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Analysis Of DVD Cover

  1. 1. Title of the movie List of bonus/special features Production and actor information The main image of the cover which suggest what genre the movies is. For this particular one it is action, adventure and history. Production company of the movieScreenshots of the movie scene that help audience get the idea of what movie is about and also advertise it. Barcode of the movie Short description of the story of this movie
  2. 2. King Arthur: This movie as the cover suggests is of action, adventure and mainly history type of genre. The main image contains the three main characters dressed up in medieval costumes which suggests straight away that this movie is going to be aimed at the history. Below the main three characters there is a sub-picture that shows a fight in a war which also suggests that this will feature action/adventure type of events in this movie. The three main characters on the DVD cover feature Clive Owen, Keira Knightley and Ioan Gruffudd. By featuring these actors improved the promotion of the movie as they are famous and audience recognizes them and they also suit the roles (visually chosen for their roles) which will help the audience to feel the roles of the characters more which will improve the overall experience of watching the movie. The back of the DVD description story helps to sell the DVD as its written in ways to both promote the movie in most interesting ways and also to describe what is the movie about so the audience have an idea what type of movie genre are they purchasing. .
  3. 3. Newspaper comment upon the movie Main picture of this DVD cover Production and actor information Title of the movie plus names of two main actors Bonus features A widescreen image is a film, computer, or television image with a width-to-height aspect ratio greater than the standard 1.37:1 Short description of the story of this movie Screenshots of the movie scene that help audience get the idea of what movie is about and also advertise it.
  4. 4. Music and Lyrics: On the front cover of this DVD there is a couple which suggests that this movie is probably going to be about them, which will be probably romance genre of the movie. The cover features two famous actors Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant. By having this couple and actors on the screen it helps to sell the movie as the audience recognizes the actors and also because they suit the romantic couple role for the movie. The cover is quite simple which gives us an impression that it is going to be a relaxing movie to watch about love and romance. The description on the back of the DVD helps to advertise the story and attract the audience’s attention which helps to sell the movie. It also gives a brief description of the storyline which gives the viewer an idea of what the genre could be.
  5. 5. The actresses name across the top of the DVD cover in white font also in capital letters. Angelina Jolie’s face on the cover of the DVD showing that she has a key role to the film. The Background is in Black this normally represents ‘Dark/evil’. Asking the audience a question which Leaves the audience wondering and thinking , making them jump into conclusions this can lead on to the target audience buying the product. Shows another image of the actresses with faces around her which have faded slightly making Angelina’s face stand out from the others this also shows that she is important to the film. The Three images in a row tell us a little more about the film as you can see in the last image, she is being ragged by the police, this gives us a clear idea of the genre that it’s going to be crime/thriller film.
  6. 6. Salt: On the front cover of this DVD the Main focus is on the Character Evelyn Salt played by none other than Angelina Jolie The actress needs no introduction she is famous all over the globe maybe that’s the reason why she’s the main story on the cover The Title of the film is the last name of the main character, the title and the cover represent the action and put a question mark on the story leaving the Audience puzzled. At times the Audience want to be puzzled and confused resulting in the film to be a box office hit.
  7. 7. The Main Cast of the Film The Main Title of the film with spacing Thrilling turn of events are obvious in the DVD Cover Reviews and some Catchy comments from famous critics to grab the Attention of Audience The Five images give us a clear idea about the film and one thing that is obvious in all the screenshots is that the movie is full of violence and thrill which also defines the genre of the film, Horror/Thriller A catchy tagline to give the Audience a scare
  8. 8. Frozen: They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover same as don’t judge a movie by it’s poster This totally applies for this particular film because you can’t deny the fact that this film has an attention grabbing DVD Cover
  9. 9. Name Of previous movies directed by the same director as the film to suggest that this film will at least be equally worth watching as the previous one Film title in big bold font to stand out from the rest of the text so that the audience get to know what the film is called Thrilling turn of events are obvious in the DVD Cover Bonus Features listed to tell the audience that there is more content on the DVD A catchy tagline to give the Audience a scare Main Characters real names above their heads on the cover, this is usually used not only to credit the actor but so that the audience can recognize the names Positive comments from critics because they want the audience to have a good impression of the film Format label for the audience to know what format their buying