Spanish in Argentina


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For more information about Spanish Schools in Buenos Aires and Spanish in Argentina, visit our website at :

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Spanish in Argentina

  1. 1. Book Now Contact Us » search this site... Programs Destinations Housing Prices What’s Included Scholarships Services About Us Contact Us Gphneri Caaen SnlBA I ssiso Cue is s ohipPoe a hsaalBt t ls n rh c Sloa e c a Spanish school located in the famous Barolo Palace Intensive Spanish courses starting every Monday Classes Mon-Fri, 4 hours/day All levels, beginners to advanced One-to-one private lessons available Ask a Question Book Now! Price List mSiu oaC ntBe rfIns ner ius :a pro e h Ain s The School Courses & Levels Start Dates Housing Academic Credit Excursions & Trips slaimts tn S ni e et o T d uAn SSPoeiBi o ipalB o h aloa s sa n lhe T e c n rh u c Barolo Palace Spanish School is hosted in one of the most beautiful buildins of Buenos Aires, The Barolo Palace (Palacio Barolo). The Spanish school in Buenos Aires is located downtown on Avenida de Mayo near the Congress Building. Palacio Barolo was completed in 1923 and it was the tallest building in the whole of South America. The Palacio Barolo was designed in accordance with the cosmology of Dante’s Divine Comedy. s i rel G to e laoP h There are 22 floors and our Spanish School in Buenos Aires is located on the 3rd taL loShino c h sa o c S p loShin h sa c S p at reibd isreiU Aa v n d s i tat idrc n eA o aci m tnI n rae a e r transcripts issued by UAI.BSSPo eiaruo ipalB: mnc n r rPeh aloacP lhe o sa g c r Tuition + Student Tuition + Home Tuition + Shared Tuition + Single Program Duration Residence Stay Apartment Apartment 2 weeks $ 735 $ 915 $ 790 $ 1,035 3 weeks $ 1,105 $ 1,375 $ 1,185 $ 1,553 Sign up for 4 weeks 4 weeks $ 1,390 $ 1,750 $ 1,500 $ 1,990 and get $200 OFF! 8 weeks $ 2,780 $ 3,500 $ 3,000 $ 3,980 – Register now! - 12 weeks $ 4,170 $ 5,250 $ 4,500 $ 5,970 16 weeks $ 5,560 $ 7,000 $ 6,000 $ 7,960 converted by
  2. 2. 16 weeks $ 5,560 $ 7,000 $ 6,000 $ 7,960 Registration fee: $75 UiE !ga py ns SAn elchip:o aSBi s sa s s n n A e F u Q Frequently Asked Questions oF U wls ol Un st Ca t c o M Q k ci e nu GIC Argentina Spanish Schools Programs Av. de Mayo 1370, 3rd floor #10 Locations Buenos Aires, C1085ABQ, Argentina Accommodations ai tAiod n gnayt n AS e du r b r Arg: +54-11-5353-9497 Spanish School in Buenos Aires USA: +1-202-552-1081 What’s Included Spanish in Buenos Aires UK: +44-020-7193-2270 Prices Spanish Courses in Buenos Aires Book Now Spanish Argentina Brochure Scholarships Photo Galleries Discounts and Promotions Student Testimonials Chat with us converted by