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  1. 1. PUBLIC DIPLOMACY OF KOSOVOSTATUS QUO, CHALLENGES AND OPTIONSMartin Wählisch, Behar XharraSeptember 2010Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation Prishtina Office, KosovoRr. Mujo Ulqinaku, 4/10Prishtina, 10000 KosovoTel.: +381-38- 609-900, +381-38-609-901Fax: +381-38-609-902E-mail: contact@fes-prishtina.orgInternet: http://www.fes-prishtina.orgCITATION:Wählisch, Martin and Xharra, Behar (2010): Public Diplomacy of Kosovo. Status Quo, Challenges andOptions. Prishtina: Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation.EDITORIAL CONSULTANT:Suzanne Eade RobertsLAYOUT:Martin Wählisch, Behar XharraTHANK YOU NOTE:The authors would like to thank all interviewees and partners for their kind support of this study.DISCLAIMER:THE VIEWS EXPRESSED IN THIS STUDY ARE NOT NECESSARILY THOSE OF THE FRIEDRICH-EBERT-FOUNDATION.
  2. 2. CONTENTSINTRODUCTION 7 I. Reasons for Public Diplomacy 7 II. Public Diplomacy in post-conflict countries and challenges for Kosovo 8 III. Outline of the study 9A. PUBLIC DIPLOMACY APPROACHES IN KOSOVO 10 I. The official nation branding campaign 10 1. Internal governmental process 10 2. Goal of the campaign 12 3. Description of the campaign 13 a) The ‚Young Europeans‛ Slogan and Logo 13 b) The ‚Young Europeans‛ TV ad 14 c) The ‚Young Europeans‛ photo series 15 d) Other campaign activities 18 4. Saatchi & Saatchi’s ‚Lovemark‛ concept 19 5. The concept of nation branding 20 6. Effect and outlook 22 a) Immediate effect 22 b) Recent developments on Public Diplomacy of Kosovo – ICJ advisory opinion on Kosovo 23 c) First prize for Kosovo ‚Young Europeans‛ campaign 23 d) Outlook and new governmental approach 23 II. Counter-campaigns 25 1. The ‚Vetëvendosje!‛ counter-campaign 25 2. Serbian counter-campaigns 26 3. The ‚Gazeta Express‛ counter-campaign 27 4. The ‚Oldies of Kosovo‛ montage 28 III. Public opinion of the official campaign 29 1. Mainstream criticism of the campaign 29 2. Procurement process of the campaign 30 3. Lack of public engagement in the development process of the campaign 30 4. Communication with the public 30
  3. 3. 5. Relationship between public funding and the added value of the campaign 30 6. Does the Kosovo ‚Young European‛ campaign have the wrong target? 31 7. Comments on the goals of the campaign 31 8. The communicated image of the campaign 31 9. Reaction to the ‚Lovemark‛ concept 32 10. Critique of the originality of the campaign 32 11. Reaction to the ‚Young European‛ slogan 33 12. Reaction to the TV ad 33 13. Reactions to the billboards 34 14. The Kosovo ‚Young Europeans‛ campaign in the internet 34 15. Performance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Public Diplomacy and lobbying 34 16. Strategic regional Public Diplomacy and lobbying focus 35 17. Practical aspects of diplomacy 36 IV. Other existing Public Diplomacy approaches in Kosovo 37 1. Further governmental efforts 37 a) The ‚Visit Kosova‛ web portal 37 b) Investment Promotion Agency of Kosova (IPAK) 37 2. Non-governmental efforts 38 a) Foreign Policy Club 38 b) Forum 2015 39 c) Hotel Prishtina – Art and Culture from Kosovo 39 d) Think Young Kosovo 39 e) Private initiative: Lobbying for recognition of Kosovo 40 f) The ‚Flying for Kosovo‛ campaign 40 g) Kosovothanksyou.com 41 h) ‚Kosova, the Country of Sport‛ initiative 41 i) The Chicago-based musical ‚You Took Away My Flag‛ 42 i) Kosovo 2.0 43 j) Kosovo Guide 43B. COMPARING PUBLIC DIPLOMACY APPROACHES WORLDWIDE 45 I. Macedonia 45 1. Reform of Macedonia’s Public Diplomacy 45 2. Branding Macedonia 46 II. Rwanda 47
  4. 4. 1. Public Diplomacy approach and its main targets: Becoming the African Gorilla of the 21st century 47 2. Branding Rwanda: Tools for Public and Economic Diplomacy 49 3. Institutional efforts for Public and Economic Diplomacy 51 III. Serbia 53 1. Reform of Serbia’s Public Diplomacy 53 2. Branding Serbia 54 IV. Germany 55 1. German Public Diplomacy institutions 55 2. German Public Diplomacy campaigns and tools 57C. PROCESS QUESTIONS TO GUIDE PUBLIC DIPLOMACY POLICY IN KOSOVO 59 I. Targeting 60 II. Coordination among governmental bodies 61 III. Potential Institutions 61 IV. Communication 62 V. Collaboration 63CONCLUSION 65 I. Kosovo’s ‚Young Europeans‛ campaign 65 II. The development of Public Diplomacy in Kosovo 65 III. Choosing suitable methods for Public Diplomacy for Kosovo 66 IV. The time is now 66APPENDIX 67 I. APPENDIX A: OPEN QUESTIONS FOR KOSOVO’S PUBLIC DIPLOMACY 69 II. APPENDIX B: ‚OUTSIDE THE BOX‛ IDEAS FOR KOSOVO’S PUBLIC DIPLOMACY 70ENDNOTES 71
  5. 5. 6
  6. 6. 7INTRODUCTION Kosovo’s primary foreign policy aim is Diplomacy relates to a state’s contact straight-forward, but not an easy one: and dialogue with the general public or to become known and accepted non-official target groups in other worldwide. Kosovo’s international countries. Equally, PD differs from public standing depends on ending its limbo affairs, which refers to a government’s status. But why should a country in activities and programs designed to Africa or South America be concerned communicate policy messages to its about Europe’s youngest country? The own domestic audiences. truth is, many other countries simply do not have Kosovo on their radar.  Coined as a term in international relations in the mid 1960s by former Some attempts have already been made U.S. diplomat Edmund Gullion in to bring Kosovo onto policy agendas: contrast to the negative connotations of the Kosovo government developed the propaganda, the functions of Public ‚Kosovo - Young Europeans‛ nation Diplomacy are to promote national branding campaign and initiated other interests, advance foreign policy goals, activities. NGOs and individuals took and build relationships in order to create initiative. Nevertheless, critics argue that a positive perception and strengthen the there has never been a full Public influence of a country abroad. Diplomacy vision and political strategy for the country.  