The Future of Marketing: Leveraging Intent Beyond Search


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AdRoll’s President, CMO & Co-Founder, Adam Berke’s keynote presentation at the 5th Digital Media and Marketing Summit in Dublin on May 28th 2014. Adam explores how data and intent data is at the centre of the new digital advertising ecosystem. This presentation covers the evolving role and form of ads in today's world.

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The Future of Marketing: Leveraging Intent Beyond Search

  1. The Global Leader in Retargeting ROI Focused 15,000+ CustomersActive in 100+ Countries The Future of Marketing: Leveraging Intent Beyond Search Presented by Adam Berke, President, CMO and Co-Founder of AdRoll
  2. Sydney, Australia Opened April 2014 Hiring 20 by 2015
  3. Media and Advertising Industries are Evolving
  4. Ad Spend vs Time Spent
  5. The Machines are Taking Over...
  6. The Machines are Taking Over… How do you anticipate the amount of your inventory sold programmatically to change over the next year? Somewhat More Substantially More No Change
  7. Data is the center of the new digital advertising ecosystem Display Search Social Video Mobile Email Content Mktg Data
  8. Intent Data Is Your Most Valuable Asset
  9. What is the most valuable type of data? INTENT! Online bike store Intent
  10. There Are Other Places to Capture Intent
  11. Targeting Based On First-Party Data = Retargeting 98% of visitors leave your site without converting. Retargeting lets you re-engage those visitors with your ads as they browse other websites. Over 85% increase in return conversions.
  12. But You Don’t Just Buy All Of The Data… What is Twerking? Eurovision winner Ploughing Championships Cycling gear Brian O’Driscoll Joan Burton Property Tax buy bikes online Selfie Election 2014 Mountain bikes Dublin GAA Dublin Bikes Scheme One Direction
  13. 60-Day Holding Period 30-Day Holding Period Segment Your Intent Data
  14. Marketing Based On Visitor Behavior Place the AdRoll SmartPixel across your site 1 Segment and score visitors by their web actions 2 A different message is delivered to each individual 3
  15. Real World Tactics
  16. Build Messaging With Your Sales Funnel In Mind Awareness: non-product content pages and <3 product pages. Strong brand imagery, lower bid, add contextual filters. Consideration: >3 product pages, multiple site visits, high duration visits. Dynamic product creative, higher bids, broad reach. Purchase intent: cart abandonment, Dynamic product creative, high bids, broad reach, use promotions. Loyalty: X days post purchase. Content campaigns. LTV metrics. 21 days 10 days 7 days 7 days
  17. Become Publisher Agnostic to Increase ROI Placement and testing across our 200+ partners to reach your customers and drive conversions on the highest quality inventory.
  18. Exploring cross-device retargeting
  19. We’re Now in a Multi-Screen World Dave wants to shop wherever, whenever he wants
  20. "90% of consumer transactions are started on one device and finished on another." - Neil Mohan, Google VP of Display Advertising Forbes Article
  21. * 200M+ mobile apps downloaded 10B+ web pages consumed $720M+ online sales purchased
  22. FB Mobile App Install Ads (MAI) ● If a business is going to spend $1 promoting an App, the best audience to start with is their desktop audience ● Include a clear CTA: “Install Now” or “Buy Now” Mobile Retargeting Use Case 1: Drive Mobile App Installs
  23. FB Mobile News Feed ads (MNF) ● MNF ads have the same functionality as desktop news feed ads. click ad → mobile site ● Advertisers should mirror their desktop campaign strategy to mobile Mobile Retargeting Use Case 2: Extend Reach to Mobile, Drive Conversions
  24. We wanted to make sure that our current website visitors could continuously engage with our product anytime they’re on mobile devices. AdRoll allowed us to help them discover our new app to keep them up-to-date. ► ► ► — Casey Kohner, Web Production Manager at Trek Case Study: Trek’s omni-channel and cross-device strategy
  25. Thank You!Adam Berke, President & Co-Founder @adamberke