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National Library of Romania - Digital Library
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National Library of Romania - Digital Library



Presentation of the digital library hosted by the National Library of Romania, Parma 2011.

Presentation of the digital library hosted by the National Library of Romania, Parma 2011.



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  • In 2007 Romania joins EU and agrees to adjust its policies to their recommendations on digitization and preservation of cultural materials. Therefore in 2008 the Ministry of Culture initiated/conducted a feasibility study to see if Romanian libraries are ready to step in. The coordinator of this study was the National Library which after the results was named national coordinator of digitization initiatives for Romanian Libraries Network. Moreover the NLR was funded to develop a National Digital Library to present its digitized materials.
  • The objectives of the National Digital Library – as presented on the National Library webpage, concern: Access, preservation, promotion of written cultural heritage Multiple access points for existing and prospective users Expanding the number of born digital documents
  • This is the interface of the Digital Library.
  • The users of the National Digital Library are implicit the users of the NLR: researchers, students, editors and the general public with an interest in cultural heritage Internally, the Digital Library is maintained by the “Virtual Library Department” and the staff working there has library and information technology background
  • The selection criteria for the digitized material concerned the value of the document, the preservation stage, as well as financial, technological and legal issues. The material is being digitized by the Special Collections Department and then taken by the Virtual Library staff where is processed, described and uploaded.
  • As for November 2011 the digital collection contained almost 3000 objects consisting of Archival documents, Manuscripts, Old Romanian and foreign books, Photographs and maps, Incunabula and so on
  • Here I picked up some of them to illustrate the richness. At the top of the slide you can see a postcard from Constanta, Ovidiu Square – Ovidiu/Ovid/Ovidius the latin poet that was exlied by the Romans here in 8 A.D. and died here. On the left hand side there is a picture from Ada Kaleh - a small island on Danube river that was mostly inhabited by Turks. During the communism period was submerged and a dam was built instead (Iron Gates, the Serbian borders) and right hand side is a portrait of the Italian painter Correggio 
  • As for metadata, the NDL uses for its collections various formats displayed as Dublin Core. For the digital objects that have a catalog record in UNIMARC, it’s brought to Digitool in MARC21 (testing phase for pointers) Dublin Core for the ones that are not catalogued and XML files for files that were digitized before NDL and were send as contributions to various projects
  • The user can search the NDL with simple and advanced terms in all items or a particular collection mentioned above. The services provided by NDL regarding the interaction with the user weren't implemented yet and the translations of the page are incomplete
  • The NDL delivers its content as it was scanned; meaning pages of the same book are linked together in a hierarchical structure. Currently, all the documents in the NDL are out-of-copyright materials and can be used without restriction for personal interest. The resolution of the images is of 100-200 dpi and if required the library can provide a higher resolution for the material. The publication (partly or fully) is subject to permission of the library manager. The National Library started digitizing its special collections before the creation of the digital library (providing contributions to TELplus 2007;Manuscriptorium 2007). Currently, the digital library is used to store and provide access to another international project, REDISCOVER (Reunion of Dispersed Content: Virtual Evaluation and Reconstruction), 2009
  • Currently, the technical support is provided by the ExLibris Group (maintenance contract) The digital objects are stored locally on an institutional server
  • Exlibirx Erasmus de Rotterdam 

National Library of Romania - Digital Library National Library of Romania - Digital Library Presentation Transcript

