Kindle fire hdx vs kindle fire hd


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Amazon just announced its latest tablet – the Kindle Fire HDX.The new tablet has many innovations.This article will introduce you the main features of the Kindle Fire HDX.

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Kindle fire hdx vs kindle fire hd

  2. 2. Amazon just announced its latest tablet – the Kindle Fire HDX. Not like the new Kindle Paperwhite which has little improvement, the Kindle Fire HDX has so many innovations that it’s totally a new product from the previous Kindle Fire HD. This article will introduce you the main features of the Kindle Fire HDX.
  3. 3. The previous Kindle Fire HD all use TI dual-core chipset. This means they can’t have powerful performance. Now the Kindle Fire HDX has a breakthrough on chipset – it adopts the most powerful 2.2GHz Snapdragon 800 chipset which 2GB RAM. This is the typical configuration of flagship Android cellphones. The built-in Adreno 330 GPU also makes Kindle Fire HDX has a high quality graphics 2.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800chipset
  4. 4. Kindle Fire HDX has two models: the 7inch model and 8.9 inch model. Both of them have high resolutions, The7 inch Kindle Fire HDX has 1920*1200 resolution – the same like the 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD. And the Kindle Fire HDX has a incredible 2560*1600 resolution. In addition, the Kindle Fire HDX also has 100% sRGB and dynamic image contrast High resolution display
  5. 5. No one would like a heavy tablet. Amazon knows this well so they adopt a so-called “Ultra-light” design for Kindle Fire HDX. With unique magnesium body made by nylon and glass, Kindle Fire has a very light weight – it only weights 13.2 ounces . In order to fit Kindle Fire HDX’s small bezel and slim lines, Amazon also announces a exclusive Origami cover for Kindle Fire HDX. This ingenious cover will give you excellent holding experience. Ultra-light design and ingenious Origami cover
  6. 6. Kindle Fire HDX has make a big improvement on its camera. The 8.9 inch Kindle Fire HDX has a HD front-facing camera and a 8MP rear camera. The rear camera is quipped with image stabilization, wide-aperture lens and HDR. The High pixel front and rear camera 7 inch Kindle Fire HDX has only a front-facing camera. You can use t to record 720P HD video and make video conversation with others.
  7. 7. Mayday is a on-device tech support for Kindle Fire HDX. Anytime you tap the Mayday button on the screen, then an Amazon expert will show up and she would solve any problems you meet in using Kindle Fire HDX. The whole Mayday button for on-device tech support process is in real time, just like making video conversation. The Mayday service is 24 hour and it’s totally free.
  8. 8. Many people complaint Kindle Fire HD’s “fake” Android OS. The so-called Fire OS is based on Android but it’s totally different from Android. Now the latest Fire OS 3.0 on Kindle Fire HD has improved a lot. The biggest breakthrough is the support of multi tasking. You can switch from current content to another without any delay. There are many new feature of Fire OS 3.0 that we could not all introduce them in this article. But they are really be expected. Brand-new Fire OS 3.0 Source:
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