Besides nation branding, Public Diplomacy comprises a wide scale of measures ranging from state-sponsoredI. Reasons for Public Diplomacy educational exchanges and other visitor programs, language courses abroad, If used well, Public Diplomacy can be a cultural events abroad (such as the work strong policy tool of a country. More of the French Institut Français, the than ever before, publics in other Spanish Instituto Cervantes, the UK’s countries have become vital players in British Council or the German Goethe- international policy, having a great say Institut), and radio and television in the decisions their governments broadcasting (France 24, Deutsche make.i Welle, and Russia TV Today). It also includes a systematic approach to Generally, Public Diplomacy describes monitoring media coverage, building ways in which a country engages with networks and other means of fostering foreign publics. Traditionally, diplomacy an understanding of the situation in deals with a state’s contact and one’s own country.iii dialogue with other states.ii Public
  7. 7. 8II. Public Diplomacy in post-conflict period, Kosovo is still in the process of defining its own identity, which makes itcountries and challenges for complicated to communicate anKosovo understanding of what Kosovo is about. Public Diplomacy is particularly crucial  The existence of a comprehensive Public for post-conflict countries as they need Diplomacy strategy is closely interlinked to reverse their image so they are no with the still developing foreign policy longer seen as war-torn but as places strategy, which could determine geo- with potential. graphical focuses and priorities for Public Diplomacy. The Ministry of This issue is extremely difficult for Foreign Affairs is still in the process of Kosovo, as it has not been recognized being fully staffed and equipped, which by the majority of the international makes it hard for local authorities to community and is still struggling for simultaneously manage Public Diplo- recognition. It can also be disputed macy while other tasks are currently of whether Kosovo is already seen greater urgency. As Kosovo’s embassies internally as a ‚nation‛, which leads to and diplomatic infrastructure are not the question of whether Kosovo is ready fully functional yet either, important for Public Diplomacy. As with other chains of communication are limited. post-conflict countries in a transition PUBLIC DIPLOMACY SPECTRUM Nation Branding Tourism ... Media Programs International Web 2.0 Broadcasting PUBLIC DIPLOMACY Language Media Programs Monitoring Academic Sport Exchange Programs Cultural Programs Exchange Programs/ Festivals
  8. 8. 9III. Outline of the study  The intention of the study is not to take The aim of this study is to map current sides, but to present the different activities and suggest other, outside-the- opinions about the ongoing nation box Public Diplomacy options for branding campaign as a base for Kosovo. The current nation branding discussion. Neither does the study favor campaign by the government had been promoting lessons learned from other variously discussed by the public; This countries as ultimate policy advice. research hopes to enrich the debate Instead, a process-oriented approach is with additional information, as well as followed by proposing guiding to make the current state of arguments questions which will ultimately need to transparent. Overall, the project aims to be answered by the people of Kosovo motivate further thinking about the and their elected leadership. benefits of a strong Public Diplomacy component as a tool of Kosovo’s foreign  The research for this study was policy. conducted in collaboration with various governmental and non-governmental The study has three parts: An overview stakeholders within Kosovo as well as of Public Diplomacy approaches in experts on Public Diplomacy from the Kosovo as well as reactions in society region and beyond. (A.); a comparison with other countries similar to Kosovo (B.); and a set of  The study was finalized in August 2010. process questions for defining a political Public Diplomacy strategy for Kosovo (C.). STUDY OUTLINE SITUATION IN KOSOVO PUBLIC DIPLOMACY KOSOVO COMPARATIVE POLICY ADVICE OVERVIEW
  9. 9. 10A. PUBLIC DIPLOMACY APPROACHES IN KOSOVO Being a young country which has just  The scope of the two-year contract celebrated its second year of comprised the development of a independence, Kosovo’s Public Diplo- national brand, positioning as well as macy efforts are still at the beginning. international media buying, and planning and placement strategy.iv As Kosovo is not yet acknowledged by all states worldwide, its international  Although the time between the limbo poses immense challenges: announcement and closure of the Kosovo has to gain reputation abroad as tender was only 18 days, several well as overcome its negative reputation advertising companies applied. The Tel as a post-war country. Aviv office of Saatchi & Saatchi, a global advertising agency with offices all Though there is no officially announced around the world, won the tender. strategy, approaches from various sides Saatchi & Saatchi’s other clients include form a conglomerate of Public Diplo- Procter & Gamble, Carlsberg, Deutsche macy activities which are diverse and Telekom (T-Mobile), Sony Ericsson and fragmented. Visa Europe.  Throughout the process, the campaignI. The official nation branding was coordinated by an Inter-ministerialcampaign Committee composed of the Office of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of A key element in Kosovo’s official Public Economy and Finance, the Ministry of Diplomacy is a nation branding Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Trade campaign which was launched in and Industry, the Ministry of Education, October 2009. Science and Technology, and the Ministry of Culture, which reviewed, developed and discussed details of the1. Internal governmental process campaign. According to members of the In December 2008 the government committee, the campaign took shape in announced a public tender for a nation an evolutionary and flexible way as a branding and international media result. campaign.
