AdIQuity, Global Mobile Ads Platform


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A brief introduction about AdIQuity

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AdIQuity, Global Mobile Ads Platform

  1. 1. Adiquity Technologies - Confidential AdIQuity Global Mobile Ads Platform
  2. 2. Adiquity Technologies - Confidential AdIQuity – Mobile Ads for your Mobile Apps and Sites  Helps mobile Publishers and App developers to better manage and monetize their mobile properties  Generating 18 billion mobile impressions per month across 200+ countries through 12,000+ publishers  Worldwide global ad inventory drawn through 100+ Ad Sources, Agencies, DSPs, and RTB bidders  Mobile Ads served on a variety of platforms including Mobile Web and Apps (Android, iOS, Blackberry, J2ME, Bada, Symbian etc.)  A wide range of monetization opportunities for Mobile Sites, App developers, Telecom operators, App Stores, Platforms etc.
  3. 3. Adiquity Technologies - Confidential AdIQuity Ads Platform Your Mobile Sites / Apps How AdIQuity works.?? Mobile Apps Ad Network 1 Ad Network 2 Ad Network 3 Ad Network 4 Ad Network 40 Mobile Sites Adiquity RTB Exchange DSPs DSPs DSPs DSPs Mobile Ad Agencies Adiquity Real time Optimization Highest Paying Ads 90-95% Fill rate Global Mobile Ad Inventory
  4. 4. Adiquity Technologies - Confidential 90-95% Fill rates in 200+ countries across America, Europe, Africa, Asia Global Ad Inventory and Fill rates America - 90% Africa - 95% Asia - 75-85% Europe - 95% Lat-Am - 80% Oceania - 90% 18+ Billion Impressions / month across 200+ countries
  5. 5. Adiquity Technologies - Confidential Best paying ads and Fill rates of 90-95% through Real time Optimization Monetize diverse traffic from all over the world Single Point Access to 100+ Global Ad Sources (Ad Networks / Agencies / RTB Exchange) Support for Mobile Web and Mobile Apps (iOS, Android, Symbian, Blackberry, J2ME etc.) Simple and Easy Ad code/SDK/API based Integration Regular and Timely Payments AdIQuity – Key Benefits
  6. 6. Adiquity Technologies - Confidential 12,000+ Publishers and counting..
  7. 7. Adiquity Technologies - Confidential Global Ad Partners Ad networks, Agencies and DSP’s
  8. 8. Adiquity Technologies - Confidential Step 1: Get Started in 5 minutes… Just visit and signup as a publisher Step 2: Register your Sites and Apps from your Adiquity account Step 3: Include the Ad codes/SDK/API on your Mobile Site / Apps You are Live with Ads accessed from 100+ Ad Sources Note: Please email us at if you need any help. Simple. Quick. Effective.
  9. 9. Adiquity Technologies - Confidential Thank You Register on and experience high returns..Today! Email: Skype: support.adiquity Gtalk: Yahoo: Mobile: +91 9916090745