PSIM: Why Should I Be Interested?


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Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software enables security departments to manage an enterprise’s exposure to security risk. It is designed to aid decision making and deployment planning within an organization. Within physical security operations it has been widely accepted that critical information from numerous sources is left to system operators to interpret and act upon consistently and correctly. Most end users have video surveillance, access control and building management systems. These systems are not integrated together and work independently with no communication with other systems in the ecosystem.

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PSIM: Why Should I Be Interested?

  1. 1. CNL Software White Paper PSIM: Why Should I Be Interested? February
  2. 2. PSIM: Why Should I Be Interested?What is PSIM? How does PSIM differ from other forms ofPhysical Security Information Management (PSIM) integration?software enables security departments to manage an Several studies have been carried out in this area byenterprise’s exposure to security risk. It is designed to research companies including Frost and Sullivan andaid decision making and deployment planning within an IMS, which have highlighted some of the features thatorganization. distinguish a PSIM solution from other physical security and event management products. These key points defineWithin physical security operations it has been widely a PSIM product, and have been collated below;accepted that critical information from numerous sourcesis left to system operators to interpret and act upon Open Platform: It provides easy integration with aconsistently and correctly. Most end users have video variety of systems from leading manufacturers. It issurveillance, access control and building management therefore essential that the PSIM vendor is not tied to anysystems. These systems are not integrated together and manufacturer of the underlying independently with no communication with othersystems in the ecosystem. Data Collection: Device level information is collected from all connected systems. It should provide the ability to integrate events and alarms from these systems alongSecurity breaches and challenges with information such as time and geography, allowing itFollowing several large security breaches, such as 9/11 to automatically identify situations and then dynamicallyand 7/7, security professionals have recognized the need update them as they unfold.bring together this information in a format that can bevisualized and distributed. As a result the security industry Data Aggregation: The PSIM software should have theis now in transition; moving from disparate systems to ability to evaluate the information that is gathered tointegrated and interoperable systems. identify and priorities real incidents and situations.Whilst system integration might not seem much of a Visualization and Collaboration: It should provide thechallenge in the world of IT where standards have been ability to visualize a situation as is evolves and to sharearound for decades, the physical security world has been this intelligence with response teams, ensuring responsesmuch slower to adapt to change. This means a large are fast and appropriate.number of organizations are using lots of systems in theircontrol room which cannot work with each other. Geospatial Engine: Dynamically locating and creating relationships between devices, people and assets relationships is essential. For example, it may automaticallyHow does PSIM help? identify the nearest cameras to a situation’s address or locate the security person closest to a medical emergency.Firstly, PSIM provides an of the shelf platform to manage This should offer the ability to displays situations, devices,all of these systems, including both legacy systems and people and alarms—and shows what is happening innew technology, by connecting them together through a real time within a given situation or globally across allsingle interface. This is far more cost effective than other situations.forms of integration such as bespoke turnkey solutionsoffered by some integrators. Incident Resolution: The PSIM system software should facilitate the presentation of logically displayed andSecondly, it uses workflow technology to provide clearly communicated actions. It should enforce standardoperators with guidance and intelligence for situation operating procedures to an operator, along with themanagement. This enforces all policies, increases information, tools, and contact information needed foreffectiveness and provides evidence of compliance for resolution—all within a single user interface. It shouldauditing and risk mitigation. For example it can perform provide a set of easy-to-use visual tools to generateintuitive prioritization and escalation according to a range policies that are automatically imported into the systemof predetermined criteria that might include chronology, for use in the identification and resolution of situations.location, priority and prevailing threat.February 2012 Confidential © 2012 CNL Software Page 1
  3. 3. PSIM: Why Should I Be Interested?Reporting: All activity should be monitored, including alloperator actions, to aid compliance management, providetraining scenarios and as an auditable record of activitysubsequent to a security incident. It should gather allinformation (videos, alarms, audio), actions taken, andresults into one folder for compliance and investigativeanalysis or post situation training.Modular Platform: It should dynamically adapt tochanges in devices, configurations, situations, policies,and reporting while the system is running and support adistributed architecture for high availability and disasterrecovery. About CNL Software CNL Software is a world leader and global providerAre all PSIM solutions the same? of Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software, designed for complete Integrated SituationThere are several true PSIM vendors in the market place Management. Our award winning PSIM technology iswho have been deploying their PSIM solutions for more deployed to secure major cities, critical infrastructure andthan five years now. These vendors are several versions global commerce. CNL’s software sits at the heart of somein to the development of their software, giving them vital of the largest, most complex and ground-breaking securityexperience that only comes from successfully deploying a integration projects in the world. Our work with leadingnumber of large scale installations. This has enabled them organizations is helping to shape the future of security byto understand the challenges and create products that are offering thought leadership on key issues such as assetmature enough to meet the wide number of applications protection, energy reduction, process compliance andseen in PSIM today. business advantage in converged physical environments.Unfortunately, there are also a large number of companieswho are now marketing their old products under the PSIM About IPSecurityCenterTMbanner; which is creating confusion in the market place asthese products do not have many of the features essential IPSecurityCenter is the ultimate PSIM software basedto a PSIM solution. integration and management platform. It connects and manages disparate building and security technologies such as video surveillance, life critical systems, radar,True PSIM solutions have become more sophisticated, analytics, HVAC, PIDS, GPS tracking and GIS mapping.emphasizing added organization value through hardened Through aggregating intelligence from these systems, itsecurity and increased efficiency or reduced ongoing allows organizations to react faster and more preciselycosts. The crucial factor being that the customer can to incidents. IPSecurityCenter provides operators withdecide what their priorities are and implement all or just a real-time Situational Awareness through a Commonfew modules of a PSIM according to their unique situation. Operating Picture (COP) and following an alert, alarm or event presents step by step process guidance, ensuringThis flexibility is key when selecting a PSIM solution. complete compliance to security policies.Organizations should research the product and ensurethe PSIM solution is future-proof and can adapt to theorganization’s changing security needs. This will reduce Need more information?the risk of purchasing a system that will need replacing ifthe organization’s circumstances change a few years down For more information on PSIM and how it benefit yourthe line. organisation visit www.cnlsoftware.comFebruary 2012 Confidential © 2012 CNL Software Page 2
  4. 4. MWP/501/0212 Contact Us CNL Software USA 11715 Fox Road, Suite 400-190 Indianapolis, IN 46236 USA Tel: +1.317.522.0313 CNL Software UK CNL House, Lower Guildford Road Knaphill, Surrey, GU21 2EP, UK Tel: +44 (0)1483 480088 Email : Copyright © 2012 CNL Software. All rights reserved. IPSecurityCenter is a trademark of CNL Software. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.