Project management


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Project management

  1. 1. Project Delivery systemGroup MemberMuhammad Asyraq che IsmailSobi MansurLoggeni AnnamalaiAdeline NaniGarry Peter Gohulu
  2. 2. Design Bid Build
  3. 3. DESIGN BID BUILD• Design-bid-build (DBB) is the most common project delivery option.• known as Design-tender (or "design/tender") or ‘‘traditional’’ method• The owner contracts separately for the design and construction of the project.• The owner retains responsibility for overall project management.
  5. 5. DESIGN-BID-BUILD SYSTEM TO PERFORM DIFFERENTLY IN ACHIEVING QUALITY, PRODUCTIVITY AND TEAMWORK.• Quality- More time planning /designing- The owner selects Consultants (Architects & Engineers) to design and prepare construction documents- the owner have the enough time to review coordination of project and owners can negotiate with stakeholders at early stages.
  6. 6. PRODUCTIVITY• the bidding process more competitive and easier to manage and understand that the project will be defined prior to bidding.• the architect will work for the owner and provide the best recommendations on quality and price. Architects will be looking at the project during construction.
  7. 7. • However, the issue may come when create an accountability issues that may require owners to intervene.
  8. 8. TEAMWORK• Not clear communication between designer and contractor of building• Conflicts of communication between designer and contractor can make the dispute that can lead to time consuming.• Designer suffers from lacks of input from contactors and sub contractors• No communication can make overlapping of construction task
  9. 9. Design Build System As the design-builder or design-build contractor As tender and contractual arrangements As a ‘Package Deal Contract’
  10. 10. Quality• Compare the materials and workmanship of the project• Owner need is not defined in detail at the time it enters into a contract• Owner may not get the best quality• Limit the quality of equipment to construct
  11. 11. Productivity• Reducing conflicts between designer and builder• Deliver a project faster• Shorten the project schedule• Less chance of miscommunication• No need to have the owner act as a liaison between the two parties
  12. 12. Teamwork• To recruit and manage the team• Benefits – Improve quality – Cost and time savings – Better risk management – Opportunities for better coordination and communication – Reduce administrative burden
  13. 13. ConstructionManagement
  14. 14. Type of Construction Management• Agency construction management- Contracts are made directly between the owner and the designer or trade contractor- Suited to projects without tight time constraints, or with highly developed design documents- Represents the highest level of cost savings to the owner.
  15. 15. • At Risk Construction Management-Method which entails a commitment by theconstruction manager to deliver the project withina Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP)-owner requires a fixed-cost project delivery,similar to a lump-sum-type agreement-The construction manager acts as consultant tothe owner in the development and design phases-construction manager manage and controlconstruction costs
  16. 16. Quality• The Selection of a Construction Manager Focuses on Qualifications• Construction Management approach focuses on characteristcs:- Company experience- Company resources- Preconstruction performance- Approach to Owners and Architects- Experience of project team- Track record for delivering similar projects
  17. 17. Productivity• ability to save on sales taxes on tax‐exempt organizations• Construction Management projects allow for the Owner to evaluate the risk and necessities of bonds
  18. 18. Teamwork• The Fee is established as a fixed amount• Construction Manager and the Owner share a common objective to get the best price• The animosity inherent in the GC approach is avoided under the CM approach• Construction Manager have duty to protect the Owners interests with subcontractors and suppliers.