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ZipDial’s Mobile Survey platform allows businesses, governments in India and the Caribbean to reach more mobile users than SMS-based platforms, getting actionable insights in hours, not weeks.

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Zip Dial Introduction Polls & Surveys

  1. 1. Mobile Surveys & Polls Overview Real-Time & Toll-Free Language, Telco, Handset independent Demo a Survey by ZipDialing Live! 080 300 500 60
  2. 2. ZipDial Company & Platform Overview Key Platform Attributes ZipDial Customers• Engagement platform based on missed call with automatic SMS response• Real-time, Toll-free & Simple• Zero-friction to capture leads, deliver SMS content, sustain engagement, and maximize response About ZipDial• Accessible to 100% of Users: Works on all handsets and all service • Bangalore-based providers • Patent-pending technology• Personalized online portal to track • Well-funded and download responses • Deployed internationally• CRM Integration • Seasoned entrepreneurs ZIPDIAL PATENT PENDING – PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL
  3. 3. ZipDial Overcomes the Barriers of SMS Almost half of Indians never SMS. But virtually everyone can call. Indian Usage of SMS 27% Indians Never Send SMS 48% SMS Weekly of Less SMS Daily 25% Source: TNS Mobile Life Survey, Jan 2011 So ZipDial can double the potential market of your existing SMS and Shortcode campaigns.Our customers are having 6-10x response rates with ZipDial vs. SMS! ZIPDIAL PATENT PENDING – PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL
  4. 4. Virtuous Feedback Loop Increase Get Feedback Sales & Profits Customers or Branches In Hours, Improve Actionable not Weeks! Marketing & Insights for Service ROI Management Service AdjustSales Marketing Plans & Channel Policies ZIPDIAL PATENT PENDING – PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL
  5. 5. Mobile Surveys Add Value Across Marketing Cycle Traditional Marketing Studies Employees Targeting Awareness Selling Retention• Employee • Market • Brand Awareness • Customer • Customer Satisfaction & Segmentation and Attitudes Motivation Satisfaction Motivation Research • Positioning/ • Usage Research • Customer Loyalty• Operational Branding Research • Channel Testing & Tracking Improvement Feedback • Concept Testing • Complaint• New Product Ideas and Product • Advertising registration & Optimization Research callback Queue ZipDial Use Cases• To employees • Profile your • To compare • Ask at POS why a • Capture service offline or not registered different ad customer is buying feedback attached to a PC customers for mediums for cost • Add quick followup immediately terminal coupon targeting per viewer surveys to existing • Ensure complaints• Great for repeat and ad engagement randomly sampled are attended to weekly requests development • Track awareness potential customers • Measure • Live product demo actionable “Net feedback Promoter Scores” ZIPDIAL PATENT PENDING – PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL
  6. 6. Why ZipDial Mobile Surveys? • Similar to web survey response rates & Higher proven higher rates than SMS campaignsResponse • Free missed call concept reduces user friction • Faster than telephone, web andReal-time traditional paper survey results Results • Responses aggregate on our web portal instantly Direct • Reach your customers when most relevant to them via mobileCustomer • Mass market and rural reach to Reach customers not well-represented by predominant survey methodologies ZIPDIAL PATENT PENDING – PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL
  7. 7. How It Works: Customer Service Feedback Company Receives (If No) CT Rep response in CRM Calls User (API) Back for Detail Customer SMS To User for ZipDial Sends Customer Finishes Call feedback. Response Logged SMS with Responds withwith Company Options Yes/No with ZipDial follow up Poll Missed CallRepresentative with ZD number or Survey Next Steps Did the service Depend on representative Package meet your needs? Yes 08030050001 080 No 08030050002 30050001
  8. 8. How It Works: Open Survey (COMING SOON) User ZipDial Sends Responds by auto-IVR Call Pressing Number User Responds w/ SMS Company or User ZipDial Sends Promotes Real-Time Results Opts In w/ SMS w/ Survey User Responds Number(s) w/ Added in Zipdial Missed Call Question w/ Call to Action Web Portal Missed Call• Point of Sale• Live public product Would you demo events recommend to a• Outdoor Ads 080 friend or 080 30050001 colleague? Yes 30050003• Print & Television (08030050003)• Mailers & Feedback forms• Web & Social media• SMS ZIPDIAL PATENT PENDING – PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL
