21. 21. Socket receiver Ratchet receiver Right-angle extension-ratchet drive Enables user to get at fasteners that are unable to be reached by conventional ratchets Dual purpose: works as regular extended handle Ratchet ratchet when not using the offset drive SPRING 2012Offset Drive Ratchet Easily removes fasteners from awkward, hard-to-reach spots
  22. 22. Angled, spring-loaded jaw tips allow the user to quickly push the jaws over the fastener Rachet-like effect for quickly removing or tightening hex-head fasteners Loop grip provides greater range of leverage; allows better hold—with minimal effort Jaw removes any slack Lever arm instantly cinches jaws tightly SPRING 2012Autosizing Adjustable Wrench Spring-loaded jaw tips quickly and securely fit around any fastener
  23. 23. Set of 3: 6" 8" 10" Sliding extension Folded Fully extended SPRING 2012 Rubber handle gripCompact Foldout Wrench Conveniently folds up for easy storage and portability
  24. 24. Pivoting handle grip Foot pedal Insert the mop (not included) between the built-in rollers. . . 2-gallon capacity . . .then step on the foot pedal to wring out the mop. Durable LDPE constructionBucket Wringer ® Keeps hands away from dirty mop water and harsh chemicals
  25. 25. 3 /4" male connector Twist-lock battery cover (CR2032 coin cell) Connects between hose and spray-nozzle. Press and hold to reset cumulative total. Also used to switch between gallons and LCD displays gallons or liters before each use. liters to 1/10 (0.0 to 999.9) Free-spinning 3/4" female connectorWater Saver ™ Measures use to conserve water
  26. 26. Impeller sensor easily mounts to a standard 1/2-inch connector Soft-touch buttons (set; input) 1:1 image Flexible multi-position gooseneck design • Measures and displays in gallons or liters • Usage-limit alert • Time/timer • Temperature (˚F/˚C) Different LCD screens: Time and Flow and Temperature and flow volume timer flow volume Soft rubberized bezel 1:2 imageWater Saver Shower Usage Meter ™ A gauge to gauge how much water you’re using, how long you’re taking
  27. 27. Standard 3/4-inch Easy-grip quick-connect twist valves Tubing connectors 8-inch anchor stake for hub 6-inch sprinkler 50 feet of 1/4-inch nozzle polyethylene tubing (cut to fit) SPRING 2012AquaHub Watering & Conservation Device ™ Waters six areas using one faucet
  28. 28. Nonslip, ergonomic rotating handle grips Cutting blades Telescoping handles Pivot point FALL 2011 Secure-lock for adjustable handlesErgo Clippers Innovative hedge clippers with new ergonomic handle design provides better comfort and improved trimming consistency
  29. 29. UV-resistant plastic 3 /8-inch-thick ring 12" tall 12" diameter Hydration control well Erosion control wall FALL 2011Garden Ring Ensures that plants retain the amount of water given, while strengthening the root system to help minimize erosion
  30. 30. Seal-tight gasket 1.2-liter water bottle Spill-control spout Tree branch hanger support 16-unit PDQ floor display Easy two-part assembly Total height: 36" Hydrostatic Equilibrium As the water level drops in the tree-stand reservoir, the TreeEZwater outlet is exposed. This allows air to Standard 6-foot tree. travel up the tube and into the bottle. The water in the Maintains 2-inch bottle is displaced and sent down into the tree-stand water level reservoir until the outlet is underwater again.The Original TreeEZwater Self-Watering System ® Finally a way to water your tree standing up!
  31. 31. Tree branch hanger support Easy two-part assembly Total height: 32" Maintains 2-inch water level Standard 6-foot tree.The Original TreeEZwater System ® Finally a way to water your tree standing up!
  32. 32. Hinged arms 1 2 3 Large Earth Anchor holding umbrella. Large 4 5 6 Instructions: 1. Turn the threaded ring clockwise until the hinged arms are able to flip down so they’re perpendicular to the ground; insert the tip of Latch levers the threaded anchor into the ground. 2. Hold the two hinged arms and screw the threaded anchor into the ground until it reaches the top of the thread. (Do not drive the anchor into the ground using a hammer Small or similar tool or object.) Threaded ring 3. Insert the desired pole or post (outdoor umbrella for example) into the top opening on the Earth Anchor. 4. Fold up the two hinged arms so they grip the pole or post. 5. Tighten the threaded ring counterclockwise to securely fasten the hinged arms to the pole or post. Hinged arms 6. Flip down the latch levers to securely grip and hold the object (umbrella) in position. Small Earth Anchor holding net post. Threaded anchor screwEarth Anchor Install and hold outdoor poles and posts into the ground—without using concrete or machinery!
  33. 33. Safety rest On/off dial with Stainless-steel heating variable heat settings element with Teflon®- molded supports for unclogged solder distrbution Heat-resistant ABS housing Infrared auto-shutoff sensor in handgrip Also available in a Standard version, without variable-heat selection and auto-shutoff feature. Solder spool (2 oz.) included; also sold separately Trigger-operated solder feedDeluxe Self-Feed Soldering Gun ™ One-handed heat and solder application
  34. 34. Spring-loaded socket-retention cam Socket-release button Optional standard impact-grade socket Conventional hog-ring anvil Pneumatic coupler Quick-release safety anvil Hog ring Red Mirror Effect Black NickelQuick-Release Impact Wrench Socket Tool ™ Safety and convenience—without compromise