Hadoop Playlist (Ignite talks at Strata + Hadoop World 2013)


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Link to video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GNbn4RzZcQ

A typical day of a data engineer at Spotify revolves around Hadoop and music. However after some time of simultaneous developing MapReduce jobs, maintaining a cluster and listening to perfect music, something surprising might happen.. What? Well, a data engineer starts discovering Hadoop concepts in the lyrics of many songs! How can Coldplay, The Black Eyed Peas, Michael Jackson sing about Hadoop? (more at blog: http://hakunamapdata.com/hadoop-playlist-at-spotify/)

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Hadoop Playlist (Ignite talks at Strata + Hadoop World 2013)

  1. 1. “And it was all yellow Your skin Oh yeah your skin and bones Turn into something beautiful” Song 1
  2. 2. Abstraction One of the beauties of Hadoop Song 1
  3. 3. Luigi An open-source scheduler No guns here! Song 2
  4. 4. “Don’t take your guns to town, son Leave your guns at home, Bill” Song 2
  5. 5. Song 3
  6. 6. Fair Scheduler can murder tasks tries to be kind for starving pools you will have to play with it Song 3 Song 3
  7. 7. “It’s murder on the dancefloor But you’d better not kill the groove, DJ Gonna burn this god damn house right down Oh I know, I know, I know … About your kind And so and so and so ... I’ll have to play” Song 3
  8. 8. Song 4
  9. 9. “Your every wish is my command I’m your puppet, I’m your puppet I’m just a toy, just a funny boy I’ll do anything for you Make me do right or make me do wrong I’m your puppet Mm, treat me good and I’ll do anything” Song 4
  10. 10. Apache Zookeeper! $ echo ruok | nc 2181 imok Are you OK? Song 5
  11. 11. “So She Ran Into The Bedroom She Was Struck Down, It Was Her Doom Annie Are You Ok So, Annie Are You Ok Are You Ok, Annie Annie Are You Ok” Song 5
  12. 12. Song 6
  13. 13. Gustav: 50K should be fine... Sven: Why not 30K? Gustav: So maybe 40K? ;) Sven: OK. Let's meet halfway... Song 6
  14. 14. “Meet me halfway, Right at the boarderline Took my heart to the limit, And this is where I’ll stay I can’t go any further then this” Song 6
  15. 15. “Can’t stop thinking about it How much longer will it take to cure this? Just to cure it Cause I can’t ignore it if its love We’re accidentally in love Love … I’m in love” Song 7
  16. 16. Want more? Hakuna MapData A technical blog with some bytes of humour! Song 8