Bad press


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Bad press

  1. 1. Bad Press
  2. 2. Bad Press Regarding The: Founders Company Products Industry (Other…)
  3. 3. ADDRESS CONCERNS: Loans Bankruptcies Arrests Fraud Deceit Lies
  4. 4. The Truth? Dear MXI Associates:~Attached is a legal response, prepared by the MXICorporate Attorney, Nathan M. Jenkins, to thearticles that appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald.We hope this has not affected your business. If youreceive inquiries from down-line distributorsregarding these newspaper articles, please feel freeto forward the attached legal response. (((5 Page Response – see response)))
  5. 5. The Truth? Dear MXI Associates:~Dr. Warren has taken time to respond to the recentarticle written by Dr. Gott (see attachment). MXICorp felt that Dr. Warren would be the bestrepresentative. Rather than drawing more attentionto this article, I am forwarding you Dr. Warren’sresponse, which you can then selectively forward onto members of your team. (((2 Page Response – see response)))
  6. 6. ~If any of you dealt with calls from the slander, bad press, smear articles this past week, here is their revised statement and web posting after the real facts were learned. ~Nicely done by the company to take immediate action and have this misinformation corrected for all of our benefit.
  7. 7. Choices: QuitNot Quit
  8. 8. Reminder: What To Look For In a Company:3.Solid Management Team4.Proven Track Record5.Debt Ratio6.Local Support7.Product Uniqueness8.Consumable Product
  9. 9. THE COMPANY (MXI): Pure Delite History Category Creator Retention / Returns Annual SalesInternational Business Debt Free
  10. 10. 4 Reasons Network Marketing Beats Traditional Business: Cost to Start Quicker ROI Personal Training Support (TEAM)
  11. 11. Top 5 Tips:3.Pace Yourself4.Don’t Reinvent the Wheel5.Work Through the “Slumps”6.Don’t Put Life “On Hold”7.Don’t Expect Perfection
  12. 12. TIMING:Industry MomentumCompany Momentum 2009: $100,000,000
  13. 13. ~Donald Trump, businessman, filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy for his casinoempire in 2004 to reorganize his business after negotiations with hiscreditors failed. This was the second bankruptcy case for his casinobusiness; in 1992 he had also filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy.~Robert Kiyosaki, in 1977, Kiyosaki started a company that brought tomarket the first nylon and Velcro "surfer" wallets. The company wassuccessful at first but eventually failed.~Larry King, filed for bankruptcy in 1960 and then again in 1978.
  14. 14. ~Phineas Taylor Barnum, 1810-1891, the greatest American showman,filed for bankruptcy in 1871 due to losses he incurred in unwise businessventures. After bankruptcy he organized his famous circus, "The GreatestShow on Earth.“ In 1881 he merged his circus with his most successfulcompetitor, James A. Bailey, under the name of Barnum and Bailey Circus.~Mark Twain, (Samuel Langhorne Clemens), 1835-1910, pre-eminentAmerican author, lost most of his money investing in a worthless machinecalled the Paige Compositor, an automatic typesetting machine. He filedfor bankruptcy in 1894 and discharged all his debts, but was determinedto repay the debts.
  15. 15. ~Henry John Heinz, 1844-1919, condiment manufacturer, started hiscompany in 1869 selling horseradish, pickles, sauerkraut and vinegar. In1875 the company filed for bankruptcy due to an unexpected bumperharvest which the company could not keep up with and could not meet itspayroll obligations. He immediately started a new company andintroduced a new condiment, tomato ketchup to the market.~Milton Snavely Hershey, 1857-1945, founder of Hersheys chocolate,started four (4) candy companies that failed and filed bankruptcy beforestarting what is now Hersheys Foods Corporation. Mr. Hershey had only a4th grade education, but was certain he could make a good product thatthe public would want to purchase. His 5th attempt was clearly successful.
  16. 16. ~Henry Ford, 1863-1947, automobile manufacturer, first two (2)automobile manufacturing companies failed. The first company filed forbankruptcy and the second ended because of a disagreement with hisbusiness partner. In June 1903, at the age of 40, he created a thirdcompany, the Ford Motor Company with a cash investment of $28,000.00.By July of 1903 the bank balance had dwindled to $223.65, but then Fordsold its first car, and the rest is history.~Walt Disney, 1901-1966, cartoon creator, filed for bankruptcy in 1920after his main client of his new business filed bankruptcy. Disney said hecould no longer pay his employees or the rent and had no choice but tofile bankruptcy himself. In 1923 he formed a new company with a loanfrom his parents and his brother. In 1928 he created “Mickey Mouse.”
  17. 17. How would you like to proceed?
  18. 18. “I think it’s important not to live in the bubble.”“You’ve got to be open to outside information, particularly criticism.”~President Obama said during an interview on CNBC.“I very rarely read good press. I often read bad press, not because I agree with it,but because I want to get a sense of whether there are areas where Im fallingshort and where I can do better.”~When Host John Harwood pointed out that he has not received negative press,Obama said,“Well, I’m sure it’s coming.”“One thing I’m pretty clear about is that as president I’ve got to be looking out atthe horizon.” “I can’t be looking at today’s headlines, because if I do then I’mprobably not going to make decisions based on whats best for the country.”