Acxiom report the state of digital & analytics driven marketing in australia


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This thought provoking report provides the digital and marketing fraternity with useful findings and insights into how multichannel marketing efforts are being utilized, tracked and analyzed.

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Acxiom report the state of digital & analytics driven marketing in australia

  1. 1. ad:tech “Have Your Say” PollThe State of Digital and Analytics-Driven Marketing in AustraliaApril 2011
  2. 2. Today’s marketer mustnavigate a world ofincreasingly fragmentedand interactive media.Digital innovation hasfundamentally shiftedpower from brands toconsumers.In March 2011, Acxiom, Australia’s leading provider of data andanalytically driven marketing services, launched “Have Your Say”.This online poll examined the state of Digital and Analytics-DrivenMarketing in Australia.Key Findings: • 83% of respondents consider digital marketing of strategic importance. • Customer insights are influencing sales and marketing efforts, but still a long way to go. • While traditional marketing channels are still an important part of the marketing mix, combined online channels dominate. • Facebook is leading the social media engagement model, with other Web 2.0 networks gaining momentum. • Mobile marketing rarely utilised (less than 10%), despite mobile internet reaching 50% penetration amongst online Australians in 2010. • An alarming 35% don’t analyse and compare customer behaviour across all channels. • Respondents identified that they used an average of 3 vehicles to gain customer insights. Of this, on average 63% used internal feedback mechanisms.
  3. 3. Organisationsrecognisethe strategicimportance ofdigital How do you rate the strategic importance of digital marketing in your organisation? 35% VERY 48% IMPORTANT CRITICALLY IMPORTANT 15% SOMEWHAT IMPORTANT 2% LITTLE IMPORTANCEIt is reassuring to see that over 80% of marketers Research has shown that customers who purchase appear to recognise the strategic importance of across multiple channels are 4-5 times moredigital marketing to their organisations. Recent profitable. If marketers aren’t tapping into all the data advances in media technology enables businesses available to them, can they truly understand who andto provide a superior brand experience, by delivering where those customers are? Furthermore, how can individually tailored messages to just the people they they truly engage with their customers and maximisewant to reach at the precise moment of maximum their value?impact.What is concerning is that only a small percentage report to utilise the power of these technologies tounderstand where and how their customers behaveacross all channels.
  4. 4. Moderateconfidencein applyingcustomer insightsVery poorPoorOkayGoodVery good How do you rate your company’s ability to appl y customers insights to your sales and marketing efforts ?Results indicate that although marketers have access to an array of data about their customers, few appear to have the ability to analyse,apply and act on those learnings.To be successful in this marketplace the application ofmultidimensional insights is of critical importance. Real customer insight covers customer interests and attitudes, geodemographics,online and offline activity.A lack of analytical capability to extract the nuggets of insights fromwithin these data sets could prove to be a disadvantage in today’smarket. Fortunately, it is a disadvantage that can be rectified through the application of easily accessible analytical tools.
  5. 5. Online channels dominate the mix when it comes to customer engagement100 Which channels do you currently use to connect and engage with your customers? 80 60 40 SEARCH ENGINES EMAIL MARKETING TELEMARKETING 20 MOBILE / SMS FACE TO FACE ADVERTISING DIRECT MAIL FACEBOOK LINKEDIN WEBSITE TWITTER EVENTS 0 30% 35% 42% 48% 49% 53% 53% 60% 65% 70% 75% 88% Traditional marketing channels such as advertising, Our findings are in line with the IAB Australia Online direct mail and telemarketing remain an important Advertising Expenditure Report (OAER), that found part of the mix when engaging with customers. Not Australian online advertising recorded its biggest surprisingly, online channels dominate when it comes ever spend last quarter, peaking at $A627.75m, to how marketers connect and engage with their a 22% increase. According to IAB Australia, customers. Email, website and search engines lead the total online advertising expenditure for 2010 was way with social media networks gaining momentum. $A2.265bn. IAB Australia believes that the market is on track to reach $3bn by 2012.
  6. 6. There is scopefor developmentwhen it comesto cross-channelcustomer analysisand comparison Do you analyse and compare how your customers behave across all channels? 35% NO 65% 35% YE SIt is promising to see that approximately 65% of In today’s market, when the availability and quality ofmarketers claim to analyse and compare customer analytical tools is better than ever, applying simplebehaviour across multiple channels. Further yet effective analytics processes need not be out ofinformation around what specific channels are reach.being used, combinations and also what are beingneglected would be insightful.Correspondingly, it is somewhat alarming to see the remainder don’t appear to be gaining value fromcross-channel customer tracking and analysis.
  7. 7. Marketers believethey understandcustomer behaviouracross channels,contradicting widerresearch How well do you understand how your customers behave across channels? We have a very good understanding 33% We have some knowledge 48% We have very little knowledge 14% Don’t know 5%Poll results indicate that most marketers believe To drive customer engagement, and optimisethey have a reasonable understanding of customer customer value, marketers would be wise to ensurebehaviour across channels, with only approximately their processes allow them to gain multi-dimensional20% admitting little to no knowledge. This result is customer insight. In addition, the ability to act on thatin direct contradiction to wider research, and may information at the moment that customers interactindicate a discrepancy between what respondents with their brand is critical.believe to be effective understanding of customerbehaviour and industry standards.
  8. 8. Direct customerfeedback,transaction andcontact historyfavoured methodsof gainingcustomer insight How do you currently gain insight on your customers?61% Transaction history60% Customer contact history64% Feedback from client facing teams53% Industry market research37% Commissioned research/focus groups51% Monitoring of social media activity6% Please adviseWhile the marketers polled used numerous It is encouraging to see that Australian marketersmethods to gain customer insight, internal feedback seem to understand the importance of surroundmechanisms appeared to be favourites (transaction sound marketing.history, customer contact history, feedback fromclient facing teams).As expected many monitored and analysed socialmedia activity. This trend is indicative of an increasingnumber of organisations participating in a rangeof social media channels. The lower percentage ofcommissioned research or focus groups may indicatea decline in a comparatively expensive approach toachieving the same end.
  9. 9. Call 1300 ACXIOM to discusshow we can help improveyour customer engagement,decrease your advertising wastageand maintain your brand’s integrity.About AcxiomAcxiom is a data and analytically driven marketing services company. Our deep understanding ofdata enables our clients to get a real view of their customers. We employ smart people who leverage our global best practices with their local knowledge, which results in the design and delivery ofsuperior customer engagement solutions.Acxiom delivers real value, in a timely and cost effective manner.For more information, please visit:Web : : 1300