  10. 10. 11TENDER DESCRIPTION ‚NATION BRANDING AND  Establish a PR component to support identity INTERNATIONAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN‛ building and the promotion of Republic of Kosova and harmonize the marketing communication strategy; ANNEX 2. TERMS OF REFERENCE  Establish media monitoring system to track 1. 3.1. Overall objective and evaluate coverage with relevance for The overall aim of the contract is for the Republic image about the country as well as the brand of Kosova to inform the general public about the and marketing activities; substantial capacity in Kosova, all sectors of the society outside and inside Kosova need to be  Develop and implement instruments for the better informed (to different levels) of the tasks evaluation of brand acceptance (brand ahead which Kosova has taken. recognition and image); Objectives:  The contractor will propose one or more public events to be organized under the  Develop a campaign for the recognition (raise support of the Republic of Kosova; awareness) of the brand among relevant individuals and institutions throughout the 4.0. SCOPE OF THE WORK world; 4. 4.1. General  Inform the stakeholders on the Kosovo’s substantial capacity; 4.1.1. Project description The Government of the Republic of Kosova  Explain the benefits and opportunities that intends to identify and contract with a Kosovo offers; professional communication company to provide  Concept and implementation of integrated the communication services and create products marketing campaign on national and for the Kosova National Branding for an international level; international wide public audience through a media campaign. The public information  Usage of Simple, Measurable Achievable and campaign includes designing and launching an Timed Objectives. integrated marketing campaign. The purpose of this campaign is to present and enhance a positive 2. 3.2. Purpose perception of the country and ultimately a The purpose of this contract is as follows: smoother the transition and the acceptance of the new state. In preparation for this media  To introduce the new state to the campaign, the Republic of Kosova Government, international public; inform the public on a formed an interministerial commission under the national and international scale about the leadership of the MEF, which will oversee the opportunities and possibilities it offers. project. MEF will award the best company based on 3. 3.3. Results to be achieved by the Contractor development and finalization of the selected  Devise and implement Kosova’s National firm’s creative concepts, strategy devising and Branding Identity, which means National Logo agency’s capacity, international & national Design and other identification elements expertise and personnel. which will be used in all communication materials for the campaign purposes. Logo 4.1.2. Target groups should not include Ethnic, Political or Religious symbols of Kosova.  International governments and institutions;  Academic society;  Plan and implement communication plan for  Students; the National Branding of Kosova;  International Media;  Concept of media campaign including media  Journalists and media publishers; buying, planning, analysis and monitoring on  International business community; the international media level;  General public;  Researchers;  Creative design and production of Television  Donor community; Commercials, and other illustrative materials,  Tourism community; ensuring international standards.  Promotion agencies;  Implement activities and production of  All other relevant stakeholders. integrated marketing materials in line with the communication strategy.
  11. 11. 122. Goal of the campaign Prior to setting up the campaign Saatchi  The government specified the purpose & Saatchi conducted various surveys to of the campaign in the following way: examine the image of Kosovo abroad. Two outcomes were significant: on the ‚The primary goal of the campaign is to one hand, Kosovo was scarcely known place Kosovo firmly within the family of as a country, and on the other hand it nations, within Europe and beyond. had negative connotations (e. g. war, The strategy is to focus single-mindedly criminal, poor, corrupt). on the vitality of Kosovo’s young people in a way that makes the campaign very ‚We have based our strategic different from any other nation’s development work on the facts that approach to branding. The country Kosovo is one of the youngest countries offers a natural fountain of youth and in the world and is also home to the there is a vibrant energy that flows youngest population in Europe (CIA through the city streets and in the factbook). Furthermore, Kosovo de- countryside. These are the emotions into clared its wish to become fully which the advertising taps in order to integrated into the Euro-Atlantic family. begin the journey of the nation towards becoming a Lovemark. And behind the We have also incorporated into this emotion is a concrete fact; Kosovo has strategy the impressions from our visits the youngest average age of any all around Kosovo in which weve European country, at just 25.9 years.‛vi experienced the vibrant energy that flows through streets. We observed the countrys young people embracing the  Moreover, to ensure a ‚360° degree‛ future with open arms and we were inspired by this natural "fountain of approach to nation branding, the youth" projecting the general belief of a campaign also targeted Kosovars them- bright tomorrow. Therefore the selves to make them feel proud and campaign will focus on "the human more attached to their country: resource" - the people of Kosovo - rather than on any natural resource or key landmark.‛v ‚Kosovo branding campaign is a national effort. As such, local institutions, companies and individuals Thus, the objective of the campaign are also invited to play a strong part in it. When the people of Kosovo see the became to put Kosovo on the map, campaign they will also have an make the country known and show it in opportunity to share the values and the a more positive light. As one interviewee excitement in it and spread their said: ‚This was to tell the world that enthusiasm to their friends and family in Kosovo is here and who we really are.‛ other countries. In todays highly- connected world this is the way the message spreads.‛vii
  12. 12. 133. Description of the campaign Kosovo’s nation branding campaign THE ‚YOUNG EUROPEANS‛ LOGO consists of several components: the best-known ones are the slogan and logo ‚The Young Europeans‛, a TV ad and a photo series.viiia) The ‚Young Europeans‛ Slogan andLogo As emphasized by the campaign developers, the slogan ‚The Young Europeans‛ is based on the fact that the (1) The green represents the green Republic of Kosovo is both one of the fields that can be found across youngest countries in the world and also Kosovo’s expansive countryside; home to the youngest population in Europe: (2) The terracotta-red represents the color of the bricks that are used for the building that is in progress ‚This is probably the very first national across the land; slogan which turns the spotlight on the people and the human spirit rather than (3) The blue symbolizes the sky and the country, its natural marvels or water and is taken from the history. background of Kosovo’s new flag. It is a very strong and confident statement of Kosovo’s attitude as a country and of its future intentions. It will attract the interest of a range of  The unique design of the font is inspired audiences, from politicians to business- by ‚the fountain of youth‛ concept to men, from tourists to donors. All will show the energy that spreads in a fluid sense the future potential of this young way throughout Kosovo. nation and the positive attitude of its people.‛ix  David Kosmin, Head of Strategy at BBR Saatchi & Saatchi: The visual appearance of the logo is intended to keep up with the new ‚We knew that to cut through the mass generation of national logos in that it of other nation branding campaigns this has a modern flowing style and a advertising would need to be different vibrant use of color. Each of the colors from that for any other country. And in featured in the logo was chosen for a focusing on the collective spirit of the specific reason: young people of Kosovo in building their new country, the advertising projects a truly fresh and unique idea. ‘Young’ is a demographic, but it is also a way of feeling. This insight got us to a very special set of brand values, i.e. optimism, positivity, hope and togetherness. It is these values that will
