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  1. 1. Page 1 of 5 Adhi Gunottama CANNY Jalan Bintaro Jaya 3 Utama Blok AC/9, Jakarta 12330 Phone: +62 21 7353781, Fax +62 21 738 82616 Mobile: 0838-774- 26781 and 0878 834 74774 Email: Linkedin: My Career Goals (5-7 Years Ahead) 1. To strategically move into a position where I can lead a team. 2. To gain knowledge as much as possible in Human Resources Management. 3. Implementing challenging new experience, in managing human resource as a Business Partner at the premier company 4. Apply for Human Capital Certified Professional (HCCP/CHRP) certification. Education 2010-2012 PPM School of Management,Jakarta. Magister of Management (MM), concentration in Strategic Human Resources Management, Thesis: Rancangan Penyempurnaan Sasaran dan Strategi Pengembangan SDM bagi PT Medco Sarana Kalibaru 2012-2015. 2003-2008 SWISS GERMAN UNIVERSITY, German Center BSD, with the degree S-1 Sarjana Ekonomi (SE) in Business Administration, Thesis: Analysis of Investment Attraction in Indonesia. Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in Business Administration with Informatics from Fachhochschule Sudwestfalen, Hochschule fur Technik und Wirtschaft, SOUTH WESTPHALIA UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCE, Soest, Germany INFORMAL EDUCATION (CERTIFIED) 2008 Young Managers Program, at PPM of the Institute Management Development, Jakarta 2007 Deutsch als Fremdspache : Spachlevel A1, of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEF), from Cox and Co Language Management Gbr, Wuppertal at the MAN Ferrostaal Aktiengesekkschaft, Essen, Germany 2000 Universal English College, majoring in English as the second language proficiency, Sydney Australia. Professional Training: Curriculum Vitae/14092008
  2. 2. Page 2 of 5 In Human Resources Management  HR National Conference 2013: Strategi Organisasi Dalam Menghadapai Turbulensi Pengelolaan SDM di Indonesia, at JW MARRIOT, by PQM & HR Club Indonesia (2013) In Marketing and Public Relations  Marketing Strategy : Product Management, IPPM of the Institute Management Development, (2006) : Jakarta  Media Relations and Effective Public Relations, President Business Institute in Cooperation with the London Chamber of Commerce & Industry (2006) : Jakarta In Accounting  Accounting Management, IPPM of the Institute Management Development, (2004) : Jakarta In Foreign Language  Deutsch I (Elementary), II (Basic), III (Intermediate), IV (Advance) German Course, at the German Language Corner, (2005-2006) : Jakarta  Deutsch Course, “ Hat die Prufung zum Zertifikat Deutsch; Themen Neu 2, Lektion 1 bis 3, (2006) : Jakarta In Self Development  Basic Self Development, ASIA Works, (2003) : Jakarta  Alpha Power, Mind Technology: The spirit of light empowerment center, (2004) : Jakarta In Programming  ICT-Robotic Programming, President University and Microsoft International (2007): Jakarta Seminar and Convention: 1. Trade and Investment Opportunity in China, Jababeka Industrial Estate, (2003) : Jakarta 2. Perkembangan Teknologi Disain Grafis, Universitas Bina Nusantara, (2003) : Jakarta 3. Small Medium Enterprises (SME) investment, Bank of Indonesia, (2004) : Jakarta 4. Cost Reduction Through Production Efficiency and Process Improvement, School of Continuing Education, University of Indonesia, (2005) : Jakarta 5. Danareksa Business System Investment, Swiss German University (2005) : Jakarta 6. A professional Workshop: Media Relations and Effective Public Relation, President University (2006) : Jakarta Curriculum Vitae/23092013
  3. 3. Page 3 of 5 7. The Essentials of Strategic Management: How Corporations should respond to Global Changes, University of St. Gallen Switzerland. Swiss German Universiy (2006) 8. Introduction to Capital Market at The Jakarta Stock Exchange (2006) : Jakarta 9. Pentingya Mahkamah Konstitusi di Negara Republik Indonesia, Mahkamah Konstitusi RI (2008) 10. Singapore Cityscape International Exhibition, Suntex City (2008) : Singapore 11. Pentingnya Pembentukan Kedaulatan Rakyat Indonesia dan Mempersatukan semangat juang dan sikap Nasionalisme pemuda pemuda bangsa Indonesia, at Swiss Germany University, (2008) 12. HR National Conference 2013: Strategi Organisasi Dalam Menghadapai Turbulensi Pengelolaan SDM di Indonesia, at JW MARRIOT, by PQM & HR Club Indonesia (2013) Experiences 2012-Present As a HR Training & Development, at PT Kajima Indonesia, Jakarta. Key responsibility: Development: to review and improve job description, to review and improve the existing systems and procedure, review and improvement existing systems and procedure, to review and keep update an existing Competency Dictionary and competency profiling. Training: Develop manual book for E-Appraisal Users and for E- Appraisal Administrator, Create Syllabus, Create Training Program and Training Records in period, Giving internal training to other projects, develop media sharing for safety department (Safety Bulletin), develop repository books and CD of employee training, and Implementing Sharing Knowledge to each employee. 