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About and our vision on creative industries and innovation.
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About and our vision on creative industries and innovation.


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Addictlab's mission is to discover, accelerate & marshal creative talent to generate innovation and create sustainable changes for 3th parties & society. This presentation should help you to …

Addictlab's mission is to discover, accelerate & marshal creative talent to generate innovation and create sustainable changes for 3th parties & society. This presentation should help you to understand the organisations full scope.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • Transcript

    • 1.  
    • 2. To innovate is to free your mind. Jan Van Mol, founder
    • 3. About Creativity
      • • Creativity is organic, energetic, multilayered and complex, but it’s what makes us human beings.
      • • Mission: can you look at all possible creative concepts in all possible disciplines, throughout all different cultures, and learn from it?
    • 4. How can you structure creativity?
      • • The system is a proactive way to attract ideas & creative resources
      • • Addictlab is a ‘managed’ open source system
      • • Unbiased - Low threshold - Out of the box - Multi-cultural - Global
    • 5. > Tree hugger > Atmosphere Amplifier > Women connector > Earth connector
    • 6. >>> Mobile Dwelling Units
    • 7.  
    • 8. Mission statement.
      • To discover and accelerate creative talent from any discipline, any culture. To marshal those creative thinkers to generate innovation and create sustainable changes for third parties and society.
    • 9. Creativity = Chemistry ©
    • 10. Lab/members Lab/ambassadors Lab/researchers Platforms to accelerate talent
    • 11. online
      • One of the tools and the motor behind the whole system is the website. Labmembers register online and click the creative fields they are active in.
      • They upload work and concepts. Labresearchers select, get into contact and decide on publication or confidentiality.
      • Work online is linked to dedicated lab research projects.
      • Project managers discuss on possible next steps for the concept at hand.
    • 12. Labmembers
      • Active, international, multi-disciplinary
    • 13. Lab Ambassadors
      • Local addictlab representatives discover local talent.
      • Interested in helping out?
    • 14. Project database
      • The website is a
      • growing database
      • of people
      • and of projects.
    • 15. Ad!dict magazine or book
      • Serves as inspiration on a certain topic
      • Puts a topic on the agenda
      • Generates knowledge about a topic
      • Is proof of a dedicated lab & community
      • > ideally: shows ideas on the beginning of the creative process (as opposed to ‘normal’ magazines showing end products)
    • 16. Platforms for labmembers
      • Ad!dict inspiration books
    • 17.  
    • 18.  
    • 19. Research theme #29
      • Research on emerging technologies
      • In collab. with IMEC, MOMA (NY), Design Incubator centre (Singapore), Domus Academy Italy), V2 (Netherlands), Science Gallery (Ireland), etc, etc.
      • Interested in collaborating on the next publications?
    • 20.
      • Mini-addicts
    • 21. 3D & real life experiences
      • Addictlab is not just printed matter or an online community. A lot of effort goes into making the labs’ research and methodology tangible.
      • Exhibitions, booths, inspiration labs, events, innovation desks, test shops and Open Labs © have been set up the last 12 years.
    • 22.  
    • 23. Open Lab 1.0
    • 24. Open Lab 2.0
    • 25. Temporary space Discovering new talent Inspiring a large audience Allowing the industry to tap into creative resources and set up brainstorming sessions & workshops.
    • 26. Benefits for the industry
      • How can brands tap into this laboratory? To get in contact with creative minds, find existing solutions, or generated new ideas?
    • 27.  
    • 28. What is innovation?
      • Quantum Leap Innovation theory
      • (© Jan Van Mol, Ad!dict #24: The Brand issue)
      • • Define the brand’s molecular structure
      • • Detect a brand molecule that is too far away from the brand’s point of gravity or turning around it too slow.
      • • Apply a controlled and targeted energy boost
      • • reassess the element and it’s influence to the brand’s point of gravity.
