Convert kindle AZW / TPZ / PRC / MOBI to pdf


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Convert Kindle AZW / TPZ / PRC / MOBI books to PDF with Epubor DRM Removal

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Convert kindle AZW / TPZ / PRC / MOBI to pdf

  1. 1. How to convert Kindle AZW / TPZ / PRC/ MOBI books to PDFConverting Kindle AZW / TPZ / PRC / MOBI books to PDF is an indispensible partfor many readers due to a fact that Amazon Kindle books are not supported onnon-Kindle devices like Nook, Sony reader and Kobo reader. We connect Calibrewith eBook converting in most cases. However, purchased Kindle AZW books aregenerally DRM protected and Calibre does not support DRM-ed Kindle books at all.Here I will show you how to convert Kindle AZW / TPZ / PRC /MOBI to PDF withEpubor DRM Removal.As I’ve put, nearly all purchased Kindle books are DRM protected, thus you arebound to fail if you directly convert Kindle eBooks to PDF with Calibre. What youshould do firstly is to remove DRM from your Kindle AZW, TPZ and PRC books.After DRM removing, you can feel free to use Calibre and do the Kindle-to-PDFconversion.
  2. 2. Step1. Download and install Epubor DRM Removal.Download Epubor DRM Removal for WindowsDownload Epubor DRM Removal for MacStep2. Download and install Kindle for PC / Kindle for Mac and registerwith your Amazon account.Installing Kindle for PC / Mac app on computer and syncing Kindle books onKindle for PC/Mac instead of directly copying Kindle books from Kindle device isvitally important as the decrypting key is exactly generated during this “Syncing”process. Although you can also remove Kindle DRM by inputting your Kindle (notKindle Fire) serial Number, the former syncing method works perfectly in far more
  3. 3. cases! Thus I strongly recommend you sync all your Kindle books on Kindlereading app.Step3. Drag and drop your Kindle books from Kindle content folder toEpubor DRM Removal tool.Kindle Content folder:For windows:Path: ...My DocumentsMy Kindle ContentFor Mac:Click "Kindle -> Preferences" to find your Kindle Content folder.
  4. 4. Step4. Click “Remove DRM”.If you sync all your Kindle books through Kindle reading app and have no problemto read them on Kindle app, you will remove DRM from your Kindle bookssuccessfully.Note:If there is any error occurs, copy the output message and send email
  5. 5. Step5. Use Calibre to convert DRM-free Kindle books (mostly MOBI) toPDF.#1 Download and install Calibre.#2 Drag and drop to add Kindle books.#3 Click “Convert books” and select output format on the following screen.#4 Click “OK” to convert.Once the conversion is done, the status will show “Jobs: 0” at thelower right corner.Click “Click to open” link under the book info. on the right hand side to get theconverted PDF file.Thus you have successfully converted Kindle AZW/TPZ/PRC and MOBI books toPDF regardless of Kindle DRM restriction.Created by: EpuborMore about convert Kindle to PDF with CalibreWelcome to send email to for any eBook-related problem.