  13. 13. 14 make the campaign stand out from the generate now, will serve Kosovo later in pack because no other country is campaigns like "Tourism", communicating in this way. It is our "Investments", "Commerce", "Regional wish that people of Kosovo will feel a positioning" and other goals.‛xi sense of pride in this campaign, because at its heart they were its inspiration.‛x b) The ‚Young Europeans‛ TV ad Shony Rivnay, Creative partner at BBR Saatchi & Saatchi:  Another core element of the nation- branding campaign is a 60-second television commercial. ‚The advertising approach will focus strongly on people power. We were  The TV ad shows young Kosovars inspired by the natural ‚fountain of bringing together yellow puzzle pieces, youth‛ we found in our visits all around Kosovo; The vibrant energy that flows which are assembled together and lifted through the cities streets and in the up into the air by balloons. In the end, countryside. the shape of Kosovo appears on a map of Europe.xii The same message and image that we THE ‚YOUNG EUROPEANS‛ TV AD
  14. 14. 15 An original song which emphasizes change, unity and love was composed to accompany the ad. & Effects directors; The Director of Photography (= the chief camera- THE ‚YOUNG EUROPEANS‛ TV AD SONG man) is acclaimed photographer Mark Bliss from Australia who Dawn rolling over, currently resides in Prague; The stills The clouds bring the rain. photographer is Ron Kedmi from It’s time to start over, Tel-Aviv who has worked for many Time to join hands. years in New-York, Milan and Paris The sun slowly rising, and is similarly renowned. The Shining on earth. international team is complemented The sky’s open-minded, by local advertising agency PR Today. Solutions and local production And I’m feeling the life that I wanted company Entermedia.xiv Coming to me. I’m feeling the love that I want you Want you to see.  The TV commercial has been aired on six major international TV channels, namely CNN, BBC World News, Euronews, CNN Turk, Bloomberg, and Eurosport. Since November 2009, the TV ad has also been aired locally on RTK, KTV, RTV21 As highlighted by the filmmakers, this and Klan Kosova as well as on different TV advertising clip is on a bigger scale websites. than any produced previously in Kosovo. It involved a crew of over 50 people from Kosovo and around the world and c) The ‚Young Europeans‛ photo series over 250 participants. In order to represent a broad cross-section of  Besides the TV ad, a series of print people and places within Kosovo, the adverts are being shown on billboards clip was shot in different locations and in magazines. The ‚Young across the country including Prishtina, Europeans‛ print series features 10 Prizren, Drini River and the Kieve young Kosovars (5 female and 5 male) countryside.xiii and a particular interest that he or she has. There is a soccer player, a girl with The TV production brought together a puppy dog, a skateboarder, a former professionals from across the world: supermodel, a guitar player, a DJ, two design students, an actor, and a high ‚Top French director Eric Will, who school student. has been living in London for many years, is one of Europe’s best Visual
  15. 15. THE ‚YOUNG EUROPEANS‛ PRINT SERIES(1) Krenar Mehiu (24): Computer science student. Plays soccer everyday. Loves inter. Prishtina, Kosovo.(2) Qëndresë Grajçevci (22): Economics student. Loves animals, especially puppies. Prishtina, Kosovo.(3) Gani Rrahmani (19): Acting student. Breaths, dreams and thinks of skateboarding. Prishtina, Kosovo.(4) Dhurata Lipovica (21): From winning the 2007 Ford Supermodel contest to working as a producer. Hollywood is just around the corner. Prishtina, Kosovo.(5) Glauk Abazi (18): Guitar player. Looks like he is going to break some hearts. Prizren, Kosovo.(6) Xhana Bina (22): Graphic design student. Her creativity and style go hand in hand. Prishtina, Kosovo.(7) Erdall Hydaveri (24): Wants to be a DJ. Get ready to put your hands up in the air. Prizren, Kosovo.(8) Albulena Borovci (21): Costume design student. Loves contemporary art and painting. Can you see her true colors? Prishtina, Kosovo.(9) Fatlum Hasani (25): Acting student. He has a passion for Photography. You should check out his point of view. Prishtina, Kosovo.(10) Ester Celic (17): High school student. Loves reading and writing. Prishtina, Kosovo.
  16. 16. 17 The print adverts are accompanied with  Print ads appeared in leading the following lines in English: international magazines like The Economist and the Newsweek, and selected in-flight airline magazines (e.g. "The Republic of Kosovo was born on February 17th 2008, making it one of Austria Airlines). A number of pub- the youngest countries in the world. It’s lications targeted Members of the also home to the youngest population in European Parliament and policy makers Europe with an average age of 25.9, on Capitol Hill in Washington DC. The giving the place a spirit of optimism and initial geographical focus was on the enterprise you won’t find anywhere European region with some exposure in else. ...And today Kosovars embrace the the USA; It is planned to focus later, in a future with open arms. It is the start of something amazing. We’d love you to more targeted way, on Spain and The be part of it." Hague, for example.  At the same time the campaign started At a later stage, interviews with the in the local Kosovar media, and protagonists were shown on Facebook.xv billboards with single photos of the series have been placed all around By getting to know the individuals, the Kosovo. developers hope that the reader will also discover something about Kosovo itself. The approach builds on the theme of ‚The Young Europeans‛ that appears in the television commercial. The Kosovo ‚Young European‛ around 61 000 subscribers, who post Campaign is also present on the Web: messages and content on a daily basis. It It has published its website on has also opened a Twitter account and http://kosovo-young.com and has created a Youtube Channel for people created a Facebook Group which has to post birthday greetings for Kosovo’s independence anniversary. KOSOVO ‚YOUNG EUROPEAN‛ CAMPAIGN ON THE WEB
  17. 17. 18d) Other campaign activities produced, depicting an image from the TV ad in which Kosovo was graphically In addition to the main parts of the placed within Europe, along with the nation branding campaign, there have message: ‚Without your help the been complementary activities under the picture could not have been com- slogan ‚The Young Europeans‛, such as pleted‛. the ‚Young Europeans‛ Award at the ‚Skena up‛ film and theatre festival  As part of the ‚Celebrate with me‛ (December 2009) and a Startup project, pictures drawn by Kosovar Weekend (March 2010) providing school children have been sent to networking opportunities and training in international leaders and prominent launching business projects. figures, inviting them to celebrate with Kosovo its 2nd Independence Day.xvii A For the 2nd Independence Day (February selection of world leaders (e.g. Barack 2010) an online greeting channel was Obama, Angela Merkel, Queen opened inviting video greetings from Elizabeth II, and Ban Ki-moon) received well-wishers from all over the world.xvi an original work of art personalized with The best of the ‚shout-out‛ videos have the details of the young artist. Although been aired on international TV (CNN, each drawing is the creation of just one CNBC, Euronews and Eurosport) and very young artist, it was intended to local TV. reflect the hopes and dreams of an entire nation for a great future. On the same occasion original ads featured Kosovar children actually born  The nation branding campaign has also on the 17th February 2008 (Kosovo begun to target the Arabic-speaking ‚Independence Kids‛). ‚Young world on the Al Jazeera TV network, Europeans‛ party kits were sent to Spanish decision-makers by using Kosovo embassies: A comprehensive set advertisement in El Mundo and El Pais, of promotional material, decoration, and participants at the European Bank party accessories and merchandising for Reconstruction and Development was designed for the Independence (EBRD) Annual Meeting, as well as other parties and receptions organized by decision-makers and business leaders. Kosovos embassies. A puzzle was also ‚THE YOUNG EUROPEANS‛ LETTER SENT TO PRESIDENT OBAMA
