New Trends in on Page SEO Techniques(2014)


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This sharing is about the new trends of on-Page SEO.i hope it will help you to improve your On-page.

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New Trends in on Page SEO Techniques(2014)

  1. 1. Systronic IT Group Business Development Company in Sydney New Trends in On-Page SEO Techniques(2014)
  2. 2. The SEO has always been the best telemarketing tool for many years. It includes two types, i.e. On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. In this article, you will be finding some of the quickest and easiest techniques for the on-page SEO which is required for the beginners to learn and implement. Executive Summary
  3. 3. The title tag should not be exceeded more than 70 characters, by doing this the title tag will be more effective and better for the optimization. The title must be on the relevance according to your page and the long phrased keywords should be used within the title tag. Title Tags
  4. 4. The tag has to be used smartly which can describe your page content more effectively. The usage of the most competitive keyword into your description tag has to be mandatory. Description of the website indicate that your website is about what for. The description tag should not be exceeded more than 160 characters. Description Tag
  5. 5. Keyword Tag As we know, the Google does not affect the rankings, but there are many SEO’s experts which use this technique which still use this tag for the Search Engine Optimization techniques. It would be better if your target around 5 most competitive keywords within your tag.
  6. 6. Use the HX tags for your main section heading individually. Use h1 for the main heading and for the rest of the headings, use h2, h3, h4 and so on. Its important to use the keywords in the headings as well and try to make it highlighted in the eye of the search engine with the help of these HX tags. Heading Tag
  7. 7. The each image with the title tags and ALT tags has to be optimized as well. The image name should also be optimized as well and try to use the keywords smartly within the tags. Image Alt Tags
  8. 8. Try to avoid the usage of signs like?, spaces, & etc. within your URLs. The URLs having these kind of signs often considered to be as spammy. The URLs have to be easy to read and remember. They must be clean and short as well. Search Engine Friendly URL’s
  9. 9. The content has been considered to the king, even before the telemarketing was not that operational, so we cannot ignore this one. The website should contain a maximum of 500 words of the great quality content on the each page. Content Is King
  10. 10. No matter if the navigation is text or the image based, it has to be crawled easily. Navigation
  11. 11. to make your website pages load faster, you need to make the JS and CSS codes externalize. Try to take this like the grain of the salt as its not the best choice in any case. Sometimes it's better to use the JS and CSS progressively in line in order to get the faster rendering and perceived time as well. Internal Linking – the best choice to engage your customer within your website is internal linking. It also helps you to control the bounce rate as well. Css External / JavaScript
  12. 12. By building the resources while adding the links to the external high quality website make a good relation in the eye of the search engine. By doing this you will be having a trust within your website to get a higher position on the search engine. External Pages
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