Inflectra Agile Alliance Agile2015 Conference


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This is a copy of the presentation we gave at the 2015 Agile Alliance conference in Washington, DC.

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Inflectra Agile Alliance Agile2015 Conference

  1. 1. © Copyright 2015, Inflectra Corporation - 1 - Welcome to Agile 2015, Washington, DC Our Hometown since 2006
  2. 2. © Copyright 2015, Inflectra Corporation Inflectra Overview - 2 -
  3. 3. © Copyright 2015, Inflectra Corporation Inflectra – Who are we? What do we do?  We are a software company based in the United States  We have over 5,000 customers in over 100 countries  We have customers in North & South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.  Our focus is on providing software that makes it easier to plan, build and test software and systems.  Our goal has been to make things easy and affordable for our customers.  Easy to try, easy to buy and easy to use.  Designed to not break your budget  - 3 -
  4. 4. © Copyright 2015, Inflectra Corporation - 4 - Representative Customers  The following are some of our customers: Energy & Industrial Government Retail & Consumer Goods Healthcare & Bio-Technology Financial & Business Services Information Technology Transportation & Hospitality Telecommunications
  5. 5. © Copyright 2015, Inflectra Corporation Points of Differentiation 1. Affordable solutions that can be used by organizations of varying sizes and functions. 2. Complete suites rather than point systems. 3. Integrated, interoperable solutions rather than a one- vendor lock-in 4. Available in both on-premise and hosted options that facilitate use in SaaS, PaaS, IaaS or traditional environments. 5. Exceptional support that comes free with every purchase. This is validated by our ~ 80% customer retention rate. - 5 -
  6. 6. © Copyright 2015, Inflectra Corporation Page: 6 SpiraTeam® The Inflectra® Product Suite SpiraTest® Requirements & Test Management SpiraPlan® Project Management & Defect Tracking KronoDesk® IT Support & Help Desk Ticketing Rapise® Test Automation Platform (Web, GUI, Services) TaraVault™ - Subversion/Git Hosting
  7. 7. © Copyright 2015, Inflectra Corporation What Makes SpiraTeam Different?  There are many Agile Planning Tools available  There are many Testing & QA Tools for  Only SpiraTeam has the Agile Planning & Testing Lifecycle covered in one solution - 7 - Development Testing
  8. 8. © Copyright 2015, Inflectra Corporation - 8 - Project Portfolio Management Projects in SpiraTeam can be organized into Project Groups that belong to a common organization, customer or division. This allows you to view a summary project group dashboard that lets you view the aggregate status of the group as whole as well as compare the relative health of the different projects in the group:
  9. 9. © Copyright 2015, Inflectra Corporation - 9 - Product Backlog Planning The list of user stories, requirements, defects and features is called the Product Backlog. SpiraTeam lets you organize the backlog by component, package or priority. You can order and categorize them by simple drag and drop editing. This is called backlog grooming.
  10. 10. © Copyright 2015, Inflectra Corporation - 10 - Sprint / Iteration Planning The requirements (user stories), tasks, test cases and outstanding incidents (bugs, issues) can be scheduled against the different iterations / sprints in the release. The system will calculate the available effort as requirements are added.
  11. 11. © Copyright 2015, Inflectra Corporation Kanban & Scrum Agile Planning Boards - 11 - The Planning Board allows teams to view the story cards by iteration, status or person for a given release or iteration. The allows you to manage the number of backlog items at each stage of the process and also load-balance the members of the project team.
  12. 12. © Copyright 2015, Inflectra Corporation - 12 - Integrated Test Management SpiraTeam provides the ability to create, edit and delete project test cases that are stored in a hierarchical folder structure. You can move, copy and filter the test cases according to a variety of criteria.
  13. 13. © Copyright 2015, Inflectra Corporation - 13 - Manual Test Execution You can execute groups of test cases - along with their test steps – so that the testers can follow the instructions and determine if the system being tested behaves as expected. Optionally a new incident can be raised in the system – linked to the test step failure
  14. 14. © Copyright 2015, Inflectra Corporation - 14 - Incident Traceability Unlike a standalone bug tracking tool, you can trace the defects back to the test case and the underlying requirement that generated them, giving the project manager unprecedented power in analyzing the “in-process” quality of a system during its lifecycle.
  15. 15. © Copyright 2015, Inflectra Corporation Instant Messaging & Collaboration - 15 - SpiraTeam includes an integrated instant-messenger that lets users collaborate and communicate in real-time regardless of geographic location. The discussions can be codified and tagged against specific artifacts in the system, so that they become part of the artifact discussion thread.
  16. 16. © Copyright 2015, Inflectra Corporation Support for Mobile Devices - 16 - SpiraTeam provides a mobile web interface that allows users of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices to view their dashboard of assigned test cases and execute their tests using the mobile device. During test execution, you can attach screenshots to failed tests using the device’s built-in camera, providing additional context.
  17. 17. © Copyright 2015, Inflectra Corporation - 17 - Rapise - Automated Testing Made Easy  Rapise provides powerful and easy to use automated testing.  When you need to test web, mobile or desktop applications, Rapise makes it easy.
  18. 18. © Copyright 2015, Inflectra Corporation - 18 - Rapise - Test All Platforms & Technologies  Rapise can be used to test all of the different technologies you're using.  You can even test hybrid applications that mix technologies in the same script.
  19. 19. © Copyright 2015, Inflectra Corporation Rapise - Cloud-Based Testing  Rent your virtual test lab from Inflectra using Amazon Web Services.  Pay only for the time that you do testing  Flexible pricing by machine size and lifespan  Globally available in all AWS regions  Globally accessible through Remote Desktop and SSH  Get up and running in minutes with no installations  Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) pre-loaded with all tools - 20 -
  20. 20. © Copyright 2015, Inflectra Corporation SpiraTest & Rapise Integration  SpiraTest provides an integrated, holistic test management solution that manages your requirements, tests and incidents.  When you use Rapise with SpiraTest, you can centrally manage your automated tests and remotely schedule and launch them in a globally distributed test lab. - 21 -
  21. 21. © Copyright 2015, Inflectra Corporation Partnerships & Alliances - 22 -
  22. 22. © Copyright 2015, Inflectra Corporation - 23 - Solution Partner Network  We have an extensive worldwide partner network that is used to provide global consulting and training services: North America Asia Australia South America & Mexico Europe Middle East & Africa
  23. 23. © Copyright 2015, Inflectra Corporation Software Partnerships in 2014  Inflectra has been pursuing strategic technology partnerships to support our ALM vision  Neotys Leader in performance and load testing Plans to closely integrate SpiraTeam & Rapise with NeoLoad platform  Qualitia Leader in scriptless test automation. SpiraTest incorporated into platform  ProjectLocker Leader in hosted Git, Subversion repositories & cloud-based DevOps - 24 -
  24. 24. © Copyright 2015, Inflectra Corporation Questions? - 25 -