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Some information about Acuity, the UK and Ireland reseller for Tobii eye tracking solutions.

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Acuity Flyer

  1. 1. About us...Acuity ETS Limited are the Acuity is much more than just another From basic setup to fully personalisedUK & Ireland reseller for Tobii reseller, we are passionate about training courses encompassing TobiiTechnologies AB, manufacturers eyetracking and evangelical in our Studio, E-Prime, Matlab and more -of the award winning T & X series approach to spreading the word. We Acuity have the knowledge to helpof eye trackers and the authors of know eye tracking is the future for you get results from your investmentTobii Studio. market research, usability and many from day one. We will work with you areas of academic research - and we to create a tailored training package, like to shout about it! from half a day to a full week, to enable you to be able to easily, We pride ourselves on providing the consistently and accurately gather the tools and knowledge you need to get data you need. the most from your system - rapid ROI or in depth knowledge transfer. At Acuity we take pride in understanding your requirements and Anyone can sell you an eyetracker, ensuring that our recommendations some people will help you get started exceed your expectations. From a but only Acuity has the depth of simple software upgrade to designing experience in remote eye trackers to and implementing a fully featured train you to fully reap the benefits usability lab we are on hand to assist of them. By working in partnership you. with you, and fully understanding your needs we can empower you Add to this ongoing support, training to correctly interpret the resulting and advice and you have the benefit data, increase the efficiency of your of peace of mind that can’t be tests and ensure that you are fully bought. conversant with your purchase. Acuity ETS Limited Offices: Davidson House, Forbury Square, Reading, Berkshire RG1 3EU, United Kingdom Tel 01189 000 795 | Fax 01189 195 095 | Web | Email
  2. 2. About TobiiTobii Technology is the world leader in hardware and software solutions for eye tracking – a technology that makes itpossible for a computer to know exactly where a user is looking.The company was founded in 2001 and has enjoyed very strong annual growth and profitability. A large part of therevenues are reinvested in R&D. Since its creation Tobii have received a large number of prestigious awards for itspioneering technology and products.With its main office in Stockholm, Sweden, Tobii also has subsidiaries in the US, Germany, Norway and Japan. In othermarkets, Tobii’s products are promoted and sold via distributors. In the UK Tobii is represented by Acuity ETS Ltd.Tobii T & X Series Eye TrackersThe Tobii T & X series Eye Trackers are ideal for all forms of eye tracking studies.For studies with stimuli that can be presented on a screen the T series (17” or 24”) rangeof trackers are ideal, for everything ranging from usability studies and market researchto psychology studies, infant studies, reading studies, vision research and more.The X series Eye Trackers are standalone eye tracking units designed for eye trackingstudies relative to any surface. They enable a variety of stimuli setups such as a TV orother displays, a projection screen or a physical object or scene. Being the most flexible Tobii eye trackers, the X series models are recommended for studies that requireparticular setups such as shopping shelf tests, simulator set ups and face-to-facecommunication experiments. All Tobii Eye Trackers make eye tracking easy and fully automatic. Long lasting calibrations are carried out in seconds and tracking is started by a single mouse click. Tobii Eye Trackers offer complete unobtrusiveness, with large freedom of head movement and no visible or moving “tracking devices”. High tracking accuracy and excellent head movement compensation guarantees excellent quality data. The Tobii T & X Eye Trackers track almost everyone and drift compensation guarantees high tolerance to varying light conditions.Tobii Studio SoftwareTobii Studio™ is the most comprehensive eye tracking analysis and visualization softwareon the market. It is ideal for evaluating interactive media such as websites, software, e-mailcampaigns, computer games, interactive TV, as well as print advertising, TV commercials,shopping shelves and physical products. Scientific research uses include psychologystudies, infant research, reading studies, vision research and more.• Record gaze data, participant interaction and independent variables • Observe and log important events• Instant replay, review and analysis of test sessions after a test • Calculate standard eye tracking metrics or export raw data • Visualize results and make them more understandable and convincing • Benefit from dedicated web tools • Tobii Studio supports project based work enabling easy administration of large numbers of test participants• Intuitive GUI and workflow for ease of operation Acuity ETS Limited Offices: Davidson House, Forbury Square, Reading, Berkshire RG1 3EU, United Kingdom Tel 01189 000 795 | Fax 01189 195 095 | Web | Email