Factors affecting intellectual property strategy in sme's


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Factors affecting intellectual property strategy in sme's

  1. 1. Strategic Management ofIntellectual Property for SME’sBy Aditya Kochhar6/6/2013 © Aditya Kochhar 1This work by Aditya Kochhar is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visithttp://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/.
  2. 2. • To study various intellectual propertymanagement strategies used in small tomedium enterpriseObjective2© Aditya Kochhar6/6/2013
  3. 3. • Legal Protection Strategies• Alternative Protection Strategies• Collaboration Strategies• Open Source StrategiesOverview3© Aditya Kochhar6/6/2013
  4. 4. • Innovate and differentiate as a standard policy• Innovations can be imitated by competitors• Negative effect on profitability by imitation• Need appropriate intellectual property strategies toprotect Intellectual PropertyIntroduction4© Aditya Kochhar6/6/2013
  5. 5. Legal Protection Strategies,Group One and Group Two6/6/2013 © Aditya Kochhar 5
  6. 6. Group OneTrade Secrets, Patents, UtilityModels, Industrial Design, andResearch Disclosures6/6/2013 © Aditya Kochhar 6
  7. 7. Trade Secrets7© Aditya Kochhar6/6/2013SecrecyProtectionTradeSecretTradeSecretNon-ImitableInternalDifficult toindependentlyinvent
  8. 8. Patents/Utility Models/IndustrialDesigns8© Aditya Kochhar6/6/2013Probable/ProductProfit>Cost Imitable Protect
  9. 9. Research Disclosures9© Aditya Kochhar6/6/2013Patent PatentProblem SolutionProductCompetitorCompetitor ProductR.D. R.D.R.D.R.D.R.D.R.D.
  10. 10. Overall Strategic Model6/6/2013 © Aditya Kochhar 10ResearchDisclosuresPatents/U.M./I.D.Trade SecretsNon-Imitable Difficult to independently InventImitable CommercializableCovered in patented claimsProbable competitor to products
  11. 11. Group TwoCopyrights, Geographical Indicators,and Trade Marks6/6/2013 © Aditya Kochhar 11
  12. 12. Copyrights12© Aditya Kochhar6/6/2013Copyrightat birthMediaContractsand licensesBusinessPolicies andDocumentsPromotionalContentRegisteredUnregisteredLevel of Protection
  13. 13. Geographical Indicators13© Aditya Kochhar6/6/2013PositiveCustomerSentimentsGeographicallocation ofbusinessG.I.
  14. 14. Trademark14© Aditya Kochhar6/6/2013PromotionalContent andMediaSuccessful TrademarkTrademarkPromotionSuccess/Failure
  15. 15. Overall Strategic Model6/6/2013 © Aditya Kochhar 15TrademarkOtherG.I.Copyright
  16. 16. Alternative Protection Strategies,Complexity of design, Lead TimeAdvantage, Secrecy, and NoProtection6/6/2013 © Aditya Kochhar 16
  17. 17. Complexity of Design17© Aditya Kochhar6/6/2013PatentsComplexityof Design
  18. 18. Lead Time Advantage18© Aditya Kochhar6/6/2013G1G2G3G4 G5G1G2G3SMECompetition
  19. 19. Secrecy19© Aditya Kochhar6/6/2013Lead TimeAdvantagePatentSecrecyComplexityof Design
  20. 20. No Protection20© Aditya Kochhar6/6/2013NoProtectionPrice pointComp.Economiesof ScaleLessCompetitionLocalMarketsPrice Point CompetitionEconomies of ScaleLess CompetitionLocal Markets
  21. 21. Overall Strategic Model6/6/2013 © Aditya Kochhar 21Lead TimeAdvantageSecrecyComplexityof DesignNo Legal ProtectionShort generation-spanproductsDifficult toimitate products Transferable skills, information,and resource protectionProspective profits < Cost of legal protection or low investment capital
  22. 22. Collaboration Strategies,Collaboration with LargeCompanies, other SME’s, focusgroups, and customers6/6/2013 © Aditya Kochhar 22
  23. 23. With Large Companies23© Aditya Kochhar6/6/2013Large CompanySMEManufacturerSMEDistributerSMEMarketingSMER&DCopyrightsT.S., Patents/ I.D./ U.M.Trademark, G.I.,Copyrights, T.S.,Patents, I.D., U.M.Trademark,Copyright
  24. 24. With Other SME24© Aditya Kochhar6/6/2013MarketingSMER&D SMEManufacturingSMEInterconnectingMediumSMESMESMESME
  25. 25. With focus groups25© Aditya Kochhar6/6/2013SMEFG1FG2FG3Product IdeasandDevelopment
  26. 26. With Customers26© Aditya Kochhar6/6/2013Customer Needs andAspirationsProduct Ideas andImprovementSuggestionsProducts bySME
  27. 27. Overall Strategic Model6/6/2013 © Aditya Kochhar 27S.M.E.L.C.S.M.E.Cust.F.G.Licensing Agreements, Contracts, etcSpecializedCollaborationProduct Ideas andImprovement SuggestionsProduct Development
  28. 28. Open Source Strategies,Open Source Software, OpenContent, and Open Source Hardware6/6/2013 © Aditya Kochhar 28
  29. 29. OpenSoftwareOpen SourceCodeCan becommerciallyusedCan’t becommerciallyusedFreewareOpen Software29© Aditya Kochhar6/6/2013
  30. 30. Open Content30© Aditya Kochhar6/6/2013Generate ContentLicense free forpersonal useCan beshared withsamelicenseCan beshared withdifferentlicenseLicense free forpersonal andCommercial useCan beshared withsamelicenseCan beshared withdifferentlicense
  31. 31. Open Hardware31© Aditya Kochhar6/6/2013DesignLicense andDistributeManufacture ConsultTrademark
  32. 32. Overall Strategy6/6/2013 © Aditya Kochhar 32Open SourceContentCommercializableNon-CommercializableSoftwareCommercializableNon-CommercializableHardwareCommercializableNon-CommercializableE.g. Marketing MaterialE.g. Support SoftwareOpen to remixand useRestrictedProspectiveProductExperimentalE.g. Arduino Project, 3D Printers Manufacturingand ConsultationHobby Projectsand Research
  33. 33. Thank You.6/6/2013 © Aditya Kochhar 33