  9. 9. How It Works: Company Panel Survey (COMING SOON) Company Company ZipDial Sends sends ZipDial receives response auto-IVR Call the User # (API) in CRMUser Interacts ZipDial Sends Userw/ Company Zipdial Sends Real-Time Results SMS with (Calls Call Center Opts In w/ SMS with Added in Zipdial Survey Makes a Purchase Missed Call Does Free Trial) Question or CTA* Web Portal Question Thank you ! How Would you was your recommend to a experience? 080 friend or Very Good colleague? Yes (08030050001), 30050001 (08030050001)* Optional: Company may choose to send first SMS Call to Action (CTA) through its existing SMS resellers ZIPDIAL PATENT PENDING – PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL
  10. 10. Case Study: ZipDial User Base Profile For Telecom Services, Demographic Survey of Existing UsersCustomer: ZipDial Cricket Score Channel Zdial Cricket Score User Insights • 57% between 18-25 years oldChallenge: Our users grew fast by word of • Almost half prefer SMS in Englishmouth, and we needed to know who theywere to help us sell advertising to keep it • 41% live in rural villages, showing ZipDials reach and appeal in the mass marketthe service free to end users. • 16% Makes more than 10k Rupees p.m. ZipDial Solution ZipDial Impact• Demographic survey of 8 questions, • For minimal cost, ZipDial can now covering sex, income, education, target advertisers wanting to reach our language preference, and more audience and shorten the sales cycle• Promoted survey in SMS to Cricket • Of those who responded to call to Score channel across India 1 day action, 45% answered first 3 questions• No incentive to respond • 28% completed the full survey• Automatically collected state and • Over 1000 complete respondents telecom carrier from the call • Most answered the 8 questions within 10 min. PATENT PENDING - ZipDial PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL
  11. 11. Case Study: Bloomberg UTV MNP Survey For Media, Public Interest Survey & Unique Respondent Verification Challenge: Mobile number portability was a hot topic and Bloomberg UTV wanted to engage mobile users quickly to understand their preferences. ZipDial Solution ZipDial Impact• 2 question survey for 5 days on • Multi-platform survey of uniquely whether they are happy with current verified respondents provider, and which provider the user • 30,000 respondents started survey would switch to • 15,000 respondents completed• Survey promoted in Cricket Channel & survey across Bloomberg UTV website partners • Data used in national news segments• Web survey used ZipDial to Verify service to ensure unique response• No incentive, simply public interest PATENT PENDING - ZipDial PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL
  12. 12. Case Study: ZipDial “AdverQuizzes” For Event Promotion, Movie Release Quiz Customer: United International Pictures ZipDial Ad Conversion Rates 1.5% (UIP), one of the worlds leading film 1.0% distribution companies 15x 0.5% Challenge: Create as much buzz for their 0.0% ZipDial FF5 Average SMS buck around the FAST FIVE release date Campaign ZipDial SolutionZipDial Solution: ZipDial Impact ZipDial Impact:• Show Free Ticket Contest & Adverquiz • Ads seen by young males who had ad to ZipDial’s free Cricket Score users already dialed to receive the SMS• 5 automated pop quiz questions about • 15x typical SMS ad conversion rates, the Fast Five movie with 1.5% of unique ad viewers• Users ZipDialed for Cricket Scores, saw converted and starting the Quiz the ad, ZipDialed to win tickets, • Over 70% of converted answered all 5 received Quiz question, ZipDialed to questions Answer, received 2nd Quiz Question… • Half answered all 5 questions on and off between 1-2 hours, prolonging engagement PATENT PENDING - ZipDial PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL
  13. 13. Use Case: Live Product Demo FeedbackWant real-time event feedback to increase engagement and insights? Scenario Similar ZipDial Case StudiesShowing a new product or game Miss Bangalore 2010In a shopping mall, auditoriumTo people passing by NASSCOM Product ConclaveDisplay ZipDial Number(s)• 1 to start multi-question survey• 2+ to get quick response on a published questionDemonstrator can get real-timeresults in SMS by ZipDialing or Indian Debating Uniononline, gauging his/hereffectivenessCall center can immediatelycallback respondents to drive in-mall sales or get more in-depthfeedback PATENT PENDING - ZipDial PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL
  14. 14. ZipDial is Ready for Immediate Go-Live! Scalable Platform & Expert Team • Platform is live & proven at massive scale • Expertise in business customer & end user experience Platform • Live in India & Caribbean markets • Can manage if-logic, multiple and free response questions • Configure survey on DIY ZipDial Portal within minutes Campaign • Start survey instantly live with real-time results • Supports Multiple LanguagesConfiguration • We recommend mobile surveys between 6-15 questions • Integrations with web survey platforms can increase sample Integration size and ensure unique respondents • API-based architecture for rapid additional integrations PATENT PENDING - ZipDial PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL
  15. 15. Get started!Demo a Survey by ZipDialing 080 300 500 60Adam J. MartinSr. Manager+91 99677 PATENT PENDING - ZipDial PROPRIETARY & CONFIDENTIAL