  18. 18. 194. Saatchi & Saatchi’s ‚Lovemark‛  According to Roberts, Lovemarks are brands that have evolved from simplyconcept being bigger, brighter, stronger, and A key to understanding the approach cheaper to being a brand that uses taken by Saatchi & Saatchi is the mystery, sensuality, and intimacy to ‚Lovemark‛ concept invented by its emotionally connect with consumers. COE Worldwide, Kevin Roberts.xviii This Examples of Lovemarks are: Marmite, marketing technique aims to make Cambridge University, Nike, Starbucks, people feel emotional and loyal about a Lego and McDonalds, which people brand. cannot resist. The agency believes that the greatest  Though many marketing companies all brands are those that have succeeded in around the world have adopted the creating an emotional connection with Lovemark concept, it is not universally consumers and have, in doing so, accepted: Critics emphasize the risk that achieved a loyalty brand teams that goes beyond LOVEMARK CONCEPT following the reason. In short, Lovemark theory these brands have will try to go become straight to a Lovemarks. Lovemark (top-right) without working on The model uses a real product first. the empirical fact The result is an that consumers ‚image-wrapper‛ of who make communication.xx decisions based Thus, the selection purely on facts are of Lovemarks can a tiny minority. become a pure Saatchi & Saatchi ‚beauty contest‛ developed the idea based on subjective while looking at views of what is the question: What cool and loveable, makes some not on what has proven to build respect brands inspirational, while others and love. Furthermore, critics note that struggle? The concept assumes that ‚though the Lovemarks gospel preaches brands simply score well on the respect the importance of new channels and factor; One trusts them, but does not new media‛, it is mainly based on TV form an emotional attachment to them ads, which are one of the most (see graphic of the Love/Respect Axis). expensive ways.xxi Roberts advocates:  In accordance with the theory, the ‚Kosovo Young European‛ campaign ‚Creating Lovemarks is all about the aimed to help people fall in love with ability to understand consumers’ Kosovo and turn the country into a dreams, to know what they want and when they want it and to create great Lovemark. This means making people experiences that make your brand a part emotionally attached to Kosovo, leaving of their lives.‛xix them committed and loyal to the country.
  19. 19. 205. The concept of nation branding Another aspect one has to be aware of communication infrastructure for future concerning the current ‚Kosovo Young activities: European‛ campaign is the difference between nation branding in particular ‚It is important to be clear that Nation and marketing in general. Branding is a Branding is not a short-term process, process to anchor a name or slogan in nor simply a case of running advertising people’s memories. It is a long-term on an international news channel - exercise laying the ground for further though this may certainly become one marketing (see also ‚place branding‛, element of the communications mix. ‚city branding‛ or ‚region branding‛). Instead, the task will start with a representation of Kosovo’s brand values Instead of striving for a ‚fireworks through a new vision, an endline, a logo effect‛ through fast spending, nation design, and an accompanying visual branding focuses on long-term trans- identity.‛xxii formation, building the NATION BRAND COMPONENTS 20 People Culture & Tourism Heritage NATION BRAND Investment & Exports Immigration Governance
  20. 20. 13 Countries are among the most powerful and each public institution a brands on the global marketplace. stakeholder. By becoming familiar with and supporting this endeavor, the ‚America‛, for instance, is one of the people of Kosovo will succeed in world’s most powerful public domain amplifying the effect of the campaign brands with a huge range of positive many times over.‛xxv attributes: lifestyle (Coke, MTV, Levis), sporting prowess (Nike, NBA, Timberland), technological supremacy  Though principles of branding apply in (Microsoft, Apple, Dell, IBM), well- equal measure to countries as they do informed (CNN, Time, Newsweek), and to corporations, nation branding has naturally, wealthy (American Express, specific challenges. Some argue that Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs).xxiii ‚countries are not chocolate bars‛xxvi Equally, countries can also be products, and indeed there are distinctions particularly when they serve as tourist between commercial products and destinations or countries as factory sites. As such. One nations have NATION BRANDING example is that it become far is far more more aware of complex and the value of their difficult to brand as an obtain a fully asset, these integrated additional means communication have begun to mix in nation complement branding. traditional forms  Even of public diplo- after a product macy.‛xxiv has been A key element launched, underscored by companies are BBR Saatchi & free to make Saatchi for the modifications in success of the response to branding effort is support for the consumer demand, whereas countries campaign within the country: are more limited in altering their place brands: they cannot replace their beaches if their climate favors snow.xxvii ‚Branding and advertising alone are not Besides, once a country has become sufficient; a change on the ground is known as an exporter of quality also required, a commitment and branded goods, the country’s product involvement of the people and of many other sectors in the state. brands and its place brand will work together to raise expectations overseas. Branding is not merely a commercial Country branding then becomes a part advertisement nor is it a political campaign; Branding is a comprehensive of a self-perpetuating cycle: as the national effort to bring the new image country promotes its consumer brands, of the country to the world. In this those brands will promote the effort every citizen is an ambassador country.xxviii
  21. 21. 226. Effect and outlook The effect of the nation branding their most viewed ads, and advertising campaign is disputed and not fully search websites across the globe listed foreseeable yet: The Kosovo the ad.xxx government claims that there has been a wave of excitement and enthusiasm  CampaignLive, a UK advertising industry about the campaign. Several people said website listed it as ‘Ad of the Day’ on they felt as proud as when Kosovo October 28th; The following day declared its independence.xxix Adforum, America’s leading advertising search website, featured the advert as ‚Today’s best advertising.‛xxxi Numerousa) Immediate effect other sites presented it along with their blogs. It is true that the ad circulated widely on the web. On Youtube alone there were  The campaign resulted partly in a 125,000 views in less than a week after snowball effect: People took the slogan the first screening, making it one of up, using it in festivals and other occasions. FACEBOOK ADFORUM