    • 29. Quantum leap theory for brands
      • About brand energy. (Jan Van Mol, Ad!dict #24, The Brand Issue)
      Your brand is created by Brand-molecules: Sales Management Products Services Environment Share holders People Brick & mortar Human resources Assets History Competitors Social Tissue … Br HR PR SA SH EVR SER MA PE AS His CO ST BrMo
    • 30. Quantum leap theory for brands
      • Innovation = controlled power boosts so that your brand gets to another energy level.
      Br HR PR SA SH EVR SER MA PE AS His CO ST Innovation BrMo
    • 31. Companies, cities, Organisations Tapping into our lab Sponsors Support our dedicated labs Where does the money come from? > Who benefits from innovation?
    • 32. The need for an objective lab
      • We’re not a consultancy agency that is reactive. That starts to think when a briefing comes in.
      • Addictlab is a proactive think tank. So when you ask people to reflect on ‘Contemporary Women and Mothers’ you get genuine thoughts.
      • The following image would never be approved by Lanc ôme if it was not selected by Addictlab’s labresearchers .
    • 33.  
    • 34. Collaborative processes:
      • Ideas can already be present amongst the 8800 concepts in the Addictlab database.
      • Or ideas are generated by using the Creative X-Ray© tool.
      • A number of labmembers are selected based on their creative thinking, coming from different cultures and disciplines. This generates out of the box thinking.
      • > example: For Thalys we generated a database of ideas for the new train, on communication, design, restructuring of the company and more.
    • 35. A trip on the Thalys does not take that long. Eating and drinking is more like an interesting way to pass the time than a biological need. Eating and drinking on the European Thalys should therefore be pleasantly surprising. The surroundings sparkle, the atmosphere is relaxing and calming. I can choose between different places and locations to position myself, depending on the mood I’m in, and who I’m there with. The food I’m eating is surprising as well, and adds a touch of the extraordinary. It’s a memorable experience... Thalys as a new and tantalising experience. Thalys Brand Strategy Travel Concept 2006 Travel Experience Moodboards// Food / Communication / Relaxation / Work / Entertainment / Materials / Colours Idea Database On Board/ Food and Drink THALYS 2006 Design Brief
    • 36. The materials I touch inside the train are unusual to me. They seem to be from another world - things like cushioning gel, smart textiles, luminescent polymers, soft-touch fabrics and thermo-chromatic inks. All is well-considered and fully functional. Thalys uses materials that are multipurpose and multi-layered. This clearly indicates sound company ethics... Thalys as eco-conscious and aesthetically advanced. Thalys Brand Strategy Travel Concept 2006 Travel Experience Moodboards// Food / Communication / Relaxation / Work / Entertainment / Materials / Colours Idea Database On Board/ Materials THALYS 2006 Design Brief
    • 37. Thalys Brand Strategy Travel Concept 2006 Travel Experience Moodboards Idea Database THALYS 2006 Design Brief
    • 38. Brussels
      • The Brussels region commissioned a project to promote fashion talent internationally.
      • In Addictlab’s database and previously exhibited we have found a cardboard furniture concept.
      • The concept was adapted and turned into a cardboard boutiqk of 80m2.
      • The labmember was involved and earned income.
      • > When a client with budget comes in, the selected labmembers are remunerated.
    • 39. ©2005 Garth Roberts for Ad!dict Creative Lab
    • 40.
      • Boutiqk: 80m2. In the final execution the boxes had Horta drawings to link with the Brussels brand.
      ©2005, Lab001, all rights reserved
    • 41. TAO
      • ‘ Green tea’ Tao sells ‘balance between mind and body’. Yet the packaging is the same as RedBull or CocaCola.
      • Labmember Rumi Kobayashi produces fashion in ceramics.
      • Addictlab ended up in producing ceramic drink objects, with the colour reflecting the different TAO tastes.
    • 42.  
    • 43.  
    • 44.  
    • 45.  
    • 46. Looking for authenticity
      • Questioning the authenticity of a Diesel collection based on ‘India’, Jan Van Mol took the clothes and went to India to work with local labmembers to change the collection.
