Sharpen your social media skills: Fuel a successful job search online


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If you think that social media is just for keeping in touch with friends and family, you need to think again. Today, 92 percent of employers and hiring managers use social media to recruit and screen candidates. So, if you are searching for a job, you need to sharpen your social skills.

Our upcoming webinar can help. We’ll give you an inside look at how recruiters use social media and give you the advice you need to position yourself as the perfect candidate.

Sharpen your social skills: Fuel a successful job search online

During this webinar, we will cover the following:

Striking a balance between your personal and professional presence
Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter - Networking tips and apps
Recent changes in social media that will affect your job search
How employers are using social media to find and evaluate you

Thursday, May 30, 2:00pm EDT
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Presented by:
Jen Brabson, Digital Marketing Manager at Adecco Staffing
Jen has more than eight years of experience in social media and digital and traditional marketing. Her expertise includes business-to-business, business-to-customer and personal brand development. She is a nationally recognized social branding and career coach. You can find Jen on Twitter @jenniferbrabson

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Sharpen your social media skills: Fuel a successful job search online

  1. 1. •Sharpen your social skills:Fuel a successful job search onlinePresented by Jennifer Brabson, Digital Marketing Manager at Adecco Staffingand Dorine Sinigaglia, Account Executive at Adecco StaffingThursday, May 30, 2:00pm EDT
  2. 2. •About usAdecco provides free temporary, contract and direct-hire staffing servicesto job seekers. To help you realize your goals, we offer career counseling,resume enhancement, interview preparation, skills training and advice aboutlocal job markets and workplace trends, as well as one of the mostcomprehensive benefits programs in the industry.Please visit us at to learn more.Have a question?Ask us on Twitter using hashtag #AskAdecco2
  3. 3. •About our presenter3Jennifer BrabsonDigital Marketing Manager at Adecco• More than 8 years experience in social media,digital and traditional marketing• B.S. International Relations fromAgnes Scott College• Find Jennifer on Twitter at @jenniferbrabson
  4. 4. •About our presenter4Dorine SinigagliaAccount Executive at Adecco• 7 years experience in business development,client relations, account management & sales• 3 years experience in and full-cycle recruitment,consumer product marketing, social media,PR & brand management• B.A. Psychology & Social Behavior fromUniversity of California, Irvine
  5. 5. •5The potentialemployer’s perspective
  6. 6. •The social resume6• A social resume is your cumulative online presence• A paper resume = what you’ve accomplished; a social resume = who you are (make sure you shine!)• Did you know?
  7. 7. •Speak out and stand out7• High level of engagement with companies relevant to your industry• Network & connect with hiring managers and decision makers on Twitter-
  8. 8. •Maintaining your online presence8• Social media can boost or hurt your chances for a new job-
  9. 9. •Creating a social presence that recruiters want to see9A 2012 Jobvite survey reveals what recruiters want (and don’t want)to see in your social resume:• 80% report they DO want to see memberships in professional organizations• 66% DO want to see mentions of volunteerism• 61% say profanity is a major DON’T in social presence• 54% say poor grammar and spelling mistakes are a major DON’T• 47% say that mentions of alcohol consumption are not appropriate
  10. 10. •Are they really looking?10Consider these numbers from• 92% of hiring agents use social networks to screen prospective employees• 76% of these agents (69% overall) check Facebook as part of their search• 42.8% of employees will check your Facebook after reviewing an application• 69% of HR officers have rejected job applications based on social media reviews• 68% have hired a candidate based on their social media presence
  11. 11. •11Striking a balancebetween your personaland professionalpresence
  12. 12. •If it’s on the web, it’s public!of hiring managers and recruiters reported reviewingsocial media information about job seekers beforemaking a decision to interview them.1292%of those hiring managers rejected candidates basedon information they discovered during that search.70%Who you hang out with, the associations you keep,and the companies you’ve worked for may affect whetheror not you get the job.
  13. 13. •In social media you can’t be heard with only one voice, but you also can’tdominate every platform. Pick a few outlets and be successful at those.Depending on your field and the industry you are in the most successful peopletend to stick with :13Play in more than one sandbox
  14. 14. •Building credibilityThrough [social media] you can learn from your peersin whatever discipline you’re in, or use it as a platformto share content so you can build awareness of youas a professional, and ultimately position yourself asa thought leader in a particular expertise.– Lars Schmidt, NPR’s Senior Director of Talent Acquisition and Innovation14
