How to save nook books and remove DRM from Nook


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Barnes & Noble is likely to discontinue the Nook business. This slideshare shows how to save your Nook books and decrypt Barnes & Noble eBook. You will know how to remove DRM from Nook books with this slideshare.

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How to save nook books and remove DRM from Nook

  1. 1. How to save your Nook books?
  2. 2. What’s wrong with Barnes & Noble• Barnes & Noble showed terrible performancesover the past months.• Now Barnes & Noble officially removed Nookfor PC/Mac app download links.• Does that mean Barnes & Noble is going tonarrow or stop the Nook service?• Will Barnes & Noble Nook users lose theireBooks?
  3. 3. Download Nook for PC/Mac at Epubor• The first problem is, there is no official way todownload Nook for PC/Mac app, although Nook forWin8 and mobile apps are available.• Fortunately, Epubor has put the download links online,then people are able to access Nook books oncomputer.• Download Nook for PC / Mac app at Epubor No extra steps are required. Direct, easy and safe.
  4. 4. How to save your Nook books?• What you need to do is to strip the DRM protectionfrom Nook books.• As long as the Nook books are DRM-free (unprotected),you will be able to read them without restrictions. DRM-free Nook books mostly come in EPUB format, which can beopened on any devices and apps that support EPUB format. DRM-free Nook books can be converted to another format, suchas PDF or MOBI, so that they can be read on more devices,including Kindle.
  5. 5. How to remove DRM from Nook booksHere are the tools you need:Nook for PC/Mac app.This enables you to download Nook books to yourcomputer.Download Nook for PC / Mac app at EpuborEpubor Nook DRM RemovalThis enables you to remove DRM from Nook books.Epubor Nook DRM Removal for PC downloadEpubor Nook DRM Removal for Mac12
  6. 6. Lunch Nook app. Register the app with yourBarnes & Noble account. Click on each itemto download them to your computer.1How to remove DRM from B&N Nook books
  7. 7. How to remove DRM from B&N Nook booksLaunch Epubor Nook DRM Removal tool,downloaded Nook books will be loadedautomatically.2
  8. 8. Click “Setup” -> “Nook” to input the Barnes& Noble credit card info.Note: The software does not track yourpersonal info. You can run the softwareoffline.3How to remove DRM from B&N Nook books
  9. 9. Click “Remove DRM” to decrypt the Nookbooks.4How to remove DRM from B&N Nook books
  10. 10. For more details, please visit: guide also tells you how to decryptNook books with free Calibre plugin.*How to remove DRM from B&N Nook books
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