#CommsChat: The conversation...so far...


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#CommsChat, the live weekly Twitter chat

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#CommsChat: The conversation...so far...

  1. 1. The conversation…so far November 2010
  2. 2. Outline 1. Introduction 2. How #CommsChat works 3. A regular #CommsChat week 4. Examples of hosts / topics in 2010 5. The #CommsChat community 6. #CommsChat facts and figures 7. What people are saying 8. Future plans
  3. 3. Introduction #CoimmsChat is the weekly live Twitter chat based out of the UK which brings comms professionals from all over the world together to discuss important industry issues. It was launched in May 2010 by Adam Vincenzini and Emily Cagle, modelling it upon similar style chats in the United States but staged at a more European friendly time. The following pages provide you with an overview of #CommsChat, how it works, who’s involved and what is planned for the future.
  4. 4. Hosted by a subject specialist each week 5-8 questions posed to the group over the hour How #CommsChat works #CommsChat is staged between 8pm- 9pm (UK time) every Monday night. It is hosted by a different subject specialist each week who stimulates discussion amongst the participating community by asking a series of questions. The questions are shaped for maximum community engagement, encouraging knowledge sharing and genuine debate. Adam and Emily apply additional moderation and guidance via the @CommsChat Twitter account. Positive and constructive atmosphere
  5. 5. A regular #CommsChat week Day Activity Wednesday Next week’s topic and host is announced Friday Session pre-read is published Monday (am) Pre-chat promotion on Twitter Monday (pm) #CommsChat staged between 8-9pm Tuesday Session transcript is published
  6. 6. Examples of hosts / topics in 2010 Mack Collier Increasing engagement on and off your blog Gemma Went Social media strategy Dan Martin The impact of social media on the journalist / PR relationship Amber Naslund Building online communities Neville Hobson Stopping PR spam
  7. 7. The #CommsChat community 3,500 individual mentions 1000+ engaged Twitter followers PRs, bloggers, journalists, marketers all involved
  8. 8. #CommsChat facts and figures 100- 150 participants each week (on average) 800 – 1000 #CommsChat mentions per week on Twitter
  9. 9. #CommsChat just keep getting better and better It’s Monday which means one thing - #CommsChat! :) What people are saying I really would recommend #CommsChat. Fabulous conversation. http://blog.rowfeeder.com/2010/08/top-10-twitter- chats-for-pr-social-media-professionals/ ‘Europe’s leading PR and social media chat, and 7th overall in the world.’
  10. 10. Live events Different topics Future plans The original aim was to create an engaged community who shared similar passions. Now that the foundations have been laid, #CommsChat can become anything its community wants to it to be. You’ll see some new things in 2011 but until then stay connected at: http://commschat.posterous.com http://twitter.com/commschat http://www.facebook.com/commschat More guests from around the globe