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Social Media Competitive Analysis

Social Media Competitive Analysis



This is a competitive analysis done for a smoking cessation client.

This is a competitive analysis done for a smoking cessation client.

An addition deck with recommendations based on this information can also be found here on slideshare.



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    Social Media Competitive Analysis Social Media Competitive Analysis Presentation Transcript

    • Legacy EX Social Media Competitive Analysis06/08/12
    • Secondary Research Method•Website•Top competitor websites were reviewed to determine messaging, as well as identify pros and cons of each in both content anduser experience/design.•Mobile•Research was done to see if competitors have optimized their sites for mobile.•Apps offered were identified along with the price of each and what each provides in terms of content, community andintegration.•Social Media•Twitter was researched to identify what content is being provided, is it effective for engagement and interaction (RTs and@mentions), is the message consistent with other media, and what tone is being used, along with the number of followers.•Facebook was researched to identify content provided, interaction (likes and comments), tone used and consistency ofmessage, along with amount of fans and “people talking about this.”•YouTube was researched to see if each competitor has a video presence, what content is being provided and how often it’sbeing shared or viewed.•Summary•Key takeaways and recommendations/thought starters were provided based on this research and industry best practices.2
    • Competitor Overview•PRIMARY•QuitNet•Messaging•Homepage•Community•Website Summary•Facebook•Tw itter•YouTube•Mobile•Smokefree.Gov and SmokefreeWomen•Messaging•Homepages•Community•Website Summary•Facebook•Tw itters•YouTube•MobileLIVESTRONG•Messaging•Home Page and Quitting Smoking Page•Quit Smoking Community•Mobile Apps•Facebook•Tw itter•YouTube•Mobile•Mayo Clinic•Messaging•Homepage•Community•Facebook•Tw itter•YouTube•Mobile•Mobile Apps•BecomeAnEX•Messaging•Homepage•Community•Website Summary•Facebook•Tw itter•YouTube•Mobile•Mobile Apps•SECONDARY•Weight Watchers•Messaging•Homepage•Online Community•Facebook•Tw itter•Mobile•Mobile Apps3
    • QuitNet4
    • Messaging•Tagline: “Don’t Quit Alone.”•Mission: “Join QuitNet and track the amount oflifetime and money youll save by quitting.”•Source: QuitNet official website5
    • Homepage6
    • Homepage Features7•Nicodemon – Villianizes Smoking•Money Saved/Lifetime Saved Calculator•Fun Facts (Factoids) – Provides a source for each fact•Trivia Questions – Have to click on to see the answer,which leads to a page (makes researching more fun)•Resources for medical treatment questions andrecommendations•Product promotion – QuitNet sells merchandise onthe site as well.
    • Online Community•Largest supportcommunity boasting~60,000 monthly users•“…the QuitNetcommunity is designedto help members helpeach other quitsmoking... for good!”8
    • Online Community•User Content Filled Forums•User Created Clubs•Chat•Q-Mail – Email with other quitters•Member Directory with profiles•Anniversaries – Those who wishfor their profile to be public, canhave their quit date anniversarydisplayed on the webpage•Testimonials.•Q-Cards – encouragement cardsmembers can send to one another•Quitticisms – Glossary of quitterms (401Q, Cyber Trout, Elder,etc)9
    • Website Summary10•Clunky and cluttered design•Easy-to-find contact info•Large, active online community•Lots of tools and resources
    • Facebook11•Open Wall•Users can make, commenton and likeposts and other users’posts/comments.•Wall Posts:•Curated content•Timely relevant material (holidays, etc)•Encouraging notes•Inspirational quotes•Facts•Stat Shouting - Fridays•Tabs:•Photos•Twitter•Stats:•4,604 “Likes”•76 “Talking about this”
    • Twitter12•@QuitNet•Website/Blog Promotion•Active in RTing relevanttweets•Frequent posting (at leastonce a day)•Followers: 726
    • YouTube13•Content includes:•2 Videos uploaded by QuitNet: Both areadvertisements.•Featured videos favorited by QuitNet•Last active on March 22, 2011•Easy to find•No links from the website or Facebook,though.•Also, appears as if it’s not being usedanymore.•Channel Views: 2,532•Subscribers: 29
    • Mobile Optimization•The QuitNet website is NOToptimized for mobile devices.•This is a shrunk version of theregular QuitNet website.•Much of the community (chat)is inaccessible due to runningon ShockWave.14
