electrol politics


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electrol politics

  1. 1. S.ST.Presentation
  2. 2. This requires a mechanism threw theelection choose theirrepresentatives at regularintervals and change them if thewish to so. This mechanism is calledelection. Therefore, elections areconsidered essential in our time forany representative democracy.
  3. 3. 1.They can choose who will make thelaws for them.2.The can choose who will form thegovernment and take the majordecisions.3.The can chose the party whosepolices will guide the governmentand law making.
  4. 4. 1.Every one should be able to choose. This meanseveryone should have one vote and every vote haveequal value.2.There should be something too choose from. Partiesand candidates should be free to contest electionsand should offers some real choice to the voters.3.The choice should offered at regular intervals.Election must be held regularly after ever few years.4.The candidate preferred by the people should geteffected.5.Election should be conducted n free and far mannerwhere people can chose as the real wish.
  5. 5. Election are thus all about political competition. Thiscompetition takes various forms. The most obvious from thecompetition among political parties. At the constituencylevel, takes the from competition, election will be camepointless. but it is good to have political competition ? Clearly,electr0l competition has many demerits. It create a sense ofdisunity and ‘factionalism’ in ever locality. You would haveheard of people complaining of ‘party-politics’ in yourlocality. Different political parties and leaders often levelallegations against one another. Parties and candidatesoften dirty tricks to win elections. Some people say that thispressure to win electoral fight dose not allow sensible long-term policies to be formulated
  6. 6. The country is divided into different areas for purposes ofelections. These areas are called electoral constituencies.The voters who live in an area elect one representative. Forlockssabha elections. Our country Is divided into543constituencies. The representatives elected from eachconstituency is called a member of parliament or an MP. Oneof the features of democratic election I that every voteshould have equal value.
  7. 7. The makers of our constitution thoughtof a special system of reservedconstituencies or the weaker sectionsare reserved for people who belong tothe scheduled castes [SC]and scheduled tribes[ST]
  8. 8. In a democratic election, the list of thosewho are eligible to vote is prepared muchbefore the elections and given to everyone.This list is officially called the electoral rolland is commonly known as the voters list.
  9. 9. Every person who wishes to contestan election has to fill a ‘nominationform’ and give some money as‘security deposit’.
  10. 10. In our country such campaigns takeplace for a two week period betweenthe date of announcement of the finallist of candidates and the date ofpooling.
  11. 11. Every person whose name is on thevoters list can go to a nearby‘pooling booth’ situated usually in alocal school or a government office.