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This slide deck was presented at #DataOnCloud event London. DataOnCloud is an invite-only event for CIOs and top IT innovators. DataOnCloud enables key decision makers to discuss about real life adoption scenarios, challenges and best practices for leveraging Big, Small and Line Of Business Data on Cloud.

Aditi Technologies, a 'cloud first' technology services company organized #DataOnCloud, an event series focused on orchestrating data on cloud and navigating the complexity around integration, security, platform selection and technology solutions.

Aditi Technologies partnered with Microsoft for this 2-hour, CXO roundtable event in global technology hubs - London, New York, Seattle and San Diego

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  • We are a leader in moving your business to the Cloud. We do it through: De-risking your cloud journey through our experience and frameworksCreate immersive experience Use Agile processes for Faster time to market
  • Some of the key points that makes us the Trusted Technology Leader
  • Energy & UtilitiesSeismic data processingSmart meter analyticsFinancial ServicesConsumer & market risk modelingPersonalization & recommendationsFraud detection & anti-money launderingPortfolio valuationsGovernmantCyber security & fraud detectionGeospatial, image & video processingHealthcare & Life SciencesGenome processing & DNA sequencingClinical quality & cost analysis Media & EntertainmentSearch & recommendation optimizationUser engagement & digital content analysisAd/offer targetingSentiment & social media analysisRetail, eCommerce & Consumer Products360-degree customer viewLoyalty program managementMerchandising & supply chain analysisTechnologyGeospatial, image & video processingProduct research & developmentCyber security & fraud detectionTelecommunicationsCustomer churn preventionProduct research & developmentNetwork capacity trending & management
  • CHALLENGE:The healthcare division of a Fortune 50 company employing over 46,000 people. Goal was to:Aggregate and report Hand Hygiene Compliance from hospitalsIntelliroom 360 initiative - identify increased patient risk, provide notification in real-time and capture relevant data offline to study underlying process and behavioral trends to ultimately drive cultural change around patient safetySOLUTION:Utilize Windows Azure features for their Intelliroom product Azure based storage for unstructured data - RFID data and video collection for 100+ doctorsAzure based computation scalability and push live notifications Single sign-on authentication using Active DirectoryRender reports using predefined viewsSystem/UAT testingBUSINESS BENEFITS:Storage scalabilityReduced costsOptimal investment for product trails – due to pay per usageStreamlining unstructured data
  • CHALLENGE:A large European Conglomerate travel conglomerate wanted to :Price their products better based on competitor data using web crawlersCollect web logs to analyze customer behavior and deliver better pricingDeliver predictive models to forecast future prices of products during holiday seasosSOLUTION:Utilize Cloud storage to capture data from web crawlers as raw data Use hadoop to segment and identify best price from log data and crawler data Scheduling and computing using the cloud Render KPIs using visualizationsRun machine learning algorithms BUSINESS BENEFITS:Storage scalabilityReduced costsIdea to production in six weeks High performance computing
  • We asked you during registration what are your challenges to the cloud. Some of the questions we got are:How do I move & integrate my on-premises data to cloud data?Data Security – How can I control data on the cloud?Now that I had moved my data onto cloud, what benefits do I get and how can I start deriving insights today?There are so many options from so many vendors, which is the best one for me?
  • #DataOnCloud London event