  22. 22. 23 campaign was activated very well. It wasb) Recent developments on Public genuinely intriguing and created a realDiplomacy of Kosovo – ICJ advisory opinion sense of optimism and support.‛xxxiiion Kosovo A very recent event, which brought  On the effect of increasing recognition it Kosovo back to the minds of people was stated that: worldwide, was the advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice (ICJ). ‚The campaign resulted in seven more In July 2010, the ICJ stated that the countries recognising Kosovo’s in- unilateral declaration of independence dependence and raised millions of Euros of Kosovo did not violate international in foreign investment. People’s attitudes law. towards Kosovo changed, with 78% of people viewing the country as positive, The advisory opinion sparked attention compared with 33% prior to throughout the international media, exposure.‛xxxiv diplomatic circles, and academia. International media such as BBC, CNN, Euronews, Al Jazeera, XinhuaNews, the  The other shortlisted campaigns were: Economist, and New York Times My South Africa, Business Friendly covered the event. Consequently, a new Bahrain, ES Madrid – Holiday wave of recognitions for the Destination, and Emirates Airlines Meet independence of Kosovo is expected by Dubai. xxxv government officials. d) Outlook and new governmental How the government intends to approach strategically use the ICJ in its future Public Diplomacy efforts (perhaps an  A future step mentioned during the advertising slogan ‚Kosovo. Approved research for this study (June 2010) was by International Law‛) is uncertain. a style guide (letterheads, etc.) which aims to allow all ministries to use thec) First prize for Kosovo ‚Young Europeans‛ campaign slogan ‚The Youngcampaign Europeans‛ in their outreach. Further plans are being developed and discussed Professionally seen as a success, the by the Inter-ministerial Committee. Kosovo ‚Young Europeans‛ Campaign picked up first prize in the category Best  As most recently informally Nation/Place Branding Campaign at the communicated, the Kosovo government M&M (Media & Marketing) 2010 foresees a new form of engagement in Awards, in September 2010 in its public diplomacy efforts in the future. London.xxxii As a follow-up step to the Kosovo ‚Young Europeans‛ campaign, the government will contract two different The judges commented: consulting companies which will help ‚The concept of using the young people focus on direct lobbying with public of Kosovo really felt right and the officials abroad. In addition, it is
  23. 23. 24foreseen that the Ministry of Foreign Diplomacy affairs in its administrativeAffairs will establish an office for Public structures. ICJ DECISION ON KOSOVO SOURCE: HTTP://WWW.ICJ-CIJ.ORG/ COUNTRIES RECOGNIZING KOSOVO SOURCE: HTTP://WWW.KOSOVOTHANKSYOU.COM (STATUS: SEPTEMBER 2010)
  24. 24. 25II. Counter-campaigns The nation branding campaign led to a variety of reactions, causing discussions ‚We need doctors, teachers, schools ranging from modifications of the and hospitals, pensions and support for the poor. But above all, we are isolated. slogan to genuine counter-campaigns. We are the most isolated people in the world, even though the whole world is1. The ‚Vetëvendosje!‛ counter- in Kosovo. We cannot move freely in thecampaign neighboring countries, let alone in the EU. The most visible and well-known This is the bitter reality that is missing in response was organized by the activist the polished advertisement which cost group ‚Vetëvendosje!‛ (Albanian for € 5.7 million. This ad has been made ‚Self-Determination‛). The group added with people that are not like us. The ad to the billboard of the campaign does not promote the people of Kosovo. ‚Kosovo, The Young Europeans‛ red In Kosovo, the relative poverty is around graffiti stamps of their own slogans: 46%, the same number of people is ‚Isolated.‛, ‚Unemployed! 46% ‚, and unemployed. Extreme poverty is around ‚Poor! 43%‛. 18%. Unemployment among youth is around 70%. Youth are more Vetëvendosje! sought to stress that vulnerable than older generations. So, if Kosovo is not simply glamorous, hip and you are young in Kosovo, the probability rich, but faces real hardships. In this is very high for you to be unemployed regard the ‚isolated‛ stamp on and without a good prospective for life and quality education. The youth needs billboards aimed to articulate the day- a greater economic development of the to-day challenges in Kosovo (e.g. limited country, and not advertisements that rights to travel, export goods, country cost millions of euros. In Kosovo you are sui generis, controlled resources): more an unemployed [person] than a European. You are poorer than young.‛xxxvi THE “VETËVENDOSJE!” CAMPAIGN
  25. 25. 262. Serbian counter-campaigns SERBIAN COUNTER-CAMPAIGNS Several Serbian counter-campaigns from individuals were posted online on Youtube to protest against Kosovo’s nation- branding effort. One clip for instance, uses the TV ad but changes the letters into ‚Kosovo, a part of Serbia‛ with a Serbian national flag and an EU flag in the background.xxxvii Another clip mixed the TV ad with pictures of riots in Kosovo, fire, the bridge of Mitrovica and war scenes. The short clip is labeled ‚See the true face of Kosovo, the young Europeans‛. The counter clip ends with the slogan ‚Kosovo, the young Barbarians.‛xxxviii SERBIAN COUNTER-CAMPAIGNS COUNTER YOUTUBE CLIPS
  26. 26. 273. The ‚Gazeta Express‛ counter-  This photo series was a reaction to the billboard posters showing a group ofcampaign young and beautiful Kosovars, who Gazeta Express, a daily newspaper in were not seen as representative of the Kosovo, had its entire staff pose for its reality in Kosovo. own version of the Kosovo ‚Young European‛ billboard campaign. Posted ‚We werent satisfied with pictures that on the social-networking site Facebook, were published on the billboards in each staff member appeared in a Prishtina, because they were too particular style and, in most cases, artificial. We thought that not only the mockingly illustrating his or her teenagers from the posters, but also the profession, which they felt was an workers from different fields of life element missing in the billboards. should be seen as Europeans too. So we decided to create this album for about a Some of them are shown as ‚the half an hour, as a parody to the official Housewife,‛ ‚the Killer,‛ ‚the campaign.‛xxxix Cleaner,‛ ‚the Hitman,‛ ‚the Manual Labourer,‛ ‚the Bodybuilder,‛ ‚the Drunk,‛ etc. ‚GAZETA EXPRESS‛ COUNTER-CAMPAIGNS
  27. 27. 284. The ‚Oldies of Kosovo‛ montage overnight to express his disappointment about the lack ofmontage opportunities and prospects for young Another reaction to the nation branding Kosovars. Domi argues that even young slogan is a photo montage made by Kosovars are old if they have no chances Shkelzen A. Domi, who replaced a and future: picture of a young Kosovar with an old man accompanied by the slogan ‚A young Kosovar talent in tennis, ‚Kosovo the Oldies European.‛xl football, boxing or basketball cannot compete internationally, as Kosovo For many years, Shkelzen A. Domi has Federations are not recognized by any worked as a volunteer in youth sports of the international sport bodies. By the associations, most recently as President time opportunities for competition will of the Kosovo Tennis Federation. In his be given to Kosovar sportsmen, they will free time he writes on his ironical blog have already passed the age for Xenini.com, where he comments on competition. political and social developments in This is how I see the Kosovo Young Kosovo. Europeans. Young kids with great potential but who could not use their After a sudden inspiration, Domi potential. For them the future brings produced the ‚Oldies of Kosovo‛ nothing but the physiological process of getting old.‛xli ‚KOSOVO, THE OLDIES EUROPEANS‛ COUNTER-CAMPAIGN