    • Smokefree.Gov+SmokefreeWomen15
    • Messaging•Smokefree.gov also has an initiative dedicated specificallyto women who are quitting, SmokefreeWomen. BecauseSmokefreeWomen does such a great job at interaction andengagement, This compares both.•Tagline: “Quit Smoking Today. We Can Help.”•Mission: “Smokefree.gov is intended to help you orsomeone you care about quit smoking.”•Source: Smokefree.gov official website16
    • Homepages17
    • Smokefree.gov Homepage Features18•Survey questions•Step-by-step quit guide•Tools to help quit•Talk to an expert•Text messaging program sign-up•Twitter•Search
    • SmokefreeTXT•Text program to helpquitters•Starts 2 weeks before and•runs 6 weeks after your setquit date•Provides extra help whenneeded (see above) bytexting a keyword.19
    • SmokefreeWomen Homepage Features20•Quit Topics relevant towomen•Depression, Pregnancy,Relationships•Step-by-step quit guide•Contact info•Twitter•Facebook•Email•Tool to help quit•Quizzes•SmokefreeTXT•Savings calculator•Medication guides•Smokefree e-cards•Talk to an expert•More free resources•Digital booklets to help quit
    • Online Community21•Smokefree.gov does not have an online community.•SmokefreeWomen uses Facebook for their online community.• They encourage women to:•post their picture with their quit date as the caption•Post messages or video – at least every other day, but more often if you like aboutyour quit journey, strategy , challenges and success•Support others by commenting and engaging•Motivation comes when they:•Set public goal•Receive virtual support•Learn new ways to deal with challenges•Inspire other women to quit
    • Website Summary22•Attractive, Clean design•Easy navigation•No website community (Facebook houses the community)•Lots of great information, guides, booklets and help that isall related to women who are quitting.•SmokefreeWomen Website features YouTube videos onthe sidebars
    • Facebook - SmokefreeWomen23•Open Wall•Users can make, comment on and like posts andother users’ posts/comments.•Wall Posts:•SmokefreeWomen Community•Constantly encourages and congratulates quitters.•Refer to quitters as “Smokefree ____” < Branding•Propose quitting challenges•Repost community comments (“We Love this”)•Inspirational quotes and photos•Tabs:•Shop Now: They sell t-shirts•Photos•Encouraging photos•User submitted photos•Notes•Contests•Stats:•3,714 “Likes”•258 “Talking about this”
    • Twitter – Smokefree.gov•@SmokefreeGov:•Helpful tips to quitting•Encouragement•Links to relevant news•Followers: 1,10224
    • Twitter - SmokefreeWomen•@Smokefree:•Copies encouraging posts from the FB community•RT followers posts•RT other smoking cessation•groups’ tweets•Posting around 4-7 times daily•Tweets are frequently RT’d•Followers: 7,32525
    • YouTube – SmokefreeWomen26•Content:•This channel was used mostly for a videocontest they ran. Only 2 other videos havebeen uploaded since, both on the topic ofpregnancy and smoking.•Last active on July 13, 2011•Easy to find in search•No links from the website or Facebook, though.•Also, appears as if it’s not being usedanymore.•Channel Views: 12,960•Subscribers: 43
    • Mobile Optimization•The Smokefree.gov andSmokefreeWomen websitesare NOT optimized for mobiledevices.•They are just a shrunk versionof the regular website.27
    • Messaging•Tagline: “Get informed. Find support. Take control.”•Mission: “LIVESTRONG serves people affected by cancer and empowersthem to take action against the worlds leading cause of death.”•Because LIVESTRONG concentrates on all forms of cancer and disease,the numerical results from this comparison are skewed. When possible,emphasis has been placed specifically on their smoking cessation portions.•Source: LIVESTRONG official website29
    • Homepage and Smoking Page30
    • Quit Smoking Page Features31•The corporate site breaks down into LIVESTRONGmenand LIVESTRONGwoman. Both of these sites have thesame general content; they are just slightly tweaked foreach sex.•The sites then have a choice for “community.”
    • Quit Smoking Page Features32•Under community, there are choices for success stories(most related to weight-loss), groups and challenges,forums, dares and a food tracker. We will concentrate ondares.•One of the dares is to quit smoking. This is where youcommit to downloading the app (next slide) and you canpost your results on this page.•It is basically one massive page of comments.