    2. 2. Welcome to #DataOnCloudFrom this very room Winston Churchill said, “This is the room from which I will direct the war.”NETWORK. BRAINSTORM. TAME DATA.
    3. 3. AgendaData On CloudData problems. Why Cloud. Myth busting. Solution RoadmapBy Wade Wegner, CTO, Aditi TechnologiesPlatform ChoicesThe latest on Windows AzureBy Simon Karn, Azure Platform Partner, MicrosoftQ&A PanelDiscover Risks, Strategies & Roadmap for Cloud adoption
    5. 5. You Have a Data ProblemQuality of DataDerive ValuableInsightsMassiveAmounts ofDataBudgets forData Growth
    6. 6. Are You Experiencing …High VolumeData GrowthQuality ofDataIncreasedFrequency ofData CollectionData BeyondRelational
    7. 7. From Where Does this Data Come?Device + Sensors Social FeedsRelationalDatabasesTrading Desks Web LogsDocument StoresNo SQL or TableStorageSQL
    8. 8. How Do We Use this Data?KPIDashboardsTradingStationsPersonalized WebBusinessAlertsandNotifications
    9. 9. What’s the Opportunity?Sensor on Plant Floor10,000 events/secClick-Stream Data etc.Personalized pages100,000 events/sec.Fraud DetectionAlgorithmic Trading100,000 events/sec.Energy ConsumptionSmart Grids100,000 events/sec.
    10. 10. So, What Exactly is the Data Problem?VarietyVelocityVolume Veracity
    11. 11. Case STUDY # 1: HealthCare Company ImprovesHospital Hygiene Using Sensor DataAggregate and report “Hand Hygiene Compliance” for hospitalsIdentify increased patient risk, provide notification in real-time Azure based storage for unstructured data - RFID data and video collectionfor 100+ doctors Azure based computation scalability and push live notifications Single sign-on authentication using Active Directory Render reports using predefined views Storage scalability Reduced costs Streamlining unstructured data
    12. 12. Case STUDY # 2: Big European TravelConglomerate Optimizes Product Pricing Price their products better based on competitor data using web crawlers Collect web logs to analyze customer behavior and deliver better pricing Deliver predictive models to forecast future prices of products duringholiday seasons Utilize Cloud storage to capture data from web crawlers as raw data Use Hadoop to segment and identify best price from logs and crawler data Scheduling and computing using the cloud Render KPIs using visualizations Run machine learning algorithms Storage scalability Idea to production in six weeks High performance computing
    13. 13. What Do We Mean By Cloud?• On-demand self service• Broad network access• Resource pooling• Rapid elasticity• Measured serviced• Software as a Service• Platform as a Service• Infrastructure as a Service
    14. 14. How Does Cloud Solve the 4V’s?VarietyVelocityVolume Veracity
    15. 15. How Cloud Helps Solve the Data Problem↑ Ability to add storage dynamically↑ Increase computing power on demand↑ Use global distributed data centers forlocalized processingHigh VolumeData GrowthVOLUME
    16. 16. How Cloud Helps Solve the Data Problem↑ Use Azure networks to collect data withvery low latency↑ Leverage CEP on Azure to do real timeevent processing↑ Distribute notifications and alertsVELOCITYIncreasedFrequency ofData Collection
    17. 17. How Cloud Helps Solve the Data Problem↑ Azure supports Relational, No SQL andBlob locally↑ Ability to process and enrich all kinds ofdata using HDInsights↑ Combine relational and non relationaldata in one serviceVARIETYData BeyondRelational
    18. 18. How Cloud Helps Solve the Data Problem↑ Ability to add storage dynamically↑ Increase computing power on demand↑ Use global distributed data centers forlocalized processingVERACITYQuality ofData
    19. 19. Approach for USING DATA with the CLOUD
    20. 20. AggregateFragmentedinformationsourcesNon relationalinformationUnclean dataDATA SOURCERelationalhistoric dataDATA INJECTIONUse Data hub to load datainto Azure Blob storageClassify data intotables, blobs, SQL AzureEnable the blob storageas HDFS for HDInsights
    21. 21. EnrichFilter data usingMAPREDUCEREFINETRANSFORMCLEANSEApply transformations Segment data based onmultiple variablesRemove duplicatesEliminate non required informationLeverage HIVE to useHDInsights as a DWPrepare and load it intorelational format if requiredLoad data intoclusters using PIG
    22. 22. AnalyzeANALYZEVISUALIZEAccess HDFS data usingExcel data explorerImplement Embeddedvisualizations using Power viewLeverage machine learningDeliver alerts and notificationsImplement statistical algorithmslike Naïve baiyes,ClusteringProcess real time businessevents using StreamInsight
    23. 23. Microsoft’s Investment in Data Services
    24. 24. Challenges & MitigationsCompliance ComplexityData Security &Privacy
    25. 25. How Do We Make Sense of this Data?Right PersonRight TimeRight Data
    26. 26. Starting the JourneyData & Cloud Quickstart• Half-day with an Architect• Detailed review of datachallenges and cloudmaturity
    27. 27. Additional Quickstarts• Cloud Application Portfolio Assessment• HA SQL Server in the Cloud• Migrating SharePoint Workloads to the Cloud• Cloud-Based Dev/Test Environments• Cloud-Based Core Infrastructure• AD/IAM in the Cloud
    28. 28. Web | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn