How to connect kindle fire hd to tv


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People always like big screen. If you think your tablet's screen is not big enough, try to connect it to TV. In this article we’ll show you how to connect Kindle Fire to TV with HDMI cable.

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How to connect kindle fire hd to tv

  1. 1. How to connect Kindle Fire HD to TV
  2. 2. People always like big screen. That’s why more people choose tablet to watch video and play games instead of the cellphone. Even most tablets have big screen at a size of 7 inch at least, some people still it’s not big enough. Is there a way to “zoom in” the tablet display just like the projector? The Answer is yes. With the HDMI port we can easily connect the tablet to a digital TV. In this article we’ll take the Kindle Fire HD for example and show you how to connect a tablet wit HDMI port to TV. PS: This tutorial is suitable for the Kindle Fire HD, not the original Kindle Fire. It has no HDMI port.
  3. 3. 1. Get a HDMI cable You can search “hdmi to hdmi micro cable” at Pay attention to the cable end. One end is the regular HDMI port and the other is micro HDMI port. As for the cable length, I suggest you choose the longer one. 15 feet or more is enough.
  4. 4. 2. Connect Kindle Fire HD and the TV First you need to find out the HDMI port on your digital TV. You may find more than one HDMI ports. That doesn’t matter. Just choose any of them. Then plug the HDMI cable in this port. Remember to choose the regular HMDI port, not the micro HDMI port.
  5. 5. Now you need to plug the other end of the cable in to the micro HDMI port of your Kindle Fire HD. It’s besides the USB/charging port. Reboot your Kindle Fire HD and power on your TV. Select the input signal as HDMI. And then your TV could display as same as the Kindle Fire HD.
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