    • Quit Smoking Page Images33
    • Mobile Application34•LIVESTRONG MyQuit Appfeatures:•Personalized quitting plan•Upload own motivation•Track consumption and allowance•Earn badges and awards•Tips, facts and motivation•Facebook and Twitter integration•Lite is Free/Full is $3.99
    • Facebook35•Open Wall•Users can make, comment on and likeposts and other users’ posts/comments.•Wall Posts:•Branded content•Merchandise promotion•Curated Content•After searching as far back as 1 year, the onlysmoking-related posts were for Prop 29•Questions for engagement•Facts•Tabs:•Photos•Events•Share your story•Blog•Stats:•1,636,502 “Likes”•5,889 “Talking about this”
    • Twitter•@LIVESTRONG•Curated content•Facts aboutsmoking/cancer•High engagement•Followers: 284,93436
    • YouTube37•Content:•Full work out video series and self-help tipsfor those struggling with cancer.•99% of the videos are fitness-related•Last active on May 30th, 2012•Easy to find in search•Links on website and Facebook•Over 2,600 uploaded videos•Channel Views: ~52,000,000•Subscribers: ~99,000
    • Mobile Optimization•The LIVESTRONG website ISoptimized to be viewed on amobile device.•Full Site Search Function•Embedded Video•Access to your quit plan•Information about smoking isreadily available after a search38
    • Mayo Clinic39
    • MessagingMission: “Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit worldwideleader in medical care, research and education forpeople from all walks of life.”Source: Mayo Clinic official website40
    • Homepage41
    • Homepage Features42•Mayo Clinic Homepage•Social Media Links•Twitter•Facebook•YouTube•Prominent Search Window•Appt Request•Donation•Research and Education•Mayo Clinic Quit Smoking Page•E-Newsletters•Action Plan•Recommended Diet•Tipsand Info - on quitting andstaying quit.•Info on Medical Assistance•Resources– Includes QuitNet,EX, and Smokefree.org
    • Online Community•“Each year, more than 500,000visit Mayo Clinic for diagnosisand treatment.”•“These patients, their familiesand friends, and Mayo Clinics50,000 employees andstudents are part of the globalMayo Clinic community.”•“This site provides a place forcommunity members to shareinformation, support andunderstanding.”43
    • Online Community•Discussion Board –Featuring topics from mostdiseases and cancers•News Articles•Mayo Clinic Blog Articles•Videos44
    • Facebook45•Open Wall•But state on About Me: They will remove spam,personal attacks, advertisements andinappropriate language• Wall Posts:•Mayo Clinic happenings (research and events)•Invites for chats with medical professionals•Curated Content•Questions for engagement•Facts• Tabs:•Know Your Numbers•Events•YouTube•Videos•Forum•Notes•Stats:•96,471 “Likes”•1,588 “Talking about this”
    • Twitter•@MayoClinic:•Links to Mayo research or articles•Invitation to Twitter and FacebookChats•Occasional RTs but only if it hasto do with Mayo•Followers: 354,55046
    • 47YouTube•Content:•Research studies and doctor’s comments•Last active on June 5, 2012•Easy to find in search•Updates frequent•Over 2,000 videos uploaded•No videos on smoking cessation werelocated.•Channel Views: 6,845,350•Subscribers: 5,630
    • Mobile Optimization•The Mayo Clinic website isNOT optimized for mobiledevices.•It is a shrunk version of theregular website.48
    • Mobile Application49•Mayo Mobile App allows access to:•Latest news, publications and healthinformation from Mayo Clinic•Maps/directions to each clinic•Personal medical record and labresults•Appointment schedule•This app does NOT include anyinformation on smoking cessation•App is a free download.
    • Mobile Application50•Community Mobile App allowsaccess to:•The online Mayo community•Member discussion forum•Articles and Blogs•Health Information•App is a free download.
