What core values & beliefs do you have?


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Values and belief come back to how our life is aligned to and our integrity as a person.

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What core values & beliefs do you have?

  1. 1. Are you aligned to your core values and beliefs? Why do many people do meaningless tasks and jobs that they simply don’t enjoy? The main reason it does not match the individual core values and beliefs. So why do something that you don’t enjoy, ok of course there are going to be situations that you don’t enjoy doing, granted. Everyone has a choice, so which path are you going to choose? Did you know that 3 in 5 workers in the UK do not enjoy their jobs? They do those boring and repetitive jobs because they are happy with just paying the bills to keep others happy, do you relate to this? The corporate clients that I often work with, don’t have any financial problems with paying the bills instead they become unhappy because they lose the motivation and winning mentality. We use our values to make decisions about priorities in our daily work and personal life. Let me give you an example; my top three values in life are 1. Family comes first 2. Be truthful and honest with others 3. Never give up Now if I did a job that would prevent me from seeing my family most of the time, I
  2. 2. wouldn’t do it. It’s not aligned to my core values and beliefs. We begin to formulise our core values and beliefs from childhood and life experiences. Role models like our parents will also have an influence in why we all have different core values and beliefs, this often relates back to our true purpose in life, happiness. I’m going to give you some tasks to complete; this will help identify your true core values and beliefs. 1. Who is your role model that you aspire to? Why and what are their core values and beliefs? 2. If you could have one more career orientated quality, what would it be and why? 3. What complements do people often give you? 4. What are your pet hates? 5. And now list your top 3 core values If you’re in a career, that doesn’t match your core values and beliefs, quit! Do you want to live to a life that you have no control over or do you want to live a life that gives you complete control of your future and destiny? Adam Strong is a Corporate Personal Trainer, Athlete and International Author of his groundbreaking new book called ‘Move It or Lose it’ available through Amazon, Waterstones and Barnes & Noble. His book is written for corporate executives that want to address their hectic lifestyles that often lead to burnout, unhealthy behavior habits and poor performance. His company Xclusive Corporate Fitness specializes in working with executives and companies in achieving peak performance in the corporate world. He has created a methodology that uses techniques in stress management, fitness, mindset and nutrition to enhance physical and mental well-being. Do you like my regular articles? I want to offer you the opportunity to download three free chapters of my new book and other free gifts. ‘
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