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A look at the value of social networking for marketing courses. As part of the Smart Marketing event delivered in

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  • Twitter is used as a serious tool for communication by researchers, journalists, government agencies, industry etc. Do not think of it as ‘something like facebook’… it is much much more than that.
  • Tweets for medical researchers..
  • To make Twitter useful to you.. Find and FOLLOW people related to your interests. Go to Twitter. Com and use the Who To Follow tab…
  • Spend time searching around for people to follow. Explore, play and occasionally.. Send Tweets.. To let people know you are there!
  • Type in any subject to find people, companies that might be interesting to follow
  • Using programs like Polleverywhere and Google Forms are very effective ways of creating community based surveys that can be sent out via Facebook and Twitter.
  • Using #Hashtags can help promote events
  • Who is taking the time to make comments about your organisation? Is it your organisation? Does your organisation have its own FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+ Accounts?
  • Or are upset members of the public making their own comments, postings, tweets and videos on youtube for you? How many FaceBook sites does your organisation have… and which one actually belongs to your organisation???? Do a search…and see how many Facebook sites exist for your organisation
  • Ensure that someone in your organisation takes respsonsibility for monitoring what is happening to your Web 2 Foot print, so that you can take appropriate and constructive measures to counter anything ‘bad’ that might be remarked upon.
  • The effect of marketing with and withoutHashtags in a local community. Left, Tweets from a college. Right, people in the community who are interested in tweets about their town. None of the messages sent on the left appear in the ‘interested’ stream on the right because no #Aylesbury tag is used.
  • Using a program like.. Hootsuite, allows you to monitor several topics at the same time and send out scheduled Tweets. You can plan your advertising in advance!
  • Handout. – Also available for download separately.
  • If you need more help with using Web2 for your marketing your courses, events etc in the South East of England, please contact the JISC RSC South East.
  • Smart markting rscse web2 - slidshare

    1. 1. Who makes your Web2 Foot Print? Adam Blackwood @Adamrsc
    2. 2. Twitter – Take it Seriously….
    3. 3.
    4. 4.
    5. 5. Starting with Twitter – Visit the FREE onLine Twitter Courseat for Extending the Learning Horizon
    6. 6. Create an InformationOnLine Polls Ser vice.. The Power Of Twitter Your expert reading digestWho is responsible for your organisation’s web2 Foot Print? Call for help HashTags for Events
    7. 7. The Power Of Twitter
    8. 8. Use Effective HashTags to reach the ‘interested’ marketProvide a good message.Establish a credible reputation for valuable / usefulTweets.
    9. 9. Create a return value to the link…
    10. 10. An email to a few hundred contacts from our CRM6,700 hits via Twitter22,000 individual hits to the site..People now attending our courses because they onlysaw it advertised on Twitter..
    11. 11. Bring togetheryour digest of interesting reading..
    12. 12. ConductCommunity Polls
    13. 13. HashTags for Events
    14. 14. #RSCSE#AoCTLConf#Ticer2010#ALTC2011 #BETT#OpenDay
    15. 15. Who is responsible for your organisation’s web2 Foot Print?
    16. 16. How effective is your Web2 Foot Print?
    17. 17. How effective is your Web2 Foot Print?
    18. 18. How effective is your Web2 Foot Print?- Is there anyone in your organisation looking the footprints being laid by other people… ?- Is there anyone reacting, commenting appropriately to negate, enhance their effect?
    19. 19. A little piece of research…. Messages with a Hash Tag..and without.
    20. 20. Using HashTags #Eg: #RSCSE H a s h Ta g e xe r t f ro m Tw i t t e rc o u rs e
    21. 21. With and Without HashTags
    22. 22. Twitter Application to Monitor the Topics of Interest to you
    23. 23. HAND OUT SLIDES
    24. 24. Set your Privacy Settings here.. Use this to search for tweets on a current topic or Bring together # HashTag Starting with your digest of Twitter interesting reading.. Speak..@ indicates a Twitter name eg: @nancyrubin Sending Tweets from a mobile phone. Without a Smart Phone: Register your phone and set SMS settings at and send messages to theRT means Re-Tweet eg: This is useful RT No. 86444. (Available for: Vodafone, O2, Orange, 3)# means a phrase used to filter that topic eg: Whats on in #Aylesbury With a Smart Phone:DM  Direct (Private) Message eg: D @Adamrsc I hate chocolate a lot Search for Twitter in your app market and download one of the many Twitter Apps. Useful Resources Learning & Twitter
    25. 25. Who makes your Web2 Foot Print? Adam Blackwood @Adamrsc
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