    • EX51
    • Messaging Summary – Listening Online52•Tagline: “Re-learn life without cigarettes.”•Mission: “The EX Plan is a free quit smoking program,one that can show you a whole new way to think aboutquitting. It’s based on personal experiences from ex-smokers as well as the latest scientific research from theexperts at Mayo Clinic.”•Source: EX official website
    • Homepage53
    • Online Community•“Quitting is tough, but yourenot alone.”•“If you need a place to ventor celebrate or get advice,everyone here wants to helpyou quit smoking.”•Community has 564,384members currently*•*Note: This is the total number of members, not thosethat are active.54
    • Online CommunityUser Created Blog Postings•User Created Groups•Member Pages (Profiles)•Member Badges are engaging•and fun•Legacy Created Forums•Dr. Hurt55
    • Facebook•Open Wall•Users can make, comment on and likeposts and other users’ posts/comments.•Wall Posts:•Questions from EX•Engagement (Like this if…) posts•EX responds to ~75-80% of user posts (Thiswas taken from the last 100 posts)•Promoting the EX website/blog•Promoting the Dr. Hurt blog•Tabs:•Get started (includes an intro video)•Videos (Interesting facts or personalvideos of ex-smokers)•Events (currently only one past event from12/26/11) – buried on the second page•Stats:•11,659 “Likes”•135 “Talking about this”56
    • Twitter•@TheEXTeam•Website/Blog Promotion•Questions/Fill-In-Blanks•Requests for RTs•Not much engagement•No RTs of other users posts•Stream is all EX•Not many tweeting@TheExTeam•Followers: 66157
    • YouTube58•Contains little content•Last active on September 7, 2010•Difficult to find•No links from the website or Facebook.•Doesn’t appear to be a current focus•May want to consider removing it, as it addslittle value currently.•Channel Views: 7,237•Subscribers: 1
    • Mobile Optimization•The BecomeAnEx website IS optimized to beviewed on a mobile device.•Access to the Community•Imbedded Video•Access to your quit plan59
    • Mobile Application60•The EX Plan:•Personalized quitting plan•Connect with other smokers•Tools from the BecomeAnEx•Website.Note: Searching for BecomeAnEx or EXyields no results. You have to type in “LegacyEX” or “The EX Plan.”•Also, there isn’t a very visible link on thewebsite to notify members about its existence.•App is $.99
    • Key Takeaways61
    • Social Media Community ComparisonMaking a fun, branded experience – QuitNet examples:“Quiticisms.” - Glossary of terms used on their website. They have in essence developed their own language for users tograsp onto. Examples are “cyber trout” – A cyber trout is a drawing that members send to other members after they go 3days without a cigarette – a reward. 401Q is the savings from not smoking. And there are about 50 others that usersregularly use.Q Mail – Email with QuittersQ Chat – Ability to chat with members instantly when a craving happensQ Cards – Fun, encouraging cards to send other membersDisplay of users “quit anniversaries.”Stat Shouting – Every Friday they ask their followers to shout their stats (money and life saved since quitting)62
    • Social Media Tone ComparisonProfessional as opposed to a casual tone:Because LIVESTRONG and Mayo Clinic are seen as trusted leaders in their field and have such arobust and large contributor and/or fan base, their tone is very professional and comes across asgenuine and reliable.QuitNet has a slightly less professional and more casual tone.SmokefreeWomen has the most casual and friendly tone. They talk to their users as you would a closefriend, and their users engage them in the same manner.63
    • Social Media Engagement ComparisonInteracting with followers and fans on Facebook and Twitter:LIVESTRONG responds to tweets and posts quickly, RTs their followers comments and posts and posts relevant, value-added content.QuitNet and EX post questions to engage, links to articles and blog posts, but lack the engagement from their followers,however QuitNet often RTs their follower’s successes or struggles.SmokefreeWomen tweets their users successes from the community that is built on the Facebook page. They alsoengage heavily with users on Facebook.Mayo Clinic keeps everything branded. Every tweet or Facebook post relates to a Mayo Clinic article, event or piece ofresearch. They RT content, but only if it is concerning Mayo Clinic. If they don’t have a branded article concerningsomething, they have a doctor write one (example within 24 hours of the large soda ban in New York, they had 3 doctorscomments on it available.64
    • Social Media Content ComparisonEach focuses on similar content (Links to relevant articles, info onhandling cravings, links to their respective websites), with a fewexceptions.LIVESTRONG posts regarding events and merchandise and posts their members’ successes and encouragement.Mayo focuses only on Mayo created content and does not engage with users.QuitNet and EX post questions and give members an opportunity to engage.Most competitors mirror the content offered on Facebook and Twitter(Smokefree.gov does not have a Facebook)..65