      • Miss Netherlands, with Indian roots, flew over for the photoshoot.
      • One of the labmembers worked for Diesel afterwards.
    • 47. Diesel : olyndian project. Selecting local labmembers to ‘change’ the Indian inspired collection. Production & shooting in India.
    • 48. More win-win:
      • Labmember Malin Lundmark (Finland) sends her concept and prototype of a light concept shaped as a paper plane.
      • She is selected for publication and exhibition.
      • Later, jeans brand Diesel was looking for concepts that would create a brand experience linked to their collection inspired on... airplanes and neon light.
      • The lights were produced for concept stores in Europe.
    • 49.  
    • 50. How it works : setting up each lab Addictlab research on Food Addictlab Book with concepts on food Addictlab Research on Chocolate Knowledge center on chocolate Labmember concepten Brand: briefing Tap into ideas, resources + generation of new concepts
    • 51. Dedicated presentations
      • Ask for an ‘inspiration shower’ on Addictlab’s innovation work and dedicated lab research.
      • Chocolate lab
      • Womenslab
      • Broomlab
      • Brandlab
      • Kidslab
      • Eco-lab
      • ...
      • Or you can commission your own lab.
    • 52. 1. Inspiration Shower© & trend filtering 2. Creative Sparring partner 3. Creative X-Ray© CLIENT CLIENT LAB RESEARCHER 0% briefing ONGOING COLLAB DEDICATED BRIEFING ADDICTLAB FILES ADDICTLAB FILES Addictlab researchers CLIENT ADDICTLAB FILES LAB RESEARCHER Visualiser LABMEMBER 1 LABMEMBER 2 LABMEMBER … Visualiser LABMEMBER (spec)
    • 53. Install Live Lab Sessions
      • Addictlab has been active in installing live sessions, bringing a selection of talented labmembers , but also inviting the public to take part in its brainstorming sessions.
      • It guarantees out of the box thinking as well as an ambassador-approach for the issues to be solved.
      • The brand department takes care of the filtering and final delivery.
      • Concepts will all fit the brand and should be implementable. Some today, some in the future.
    • 54. Live Addictlab sessions
    • 55. Benefits for society
      • The Addictlab system puts clients and suppliers on the same level of respect for each other and the surrounding they both live in
      • .
      • Addictlab’s mission is to discover and accelerate genuine creative talent, and create solutions for sustainable change.
      • The new Addictlab label on products and concepts focuses on the level of crossfertilisation, and the ethic/social value of an idea.
    • 56. Car designers talent from a South African township discovered in the OpenLab3.0: Addictlab will publish, promote their talent, but is also looking for partnerships with car manufacturers.
    • 57. geobranding
      • Addictlab’s bottom up mentality to generate innovation, when applied to research on a city, country or region, results in social dynamics, innovation awareness and inhabitants becoming ambassadors.
      • The result is a brand building process.
      • (Addictlab has been doing city branding projects and talks in Kortrijk, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Berlin, Melbourne)
    • 58. (lab office in city hall and brainstorming sessions ending up in a book and exhibition, showing ideas on the city)
    • 59. Innovation bottom up system
      • Addictlab sets up workshops with students and larger crowds, resulting in concepts that create genuine stories.
      • The following bathtub (by Labmember Flore De Crombrugghe) - showing how much bottles of drinkable water you waste when taking a bath - is a result of this process in the eco-lab research.
    • 60.  
    • 61. Eco- lab This pine cone light will make it to the shops, end of 2009
    • 62. Addictlab in the press. ( selection of articles)
    • 63.  
    • 64.  
    • 65.  
    • 66.  
    • 67.  
    • 68. So where are you?
    • 69. Become a labmember register / upload ideas / get published Become a labclient read 10 steps / go to innovation desk & brief
    • 70. We need you. But you need us too.
    • 71. Contact: Jan Van Mol [email_address]