  28. 28. 29III. Public opinion of the official campaign Public reaction for or against the current  A representative of civil society has ‚The Young European‛ campaign has described this notion through an essay- been various. The critique ranges from writing analogy: concerns about the process of tendering, the content and target of the ‚The Kosovo Young European campaign as well as its impact abroad campaign could be viewed like an essay. and in Kosovo. It has a great catchy and sexy title, but it does not have content in it. Yes Kosovo This section does not claim to be an is the place of young Europeans! So empirical survey of the opinions of what?! Now we don’t know what to Kosovar citizens. Instead, the aspects do! What comes after? The campaign does not dig further and deeper.‛xlii mentioned are issues which have been raised during interviews and discussions with government officials, civil society  Criticism mostly focuses on the content organizations, the private sector, of the campaign, revolving around the individuals, opposition parties and two main outputs: the TV ad and the Members of Parliament. billboards. Concerns have been raised that current efforts to promote Kosovo are one-sided: ‚Where is the beauty of1. Mainstream criticism of the the Kosovo countryside? Where are thecampaign rich traditions of the country? Where When discussing the pros and cons of are the old people of Kosovo? What the ‚Kosovo Young European‛ about other natural resources? Why is campaign, a major point of debate has Kosovo’s diversity not included (e.g. been whether the budget spent on the different folk clothes of the region, the campaign is justified by its outcome. traditional white authentic Kosovar hat ‚Plis‛ etc.)?‛ A general comment heard is that campaign does not live up to  A further complaint is that the expectations. It is seen as unsystematic: campaign lacks deeper just one ad, a song, a logo, billboards, conceptualization and strategic thinking. and some ad hoc events and activities. As has been seen during the past two years, there has not been a coherent Another critique of the process of the strategy interlinking policy aspects with campaign is that it did not follow up on greater public diplomacy for Kosovo. the initial products and activities The campaign was born as an ad hoc associated with Kosovo, such as the initiative, rather than a core activity ‚New Born‛ sign in Prishtina and the deriving from an existing governmental ‚Kosovo Thanks You‛ initiative (see strategy. details below). A few products and advertisements are not enough to change the image of Kosovo, it was claimed. 
  29. 29. 302. Procurement process of the content of the campaign outside governmental circles and bodiescampaign contracted by the government. A claim which is particularly raised by counter bidders is that the process of  However, the campaign is considered by tendering by the Ministry of Economy the majority of the population as an and Finance was not sufficiently fair. issue of ‚national‛ interest. The time between publication of the tender dossier and the deadline for 4. Communication with the public submission of applications, for instance, was too short: The campaign tender  A general disappointment brought up is was only open for about 19 days. that the Kosovo Government has Competitors thus argue that the time communicated little to its citizens with given for the preparation of the tender regard to the campaign or the process was not enough. Usual practice for the of branding. The Government has not preparation of tender bids is more than made much effort to walk its citizens a month. through the process and outcomes of the campaign. Companies which requested documents and further information did not get  There is, for instance, only insignificant replies on time. The budget was also not or no information on the websites of pre-defined (see tender description the Ministry of Economy and Finance, above). the Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the government As a result, the program is considered portal about the campaign process, by some as not transparent and has despite the very high public interest in it. even led to speculation about There is no strategy or action plan about corruption. the campaign that could be viewed publicly.3. Lack of public engagement in  Consequently, it is difficult for thethe development process of the general public to determine the purposecampaign and goal of the campaign. A concern raised is that the process for development of the campaign was not 5. Relationship between public inclusive. The campaign was not funding and the added value of discussed publicly in Kosovo’s society the campaign and had only a minimum of discussion in the Kosovo Parliament. The campaign  A crucial question concerns the was not a product of public relationship between expenditure and engagement. As such it was purely a the output of the campaign. People project of the Government. query whether the Government needed to spend €5.7 million to produce a logo, There have been, for instance, no a TV ad, billboards, a website, paper systematic means of gathering and cups and T-shirts. incorporating people’s ideas for the
  30. 30. 31 In comparison with the general state campaign’s target. The campaign has budget, funds dedicated to the mostly targeted European countries that campaign are seen by some as rather have already recognized Kosovo: large: For example, the Ministry of Germany, Austria and the UK. Agriculture, which is in charge of Broadcasting the ad to these countries is creating an environment for the seen as inefficient if not even pointless. economic development of rural areas, has a total allocated budget of about  The target should have rather been on €11.6 million; and the Constitutional the five EU countries that have not Court, the key independent judicial recognized Kosovo, as well as countries institution of Kosovo, has been of the Arab League. budgeted only about €1.05 million for  A general comment made publicly by the year 2010. civil society representatives and individuals is that the campaign is Some say that the amount of spending shown too much in Kosovo as opposed on the campaign could only be to abroad. Posters and billboards were legitimized if the campaign brought put around the municipalities. People higher returns. The campaign should wonder whether showing the campaign have focused more on bringing in cheaply in Kosovo is a way of avoiding investments and stimulating the local the higher costs of spending to show economy. the advertisement internationally. Another argument made is that the high amount of expenditure on the campaign 7. Comments on the goals of the did not reflect realities in Kosovo. People campaign are critical that the Government spent funding which could have gone on  A common view has been that the ad social benefit programs for the people does not have enough content or power of Kosovo. to convince decision-makers to change their mind about Kosovo: ‚If decision- A civil society representative went as far makers from Romania see the ad, what as to say that: ‚The people in Kosovo will they do? Nothing!‛ are looking for the enjoyment of their basic needs (employment, mobility,  In this regard the strength of the wealth, healthcare), rather than for campaign has been called into question: international recognition.‛ If the outcome of truly changing the image of Kosovo abroad cannot be6. Does the Kosovo ‚Young reached, then why would such a campaign be needed?European‛ campaign have thewrong target? 8. The communicated image of Most of the people interviewed, the campaign including opposition party representatives, raised the question  Concerning the communicated image of about the appropriateness of the the campaign, some comments have been that the Kosovo ‚Young 