    • Primary Competitor Comparison66EX QuitNet Smokefree.gov SmokefreeWomen LIVESTRONG* Mayo Clinic*F:Likes 11,659 4,604 N/A 3,714 1,636,502 96,471F:Talking About 135 76 N/A 258 5,889 1,588T: Followers 661 726 1,102 7,325 284,934 354,550Smartphone App N/A N/A N/A N/A MyQuitMayo andCommunityYouTubeY: Fewvideos/nothingrecentY: Severalvideos/nothingrecent No OfficialY: Few videos -contestrelated/NothingrecentY: Workout andWell-BeingY: Research andStudiesOriginal Video Y N N Y Y YOnline Community Y Y NY: ThroughFacebook N YPosting Links Y Y Y Y Y YPosting CuratedContent Y (but very little) Y Y Y Y NPosting CreatedContent Y Y Y Y Y YMobile Application(s) Y N N N Y YMobile Site OptimizationY – Access tocommunity, videosand quit plan N N NY – Search,Resources, Videosand Dares N*NOTE:These high figures are the result of the entire site, not just smokingcessationportions
    • Secondary:Weight Watchers67
    • MessagingWeight Watchers is slightly different because they are selling a product and not justproviding a free service and support.Because of this, the tone of the media is both sympathetic and promotional.Mission: “At Weight Watchers, weight management is a partnership that combinesour knowledge with your efforts.”Source: Weight Watchers Homepage68
    • Homepage69
    • Homepage Features70•Social Media Links•Twitter•Facebook•YouTube•Myspace•Prominent Search Window•Food/Recipes•Fitness/Health•Promotions – Individual•pages (online for Men)•Success Stories
    • Online Community•Challenges – Ranging fromweight loss to being active tochanging habits•Blogs – Written by users•Groups – Started andmaintained by users•Message Board•Recipe Swap71
    • Facebook72•Open Wall•Wall Posts:•Reasons to Believe•Weight Watchers News•Encouraging/Helpful Posts fromothers•Tabs:•LLA: Live Life Active•Get Started•Believe•Daily Recipes•Contests•Videos•Stats:•1,000,381 “Likes”•17,481 “Talking about this”
    • Twitter•@WeightWatchers:•All Weight Watchers or Weight Watchers affiliates content•RT Weight Watchers news•Recipes•Polls and surveys•News and Articles•Followers: 140,20573
    • Mobile Optimization•The Weight Watcherswebsite is NOT optimized formobile devices.•Shrunk version of the regularwebsite•Fails to even resize very well74
    • Mobile Application75•App allows users to access:•New recipes daily; save 10•Cheat sheets•Success stories•Find meetings in your area•Connectwith community•Profile•Photo uploads•For members:•Track points values•Calculate values•Search over 31,000 food options•Track weight and set reminders•App is a free download
    • Mobile Barcode Scanner Application76•App allows users to:•Scan thousands of brandname foods•Integration with thePointsPlus tracker•Comparison feature to lookat multiple foods•App is a free download
    • SecondaryKey Takeaway77
    • Social Media ComparisonCommunity engagement:Everything is integrated. You can share any page, any recipe, any blog post on Facebook and Twitter.Not only this, but the buttons that allow this sharing are prominently displayed on each page/post. Thisallows the user to be as public or as private as they want. For some, being public is gaining thataccountability and encouragement that they so desperately want and need.The buttons for sharing on the EX site can be hard to find if you don’t already know where they are.78
    • SummaryThought Starters79
    • Thought StartersEngagement and Interaction: Consider becoming more interactive and starting a conversation with users.-RT follower’s successeses/goals/quit dates/anniversaries – things that emotionally encourage-Find new followers: Search twitter: “Just quit smoking” or “quit smoking” or “last cigarette” or things relevant –Send those people a tweet that is warm, friendly, encouraging and links them to BecomeAnEx.org-Follow up: Keep a list of @screennames you communicate with. Send them all a follow-up tweet a few days laterto see how they are doing and provide some added encouragement.Tone: Consider injecting more personality into social media communicationContent: Consider using curated content. Developing a set of content or author guidelines, or even a list ofrecommended sources could ensure EX is posting relevant on-brand content.Sharing Integration: Consider making the Facebook and Twitter page-share buttons in more standardlocations (right above or below each blog entry or page), so users understand their ability to shareseamlessly.APP promotion: Consider using the standard “Available in the APP store” icon on your website promotion ofTheExPlan mobile app. Also consider making search terms “BecomeAnEx” and “EX” in the mobileapplication to make it easier to find.80
    • Helpful Links•EX:•www.BecomeAnEX.org•www.Facebook.com/BecomeAnEX•www.Twitter.com/TheEXTeam•www.YouTube.com/BecomeAnEX•QuitNet:•www.QuitNet.com•www.Facebook.com/quitnet•www.Twitter.com/quitnet•www.YouTube.com/quitnet•Smokefree.gov / SmokefreeWomen:•www.Women.Smokefree.gov / www.Smokefree.gov•www.Facebook.com/Smokefree.Women•www.Twitter.com/SmokefreeWomen /www.Twitter.com/SmokefreeGov•www.YouTube.com/SmokefreeWomen•LIVESTRONG:•www.LIVESTRONG.com / www.LIVESTRONG.orgwww.LIVESTRONG.com/man /www.LIVESTRONG.com/woman•www.Facebook.com/livestrong•www.Twtitter.com/LIVESTRONG•www.YouTube.com/LIVESTRONG•Mayo Clinic:•www.MayoClinic.com•www.Facebook.com/mayoclinic•www.Twitter.com/MayoClinic•www.YouTube.com/MayoClinic•Weight Watchers:•www.WeightWatchers.com/index•www.Facebook.com/WeightWatchers•www.Twitter.com/WeightWatchers•www.YouTube.com/WeightWatchers81