    • National Library of Romania
    • National Digital Library -
    • Adina Ciocoiu - DILL 4
    • Parma University, 2011
  • Short history
    • 2007
      • Romania joins the European Union
      • agrees
      • to adjust its policies to the EU’s recommendations on digitization and preservation of cultural materials
    • 2008
      • Ministry of Culture and National Heritage develops a Public Policy Framework for digitization and preservation of the national heritage (2008-2014) based on a feasibility study
      • calls the National Library of Romania the coordinator of the study
      • NLR is now responsible for the creation of the National Digital Library of Romania (and to coordinate local digitization efforts)
      • NLR purchases a Digital Asset Management Software : DigiTool (developed by ExLibris)
  • Objectives
    • Providing the electronic version of the written cultural heritage
    • Promoting the written cultural heritage
    • Ensuring the continuous value of manuscripts and bibliophile materials
    • Preserving the most deteriorate documents
    • Facilitating the access to these documents, attracting new users and improving the numbers of the existing ones
    • Allowing multiple access point to the same document for many users
    • Providing a new way of access considering the copyright rules and regardless of the physical space of the library (its location or its opening hours)
    • Improving the access quality for those materials
    • Expanding the number of born digital resources . *
    • *as provided on the NLR’s webpage
  • NDL’s Interface
  • Community of Users
    • Its users are intended to be the users of the National Library, namely:
    • researchers
    • students
    • editors
    • the general public with an interest in the written cultural heritage
    • NDL is maintained by the Virtual Library Department and t he current staff working with the NDL has library and information science background and information technology experience.
  • Collection development
    • Selection criteria:
    • the value of the document
    • the importance for a particular area, time or region
    • the preservation stage
    • financial and technological aspects
    • legal issues
    • The documents that will be subject to digitization need to be compliant with the current legal framework:
    • Law no. 8 / 1996 on Copyright and Related Rights,
    • Law no. 334/2002 on Libraries,
    • Law no. 182/2000 on The Protection of Cultural Heritage;
    • Law no. 135/2007 on Archiving Documents in Electronic Form;
    • Law no. 186/2003 on Support and Promotion of Written Culture.
  • Collection development
    • Currently (November 2011), the National Digital Library of Romania contains 3000 single and complex documents having the the following structure (the name of the collection fully represents the content):
    • Archival documents (XV – XIX)
    • Manuscript books
    • Romanian old books and Bibliophile
    • Old foreign book and Bibliophile
    • Photographs
    • Historical maps
    • Incunabula
    • Modern Manuscripts
    • Music scores
    • Old Periodicals
    • Prints (Bookplates, Japanese Prints)
  • Metadata
    • The digital documents added to the collection use different metadata formats, all being displayed in Dublin Core:
    • MARC21 record imported from UNIMARC records in Library’s Integrated Catalogue (without any pointers to the digital object at the moment)
    • Dublin Core for documents that are not catalogued in UNIMARC (born digital)
    • XML files for the documents that were digitized before the creation of the NDL and were created using M-Tool XML editor. These files can contain MARC XML, DC and METS description
  • Services
    • The search function
    • simple
    • advanced queries
    • in General collection (all items)
    • in each of the collections mentioned above.
    • The query terms can be exact or approximate and usually this is performed in the full content of the metadata
    • Other services:
    • End User interface
    • Staff approval interface and
    • Management interface
    • not implemented yet
    • Page translations: ENG, RUM, GER, FRE, HEB
    • not fully operational
  • Managing NDL
    • The NDL delivers its content as it was scanned
    • Out-of-copyright materials
    • Resolution of 100-200 dpi
    • International contributions to
    • TELplus 2007;
    • Manuscriptorium 2007)
    • REDISCOVER (Reunion of Dispersed Content: Virtual Evaluation and Reconstruction)
    • Technical support from ExLibris Group (maintenance contract)
    • Local storage
  • References: Biblioteca Digitală Naţională. Available at http://www.bibnat.ro/Biblioteca-Digitala-Nationala-s135-ro.htm . Last accessed November 2011 Commission Recommendation on the digitisation and online accessibility of cultural material and digital preservation (25 August 2006). http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/newsroom/cf/itemlongdetail.cfm?item_id=2782 Last accessed August 2010 Council Conclusions on Digitisation and Online Accessibilty of Cultural Material, and Digital Preservation . http://eur-lex.europa.eu/LexUriServ/LexUriServ.do?uri=OJ:C:2006:297:0001:0005:EN:PDF Last accessed August 2010 i2010 - A European Information Society for growth and employment http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/eeurope/i2010/index_en.htm . Last accessed August 2010 DigiTool overview: http://www.exlibrisgroup.com/category/DigiToolOverview . Last accessed August 2010 National Library of Romania webpage: http://www.bibnat.ro Last accessed November 2011 National Library of Romania: Annual report 2010. Available at http://www.bibnat.ro/dyn-doc/Raport_BNR_2010.pdf . Last accessed November 2011.
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