2011 As a Talent Management Assistant, at PT. MedcoDownstream Indonesia, Jakarta Key responsibility: Focus in analyzing the training program for business unit of MedcoDownstream Indonesia is Medco Sarana Kalibaru. Updated competencies for whole of department, review a competencies, jobdesk, and focus to created a new training plan. 2008 As a Media Planner, at Matari Advertising, Jakarta Key responsibility: Focus in analyzing the brief from clients, media recommendations to clients, meetings with clients and media recommendations from media representatives. Supported my manager to get some datas from Nielsen. PrintAd or TVAd campaign. Curriculum Vitae/23092013
  4. 4. Page 4 of 5 2007 As a Transportation and Controlling Development Area, at MAN Ferrostaal Aktiengesekkschaft, Essen, Germany Key responsibility: Focus in analyzing the rail transportation in Germany, product information, product offering, visit the fire safety system for train supports, offering the new rail to the customer representatives in Indonesia, support assist the transportation system with a young people. 2005 As a Sales and Marketing Executive, at Johnson & Johnson Medical Indonesia, Jakarta Key responsibility: Focus in the day-to-day sales organization and administration of the sales. Must ensure the smooth running of the mechanic of the sales, must be in possession of the fact, brand share data, product information, timetable and competitive market analysis 2004 As Information Center Executive, at IPPM of the Institute Management Development, Jakarta Key responsibility: Focus in managing incoming-outgoing books, periodicals and reference publications effectively, support assist the Information Center team in monitoring database management regularly 2003 As a Group leader, group discussion at Prambors radio station, Jakarta, the leading youth and most favorable rating radio station Indonesia Personal I was born in Jakarta, September 14, 1985. Single, Moslem, my hobby: play guitar and singing, like to read popular magazine and to play soccer/futsal for sport. My motto: “I will do the best from the best”. I have been active as part-time professional choir singer at Bina Vokalia, Bina Vokalia in order to broaden and extent my friendly network. I speak and write English and German basic and have master to the most of Microsoft computer business software, i.e. Microsoft office, SPSS, and Adobe Photoshop. 2009-now As a Owner of SmartNet, Jakarta 2011 As a Coordinator Leader Community Awareness, at PPM School of Management, Jakarta Curriculum Vitae/23092013
  5. 5. Page 5 of 5 Key responsibility: Focus in analyzing the programs for Community Awareness. Scheduling the programs, and preparing the material program. Make a discussion, meetings, and sharing ideas to our group members. Why the company should choose me:  I am young, a Fast Learner, a good and excellent communication skills with the people, and I am good listener.  Self-confidence, motivated, challenger, like to learn something new.  I have a abroad work experience in Germany at MAN Ferrostaal in heavy industry and transportation, and also local company in Indonesia such as Medco Downstream Indonesia (Oil and Gas),  I was graduated at the best international university in Indonesia is Swiss Germany University and I take my master degree of management at PPM School of Management, which is the best management school in Indonesia.  I am able and like to know and hearing how to understand the needs of employee, and to get satisfaction them by giving the best solutions.  I am able to tackle all the dealings, problems and challenges of a life as well as company  I'm the type of person that has an attention to detail, respect confidentiality, organized, creative minded, and honest. Curriculum Vitae/23092013