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Paid internships in icc 20131213
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Paid internships in icc 20131213


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Paid Internships in Library/Information Science Education includes an overview of the Mitinet Library Services Independent Contract Cataloger (ICC) Program as well as key concepts associated with …

Paid Internships in Library/Information Science Education includes an overview of the Mitinet Library Services Independent Contract Cataloger (ICC) Program as well as key concepts associated with contract librarianship and Tom Adamich's Visiting Librarian Service - a contract library firm which has completed contract library projects for libraries and companies since 1993.

Published in: Education

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  • Today, the internet influences the way everyone approach the daily tasks of organizing, finding and getting information, commonly known as information literacy skills. Successfully using information literacy skills is something libraries and education facilities have been doing for as long as they’ve been in existence, but never before have these skills been so in demand across all fields, growing from library and education specific tasks to include businesses and individuals. Basically, anyone who uses the internet to search uses information literacy skills.Their searches succeed or fail on the quality of the metadata available for the items they seek. Poor or incomplete metadata makes it difficult, if not impossible, for an item to be found, using the kinds of search criteria employed by most people. Anyone who works in the library or data management field can tell you how critical it is to have complete, accurate metadata for books and materials.If you compare metadata to the oil and fuel running an engine, you might have the best engine ever made, but dirty oil and poor quality fuel will drastically reduce performance. Without high quality metadata, the library automation system won’t function to its full potential – as the main tool to retrieve useful, relevant materials in a library’s collection or virtual library database. A library’s collection/database is only as good as its metadata. And quality cataloging is how you create quality metadata.
  • LIBR 248 = SJSU
  • Flexible – able to accept project/compensation highs and lows (if applicable)Contract work can have busy and slow seasons, even if you’re currently busy and successful, you may have slow times down the road.You are, essentially self-employed and so may need to spend time beyond cataloging doing other business-related things to further your relationship with your clients.Acceptance of possible workplace realities - some regular employees may feel threatened by your role as a contract librarian
  • MotivatedWorking virtually can add stress if you aren’t self motivated to complete assignments and find work. Recognition of “extra work” (managing self employment-related details, administrative duties, etc.)
  • Organized– Because an ICC is self-employed, organizational skills are extremely important to their success. Time spent on correcting errors may mean a lower pay per hour rate, if the contract is piece rate instead of hourly.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Paid Internships in Library/Information Science Education The Mitinet Independent Contract Cataloging (ICC) Program Case Study
    • 2. The Growing Need for Information Literacy Skills • Every internet user needs information literacy skills, but not everyone has them • Searches succeed or fail on metadata quality • Poor or incomplete metadata makes it difficult to find items using common search criteria • Increased demand for quality metadata has created a shortage of knowledge management professionals
    • 3. The Impact of Quality Metadata For libraries, high quality metadata… • Allows their automation system to function at its full potential, making searches more effective • Allows library users to create more effective search results, increasing satisfaction • Allows libraries to better use their existing collections and to decide on new material acquisitions using better, more accurate information about it’s content
    • 4. Metadata in Publishing For publishers, high quality metadata… • Helps them improve their sales and make their products more discoverable for their customers • Helps them improve available information about material content, quality and audience • Helps them improve efficiency and reduce mistakes in order fulfillment and processing
    • 5. Increased Demand for Quality Metadata has created a shortage of knowledge management professionals who can create and maintain metadata using terminology meaningful to the general public
    • 6. Mitinet Library Services • De facto MARC metadata database expert for libraries of all types • Optimizes & enhances more K-12 school library databases than all other library material metadata vendors combined • The industry’s best software for creating and maintaining quality metadata & MARC records • Currently developing new products & services to do the same for the publishing industry, through InterSource Processing Solutions
    • 7. Mitinet’s ICC Program • 4-6 interns per semester • Accepted interns catalog assigned items for real publishers, using Mitinet software & company specific guidelines • Submitted records are reviewed for quality & interns are given feedback • Interns complete their internship with a position paper on their experience
    • 8. Mitinet’s ICC Program To apply, interns submit… • A letter of interest • Their resume • Completion of a profile survey questionnaire • A statement of proficiency indicating that they have completed a Level 1 cataloging course, and understand and can use LOC Headings, Dewey and LC classifications
    • 9. Mitinet’s ICC Program Participating interns… • Gain paid work experience cataloging production records • Receive feedback on cataloging skills, and opportunities for mentoring with experienced catalogers • Learn sources for additional information and research on classification & subject analysis
    • 10. Participating Schools • • • • • • • San Jose State University Florida State Kent State Simmons College University of Washington University of South Carolina Indiana University – Purdue University of Indiana • Drexel
    • 11. ICC Program Highlights • Fall 2012, 3 interns • Fall 2013, 4 interns and 6 regular ICCs, Independent Contract Catalogers • Anticipate needing more ICCs, both interns and contract, as our cataloging needs grow • In 2014, converting to an on-line cataloging role center, incorporating tools to speed up cataloging and reduce cataloging errors
    • 12. What Makes a Good ICC? Flexible • Able to anticipate trends/future needs • Willing to work at non-traditional times or places • Accepting of contract workplace realities • Willing to learn new skills or techniques to succeed
    • 13. What Makes a Good ICC? Motivated • Strong sense of self-worth • Able to work virtually in a non-traditional workplace environment • Desire to adapt as a key ingredient of success
    • 14. What Makes a Good ICC? Organized • Able to manage self employment-related details, administrative duties, etc. • Detail oriented • Able to take correction and learn from mistakes to reduce errors
    • 15. Survey We appreciate your feedback. Please take our survey and let us know how we can improve this presentation.
    • 16. Questions? Tom Adamich, MLS Content/Systems Librarian and Metadata Program Manager – Mitinet Library Services President - Visiting Librarian Service P.O. Box 932 New Philadelphia, OH 44663 330-364-4410 or