5 ways to re energize your life


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This fantastic E-book is designed for business leaders and managers in giving you the 5 most powerful ways to re-energize your life!!

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5 ways to re energize your life

  1. 1. I need tore-energize my lifeAdam Strong
  2. 2. 5 ways to Re-Energize your lifeHi My Name is Adam Strong, also known as the Lifestyle Transformation coach.I’m a Personal Trainer, Lifestyle specialist, Mentor, Speaker, Athlete and Author. Ispecialize in transforming the lives of managers and business leaders to Livetheir life using a range of powerful psychological, fitness and nutritionalstrategies.I’ve written this E-book to help you continue on a journey that will help you re-energizebody, mind and spirit. I love sharing my knowledge and years of experience andexpertise with you. The main purpose for writing this is to make you aware thatas part one of my three step method starts with 5 important ways to re-energizeyour life.The typical clients that I now work with are very successful business leaders andmanagers , they complain of having a lack of time and too much stress in theirlife. All this unwanted pressure has a massive impact in their work and familylives and take their health for granted. I’ve got over 10 years of experience in thehealth and fitness industry and I want to influence as many of you that fall in thesame situation. There are many ways to start re-energizing your health but Ifound that these five are the most important.
  3. 3. The five most powerful ways to re-energize yourlife1.  Mindset2.  Goals3.  Strategy4.  Rewards5.  Get startedAs you read through this I want you to asksome simple questions to yourself. If yourready for change and you want to live lifethe way you want, ask yourself I’m Iincorporating these five strategies?
  4. 4. 1.  I don’t have the rightmindset!!‘Did you know that you will under-achieve if yousimply don’t have the right mindset’By not having he right mindset your life can neverchange, this is where you make your choiceand action begin.Whatever you think about yourself, your beliefsand habits has lead you to the place where youlife is right now. My question is can you carryon the way your living? Can you carry onworking 50+ hours per week? Can you carryout on missing moments with your loved ones?How does that make you feel? It’s a sad situationthat people in the western world ‘live to work’
  5. 5. MindsetAll of us in the business world deserves to be giventhe opportunity to have a fantastic lifestyle andliving life to its full potential but you need to knowhow to develop a relationship that balances bothwork and life.Whatever is stopping you from achieving a re-energized life if its your sense of belongingness,self-esteem or negative opinions of yourself it allbegins with what you are thinking.The number one priority in your life is not yourcareer but your familyI want you to have a Q&A session with yourself andanswer the following
  6. 6. Questions1.  How do you feel about your life right now?2.  Where is your life going in the next 6months, 3 and 10 years?3.  What impact is your stressed workingcareer having on your health?4.  List everyone that is suffering?5.  What are the consequences if you don’tchange?These questions are designed to make youfeel uncomfortable and challenge thedecisions that you are making daily
  7. 7. What choice are you going tomake?One path leads youto an early death,it is a fact thatbusiness peoplewho are highlystressed andwork in highpressuredenvironments dieten years youngerthan the averagepopulation.The second pathleads you todiscover afulfilled life thatmeans makingthe right choice.You have thechoice to lead ahealthy lifestyle,enjoy life andlive it to itsfullest.There are two paths that lead to your destiny:Or
  8. 8. 2.  I don’t have any goalsWithout goals you simply have no focus, direction orpurpose. See it as the same way as having salestargets or a set number of business deals howeverthese are your own personal targets.By having a why your justifying to yourself yourmotivation to achieve.Your goals should emphasize eight key areas. Work/career, lifestyle, financial, spiritual, lifestyle,relationships/ family, mental and physical.You should have a minimum of 4 goals per key areayou now need to sort and sift. Compile a list byprioritizing the most important at the top and least atthe bottom, there should be 8 goals. Write out whenyou are going to complete it by and your risk andreward to yourself.
  9. 9. 3.  StrategyA good strategy is simply how are you going to achievesomething? Its not about what you want to achieve but thelearning experience to help you get there. One of the bestways to write out a strategy is to write out a timeline.Either ends of time represent start and finish.For example one of your physical goals could be is that youwant to lose a waist size by the of the month.Start(currentlya 38waistsize)FooddiaryanalysisIdentifyunhealthyfoods andsnacks,replacethem withhealthyalternativesEat fivemainmealsand twosnacksdailyMeasurewaist sizewith tapemeasureor beltsizeIntroduceexercisesessionstwice aweek(30-45minsintensive)Increaseto threetimes perweekafter twoweekI haveachieveda 36waist size
  10. 10. StrategyA good strategy is simply your journey, you know thestart and finish you just have to identify what isrequired in between and in what order.Now devise a time line journey for each of your eightgoals to start them straight away.
  11. 11. 4.  RewardsCelebrating little wins is very important formotivation and a healthy mind. It gives youreassurance that your strategy is working andyou are moving towards achieving your goal.My advice is rewarding yourself but don’toverindulge, the reward you give to yourselfshould reflect what you have achieved. A littlewin a little reward or a big win a big reward.Write out your risk (something that causesembarrassment or you fear in) and rewards toyourself
  12. 12. 5.  Getting startedYou may have some great ideas to get your life back on track butit starts when you get started!!Stop procrastinating (that means stop thinking and start doing)the fact is that procrastinating isn’t going to get you anywhereis it. The more you procrastinate the more it becomes less ofa priority to you. Despite your real desire to change you willalways come up with an excuse not to do something.Eliminate your distractions, by identifying your distractions youwill simply be able to lessen or avoid them altogether. Makea list of your distractions.Prioritise your health. Fact is without your health you havenothing!! You can’t function properly, you cant work, you cantearn money that means everything gets affected by havingpoor health. Think of the people that care about you did youthink they want you to die an early death because you didn’tpriortise your health?“Action speaks a thousand words” Adam Strong
  13. 13. I’ve given you five things to do and help you that will definitely re-energise your life, get a work/life balance and have a healthier mind.Please take these tools that I’ve given you and action them in your life.I’d love to hear from you if you have any success stories to tell.You can find me on Adam StrongYou can find me on @sthenoinspireOr send me an email- xclusivenutrition@usana.comI’m Adam Strong, your lifestyle transformation coach, dedicated togiving you results that guarantee a re-energised life. Thank you readingthis book and good luck!!Until next time….
  14. 14. With over ten years of experience in the health and wellness industry, heguarantees his clients will discover and live their life on their terms.He focuses on providing you with 3 main to help you get more out of life.1.  Re-energise (its amazing what the human mind can achieve you justhave to believe it)2.  To care about your life (you will definitely have the full package bothphysically and mentally, leaving your ego behind)3.  To step-up (I will teach how to walk the walk as well as talk the talk)Adam Strong+44 (0) 7738276169