  31. 31. 32 Europeans‛ message presenting a Kosovo: thus, the perception about youthful and positive image does not changing their minds about Kosovo reflect the realities of Kosovo through a Lovemark campaign is (unemployment, infrastructure misleading. problems, and water and energy shortages). 9. Reaction to the ‚Lovemark‛ It is argued that Kosovo does not have concept an image problem; It has a reality problem. Internally, Kosovo faces  A reaction to the Lovemark concept has economic isolation, unemployment, been that it is an illusion because poverty, exclusion, corruption and such Kosovo has not done anything so far to an image is reflected to the outside. encourage other countries to love it. People believe that the government  Moreover, it is argued that politics is not should first make the functioning of based on love but on interests. Thus, the democracy and economy in Kosovo a aim of branding Kosovo as a Lovemark fact. does not relate well to its aim for greater recognition worldwide. For ‚The problems of Kosovo cannot be instance, a country such as Spain does solved by Saatchi & Saatchi, by not need to love Kosovo in order to newspaper articles or by videos. They recognize its independence. The need to be fixed by all of us: starting recognition of Kosovo is instead a from the Kosovo government, civil political decision. society, private sector and all citizens.‛xliv 10. Critique of the originality of ‚Kosovo needs a big mirror, so Kosovars the campaign can look at themselves first. They should  The originality of the ad has been not fool themselves nor please questioned. The Kosovo ‚Young themselves, but try to solve internal matters of concern.‛xliii Europeans‛ TV ad resembles a previous Orange Mobile TV ad which uses a similar concept (e.g. using balloons, a It is also suggested that when decision- map, puzzle pieces, etc). makers need to learn about Kosovo, they look at the European Commission  Also, the slogan ‚Young European‛ was Progress Report, which serves as a first used by the Industrial Development barometer for the improvement or Agency (IDA) of Ireland in the 1970s degradation of the social, political and and 1980s, to promote Ireland as a economic situation. Decision-makers foreign investment destination ahead of read analyses such as those in the its accession to the European Union. The Economist, which talk about corruption, ad portrayed the Irish as ‚young, highly a weak judiciary and widespread poverty educated, modern English speakers who in Kosovo. Those high-level decision- would be ideal employees for global makers cannot be ‚fooled‛ and do not firms moving into the European look at the campaign to find out about market.‛xlv
  32. 32. 3311. Reaction to the ‚Young does not show a country with history, experience, a country which was built byEuropean‛ slogan the efforts of the people who fought for Some interviewees disputed that the its freedom. The campaign rather Kosovo ‚Young Europeans‛ slogan presented Kosovo as a country with a represents Kosovo as it is. It was argued short history or no memory of its past. that the campaign rather creates an Instead, the campaign could have image of a Kosovo which its leaders shown the challenges Kosovo went want to see (e.g. happy people with a through (the Ottoman era, the recent new identity). war, etc.) and stressed that Kosovo did not suddenly appear from nowhere. The slogan can be misleading: Young, for instance, could be considered a term  In this regard the campaign is partly for immature people, in need of perceived as trying to create a new guidance and babying. This could as identity and nation without using the well describe the position of Kosovo existing one. This argument relates to today: a not yet fully-fledged country the fact that more than ninety percent that is supervised and overseen by the of the population of Kosovo is Albanian. international community. There was a lack of inclusivity in the campaign, a rejection of the demo- Furthermore, arguments about Kosovo graphic diversity of Kosovo, which and the European identity, which the includes older people and minorities. campaign is presumably trying to emphasize, have been raised: Being  AAs some people have stated, it looks young, cool and pretty does not mean like that the campaign was created for that one is European. the Kosovo people in order to convince them about a change in the country, rather than for others to see Kosovo as ‚It appears as though the campaign has it really is. reflected only one reality of Kosovo: the culture of show-offs! This is the culture  As a result, honesty is regarded as of being somebody that you are not, not honest. An everyday example could lacking. This corresponds to the critique be of a Kosovar businessman in bank- that Kosovo is only a formal country ruptcy driving an expensive Mercedes without substance. As advertise-ments Benz.‛xlvi always aim to trick people and sell them something, Kosovo is put in the light of being a ‚commodity on sale.‛ The slogan could be ambiguously interpreted, as ‚young‛ Kosovars are unfortunately also often associated with 12. Reaction to the TV ad low-level education, economic migration  Reactions to the production and quality and crime abroad. This translates into a of the TV ad have mostly been positive. perception that Kosovo is a burden and From a technical point of view there are threat to Europe. no doubts that the ad was beautifully Some interviewees expressed produced. The song was well composed disappointment given that the campaign and original. 
  33. 33. 34 However, there were voices that raised the question of what exactly was being ‚You cannot only be a talent; You also advertised.‛xlvii Other reactions have have to be normal.‛ li been: ‚Yes it looks great. So what?!‛ Reuters ran a piece on the TV ad, stating  Another impression was that the images that the ad gave a very positive show young people who do not care, impression, but commenting that it was but just have fun. One went as far as to no more than a good ad.xlviii describe the youth in the pictures as ‚a bunch of freaks or clowns.‛ In other A critique made is that the young words, they were seen as actors and not people are left outside of the puzzle. as real people. Towards the end of the ad, when the puzzle is raised from the ground, the 14. The Kosovo ‚Young young people are shown outside of Kosovo. This gives the impression that Europeans‛ campaign in the Kosovo is created from the outside and internet not by its own people, inside.  Despite its presence in several domains, the Kosovo ‚Young Europeans‛ This reinforces some of the arguments campaign is considered to have failed to made by civil society that Kosovo is be delivered on the Web. Beyond some created and designed by others’ wishes links to other pages, the website does and not by the will of the people inside. not offer any substantive content about An example could be the criteria Kosovo for a viewer who may have been presented by the Ahtisaari Proposal on intrigued by the TV ad. the establishment of statehood of Kosovo: the drafting of the Kosovo  The Facebook Group is considered Constitution, the design of the Kosovo active, but most of the content posted flag and anthem, etc.xlix in it consists of general greetings and occasionally some news about Kosovo13. Reactions to the billboards and Kosovars around the world. Most members of the group are Kosovars or Reactions to the billboards were diverse: Albanians and not foreigners. Some civil society representatives described them as copies of marketing posters for banks, Microsoft, or Apple. 15. Performance of the Ministry of Another critique was that all the young ‚When ones sees a person with good Kosovars appearing in the billboards and expensive clothes, as is portrayed in have light-color eyes, something not the billboards while keeping in mind the very common among people living in context that around forty percent of Kosovo. Kosovars are poor, one could easily think that those people are either idiots, The people portrayed are thought to thieves or criminals.‛ l look rather like members of the upper class.