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Ad stir en_20140213

  1. 1. Supply Side Platform “AdStir” Copyright © UNITED, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 1
  2. 2. Variation of our Ads You can display these AD types Standard Banner 300x250 320x100 320x50 How to integrate APP - SDK - JavaScript ad tag WEB SITE -JavaScript ad tag We have also ads for outside Japan Icon AD Interstitial AD (only for App) Do you close App? 300x250 YES Copyright © UNITED, Inc. All Rights Reserved. NO 2
  3. 3. Summary of AdStir SSP(Yield optimize)function RTB(CPM type ads - Real Time Bidding) AdStir CPC (Automatic optimization system for CPC ad-networks) Icon AD Interstitial AD(Full screen ads) Copyright © UNITED, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 3
  4. 4. SSP(Yield optimize) function Copyright © UNITED, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 4
  5. 5. RTB(Real Time Bidding) DSP_A Win best bid price ad Display best bid price ad on your media page/ad request Sending bidding data DSP_B DSP_C SSP DSP_D Sending ad request each your imps Bidding to DSPs each your imps Copyright © UNITED, Inc. All Rights Reserved. DSP_E 5
  6. 6. An example of improvement ad profits ・10,000,000imps/month ・CPM of ad-networks : 0.3USD ・RTB win rate : 40% ・CPM of RTB : 0.45USD 40,000,000imps Profits : $1,800 CPM $0.45 RTB CPM $0.3 Profits : $3,000 Profits : $2,000 CPC ad-networks AdStir CPC 10,000,000imps 6,000,000imps To combine RTB & CPC ad-networks(AdStir CPC), Your profits can be maximize Copyright © UNITED, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 6
  7. 7. Real Time Bidding Connected Connected Connected [DSP 接続状況] -Connected with 7 DSPs We are a leading SSP at Japanese Smartphone market A number of RTB campaign is always more than 1800 Connected Connected Connected Connected Copyright © UNITED, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 7
  8. 8. AdStir CPC -You can display major CPC ad-networks without registering o each ad-networks. -You can display high eCPM level ads Display Automatic optimization preferentially -Things that you need is only to set AdStir SDK or AdStir JavaScript ad tag HIGH AdStir RTB (Real-Time Bidding) Ad-network A eCPM Ad-network B AdStir CPC AdStir CPC Ad-network C ・ ・ ・ LOW Inventory Copyright © UNITED, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 8
  9. 9. Icon AD Name Icon AD OS Android / iOS Capacity Size Format Integration Profits Within 30KB changeable Default 57×57dip 75×73dip(with permeation gif、png Js / SDK by Click text) Image example of Icon AD CocoPPa Icon AD 1000万 GetMusic TAP10 CocoPPa *You can choose with text or not *Changeable icon size *Selectable text color & text size *Changeable space size from each icon *Selectable the number of icons you set CocoPPa AD(320×50) Copyright © UNITED, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 9
  10. 10. Interstitial AD Name Size OS Banner : 300×250 320×100 320×50 Android / iOS Interstitial AD Format icon : 57×57dip Integration Profits Banner + icon(with text) SDK By Click Image example of Icon AD アプリを終了しますか? Do you close App? ★★Recommended Apps★★ AD (300×250) You have sent message AD (320×100) Text Text Text AD(320×50) テキスト text Text Return to App text text Ttxt OK Summary text text text text Icon AD ×4 No (57×57) Yes *Upper Text(Option) ・You can insert any text above banner ・Selectable text color *Background Frame ・You insert any picture ・Selectable background color & penetrativity *Frequency Control You can choose ratio 1~100% *Button ・Selectable the number of button(1 or 2) ・Selectable text & button color ・Changeable button’s back ground *Movements ・Selectable movements when users tap the button (If users click outside ad-frame, our interstitial ads are closed.) ・Selectable dialogue type or not (dialogue type : ad-frame is always displayed, even there is a break in correspondence.) Copyright © UNITED, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 10
  11. 11. Interstitial AD設定例 Game Result ★★Recommended Apps★★ home app app At startup time TOP Applishulan 10,000,000 GetMusic TAP10 OK ページ遷移後 app app app Play Option Recommended Apps At the end of App *You can select when ads are displayed *You can extracts profits without disturbing standard banner ads Copyright © UNITED, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 11
  12. 12. How to Set AdStir 1. Plaese let me know your media’s informationz 1) MEDIA NAME 2) MEDIA PLATFORM - Choices: iOS, Android, Mobile Web, PC Web 3) STORE URL OR WEBSITE URL 4) SIZE OF AD SPACE Usually It takes 1-3 days 2. After confirm your media, we will set our ads 3. I will send AdStir SDK / AdStir JavaScript Tag 4. Please Set Our SDK / JavaScript Tag FINISH Contact +81-3-6821-0005 Copyright © UNITED, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 12