Analisa performance voip sip trunking pada vpn vtun
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Analisa performance voip sip trunking pada vpn vtun






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Analisa performance voip sip trunking pada vpn vtun Analisa performance voip sip trunking pada vpn vtun Presentation Transcript

  • Tugas Kelompok 5 :-Ade Frihadi , NIM 55412120006-Muhammad Ikhasan , NIM 55412120004-Bambang Adi M , NIM 55412120023
  •  Pada saat ini kebutuhan akan interkoneksi voipserver satu dengan voip server lainnya untukdapat saling berkomunikasi sangat diperlukan Media interkoneksi yang paling mudah digunakanadalah media internet
  •  Bagaimana melakukan pengamanan voip siptrunking pada jaringan publik atau internet? Bagaimana performance dari voip sip trunkingmenggunakan vpn over internet dengan softwarevtun?
  • COMPREHENSIVECOMPARISON OF VOIP SIPPROTOCOL PROBLEMS ANDCISCO VOIP SYSTEMDr TALAL AL-KHAROBI1 andMohmmed Abduallah Al-Mehdhar, arab saudi (2012)Threats In SIP Based VoIPSystemsDarshak Dobariya,Professor Jagdish Gajjar.India (2012)Perf orm ance Ana lysis ofVoIP Client with IntegratedEncryption Module.Rizal Broer, Abdi Wahab, MudrikAlaydrus. Indonesia 2013ANALISA PERFORMANCEVOIP SIP TRUNKING PADAJARINGAN VIRTUAL PRIVATENETWORK VTUN.Penulis, 2013
  • No Methods/Techniques Devices Parameter Result1 making vpn with encryptionscheme Blowfish, MD5 andCompression LZORouter Freebsd with vtun Lock, dataVPN Tunneling withencryption blowfish, MD5and Comppresion LZO2Making SIP Trunking withcode dial trunkTwo Asterisk ServerSIP trunking Integrationover VPN tunneling3 Making Network Test Bed IP Phone/Softphone, IPPerf, Wireshark Test bed Voip Network4 Testing call with code dialtrunk over VPN NetworkTest Bed Voip network,ipphone/softphone,wiresharkDataConfidentiality,integrity,availabilityTesting data, Securityservice5Performance Measurementvoip sip trunking over vpnIPPerf, Wireshark, testbedvoip network,ipphone/softphoneDelay, Packetloss,throughput,MOSPerformancemeasurement data VOIPSIP Trunking over vpn
  •  Security services◦ Data Encryption◦ Data compression Quality of Services (QOS)◦ Packet Loss◦ Delay◦ Throughput
  •  [1] D. Dobariya and J. Gajjar, “Threats In SIP Based VoIP Systems,” vol. 2, no. 3,pp. 2666–2675, 2013. [2] M. A. Al-mehdhar, “C OMPREHENSIVE C OMPARISON OF V O IP SIP,” vol. 4,no. 4, pp. 137–153, 2012. [3] R. B. Bahaweres, M. Alaydrus, and A. Wahab, “ANALISIS KINERJA VOIP CLIENTSIPDROID DENGAN MODUL ENKRIPSI,” vol. 2012, no. Snati, pp. 15–16, 2012. [4] T. Wang and A. Chen, “Two-Stage Forking for SIP-based VoIP ServicesNational University of Kaohsiung,” vol. 6, no. 2, pp. 85–91, 2012. [5] T. Edition, SIP : Understanding the. . [6] A. Ali, N. Ahmad, M. S. Akhtar, and A. Srivastava, “Session InitiationProtocol,” vol. 4, no. 1, pp. 1–6, 2013. [7] H. G. Schulzrinne and J. D. Rosenberg, “ The Session Initiation Protocol :Providing Advanced Telephony Services Across the Internet,” no. December,pp. 144–160, 1998. [8] Y. Rebahi, N. T. Minh, and G. Zhang, “Performance Analysis of IdentityManagement in the Session Initiation protocol ( SIP ),” pp. 1–17. [9] T. Y. Dn, T. Yyepg, T. Yyepg, and T. Yyepg, TeAm YYePG Wireless Internet.2005. [10] P. Holland, “VUW.” [11] H. Olaf and R. Thomschutz, “Security in Packet-Switched Land Mobile Radio Backbone Networks Security inPacket-Switched Land Mobile Radio Backbone Networks,” 2005. [12] P. Pandya and R. Frazin, “Information Security Management : A Research Project Project Definition – LearningObjectives An Overview of Tunneling Software.”