  15. 15. •Engaging with an influencer is important,BEING an influencer is even more important.• Be unique• Be a great blogger• Converse with the influencers• Share relevant information from other influencers• Share your own content15You’re awesome and can add value
  16. 16. •16Twitter, LinkedIn,Facebook networkingtips and apps
  17. 17. •Using Twitter for your job searchI don’t care what you had for lunch!• Throw the misconceptions of Twitter out the window• Twitter is an open network, making it easy to connect with hiring managersand showcase your skills, talent, personality and style• Developing a professional rapport with a recruiter is easier on Twitter thanin real-life• It’s easier and more convenient for a recruiter to reply to your tweet rather thanpick up a phone• Twitter facilitates conversations and responses quicker and easier17
  18. 18. •First impression is everything18Think of Twitter as a jumping off point to your more detailed online profiles• Make sure you have a great online description and photo• Make sure you are professional but also interesting, its ok to showyour personality• Use keywords in your description• Link back to your LinkedIn profile, your personal/professional blog, or your personalwebsite.• Build lists – People that inspire you, for your industry, things that interest you
  19. 19. •Build a solid network19Think of top 10 influencers in your industry.Search for them on Twitter and follow their profiles.
  20. 20. •You’ve built it, but will they come?Nurturing relationships and finding out where your networkshang out is just as important on Twitter as in real life.Yes, actually network:Easy method – Join twitter chats like #u30Pro, #hrChat, #tchat, #askAdeccoHard method – You’ll have to step outside of your comfort zoneStart a conversation with someone, a company or an organization you wouldn’tnormally have the chance to talk to.20
  21. 21. •LinkedIn• LinkedIn is the worlds largest professional network, with 200 millionmembers in 200 countries and territories around the globe• Top site that employers use for initially finding candidates, followedby Facebook and Twitter• 48% of employers have used LinkedIn to screen candidates duringthe hiring process21Sources: LinkedIn, Reppler, Bullhorn
  22. 22. •Consider it your online resumeBe sure that your LinkedIn profile is complete and detailed• Dont forget to make your profile public – customizing your URL willgive you a link thats easy to share. If your name is available use it.• Create a killer summary – the more robust your profile the more you’llget noticed. Keywords are key here!• Remember to write for the web when updating your status, sharingcontent and updating your summary – use short blocks of copy, not long,lengthy paragraphs.• Add skills you know you excel at, even if it’s not in your current job description22
  23. 23. •Networking the social media way23Secret tip: When job searching turn off activity broadcasts• Request recommendations and endorsements and be sure to return the favor• Follow companies that you are interested in and participate in posteddiscussions• Join groups related to your job or your goals• Keep track of who views your profile and connect with them
  24. 24. •Companies are looking for you• 80 percent of employers use social media to find candidates, which meansthey’re looking for you• Search for companies you want to work at and like their Facebook Fan pages• Once your “Like” is registered, you receive news about the company directlyin your news stream – this makes engagement really easy• Many companies now have “Work for Us” tabs and applications you can likewhere you can search for jobs• Targeted ads for jobs will reach you easier if you like more pages and interests24
  25. 25. •Grow your networkIf you’ve decided to set up your profile to grow your network outside of yourpersonal circles:• Become involved in Interest Groups• “Like” specialty conference and event pages• Subscribe and talk to people with similar professional interests or thosethat can help you in your search like a career coach or a recruiter25
  26. 26. •Open Graph – A game changer26Facebook describes Open Graph like this:• The Open Graph lets apps tell stories on Facebook.• People use stories to share the things theyre doing, the people theyre doingthem with and the places where they happen. Open Graph lets you integrateapps deeply into the Facebook experience, which increases engagement,distribution and growth.What does it actually mean?• It means that your profile, what you like, what you listen to, who your friendsare, who games you play are all now easily accessible through any search,if you’ve allowed an app access to your profile.• It also means that your job search on Facebook has gottena whole lot easier!
  27. 27. •Facebook & Twitter apps that get the job done27HighlightSocial Jobs appIn The
  28. 28. •Stay connected with LinkedIn Aapps28Cardmunch (iPhone; free)LinkedIn Mobile ( toolLinkedIn TodayApps to get a leg up in the never-ending race.
  29. 29. •29Question + Answer
  30. 30. •30Thank you.Visit us on