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My doctor guide My doctor guide Presentation Transcript

  • My Doctor GuideMy Doctor Guide is a mobile applicationthat will be used to record the medical history of a patient.
  • Why my doctor guide?• It will be a record keeper of patient’s medical history.• In country like Nepal there is no provision by hospital/Clinic or Doctor to keep patient’s medical history for future reference.• Some patients are not so well educated in country like Nepal; they do not know the importance of Medical record. Patient after they get service from doctor, they do not keep the prescription received from doctor. (i.e. it is either kept carelessly or thrown away after they get well)• Some patients are busy people who do not have time to maintain their medical records.• My Doctor guide will be a multi-party based record keeping application (i.e. Patient, Doctor and Hospital/Clinic), which will help in proper information storage and dissemination.• It will help Patient get proper medical service and Doctor and Hospital/Clinic to provide better service.• This application will also help increase patient’s trust and inclination towards doctor’s and Hospitals.
  • How it works?• Step 1: Patient, Doctor or Hospital authority scans or sends the medical prescription.(The scan file will be managed by Special purpose software.)• Step 2: The Software divides the medical prescription into three parts. a) Doctor’s name and address b) Patient’s Name, address, age and other info c) Medical information like(diagnosis, medicines written by the doctor){note: the divided parts will have unique trace code to identify them for later compilation)• Step 3: Micro worker’s who want to perform task and earn money can get the task through their personal account. (This can be done by hospitals or can be outsourced to companies like CloudFactory. (• Step 4: The data entry from Micro Workers will be directed to a database of the Hospital, patient and doctor. The database can be taken as a cloud service or can be maintained by respective parties.(Note: Database can be linked with the mobile application and Document management System ; this will help ease of access of the medical records.)• The Records will be maintained according to the name and ID of the Patient.
  • How it works? The Doctor’s Clinic or Hospital Authority Scans and Doctor’s Sends the Prescription’s to Clinic/Hospital the Micro Workers.Micro Workers Micro Workers Micro Workers Micro Workers All the Data entered by micro workers will be compiled in a database The Database will be shared by Hospital/Doctor/Patient DATABASE
  • How will micro worker get paid?(Business Model)As the patient pays fee and hospital and doctor receives them; some part of that fee(example: if fee is $20 then, $1 can be allocated to pay micro worker)•If the patient himself/herself does the entry work then it will be a savings to thepatient.•The micro worker can be paid through services like PayPal or directly to bankaccount. (Balance account will be maintained by the application).(Note: The allocation of fee will diffuse the burden from a particular party and will bespread.)
  • Technical Aspect• Prescription: (It is a written Instructions from a doctor to a Pharmacist, that contains patient’s diagnosis/problems and prescribed medications; along with patient’s name, doctor’s name, date etc)• How will the prescription be divided?
  • (Technical Aspect)How to ensure that the divided part will be compiled in original form?• A trace unique id will be used to identify a particular prescription along with date, doctor’s code and hospital code.• A trace code will be used to divide the prescription into three parts.• The three parts will be sent to three different regions to maintain patient’s confidentiality of information.• When the three different parts arrives and is compiled in database, a special calculation will be done using a function to match the three parts. If matched only then, it will be compiled and saved.
  • (Technical Aspect)Link between: The Micro work application, Software(Document management software) and Database?Micro Workers Document Database Application management Software It will manage the scanned Software and database Micro Workers can register documents and later on compile the will have link for themselves through the Entered Data. computer access to application. medical records. Application will be linked with the Document management It will also be linked with web The database can be software, with which the application through which the accessed by Micro workers will have access patient/doctor/hospital can view the Patient/Doctor/Hospital. to the tasks medical history.
  • Novelty• The information obtained through medical histories, together with clinical examination, enables the physician to form a diagnosis and treatment plan.• With a proper diagnosis the patient can be treated early and saved from life threatening diseases and illness.• If a patient changes from one doctor to the other, which generally happens in Countries like Nepal; the patient can get better service and Doctor can know about the patient illness and the medications.
  • Challenges• Cost of Scanning.• Cost of Acquiring Software.• As 100% accuracy in data entry is required, the work must be re-proofread several times.• Need for reconciliation of the compiled records.