Actus Business Immigration Ltd.Pptx. April 2012


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Actus Ireland Immigration service summary

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Actus Business Immigration Ltd.Pptx. April 2012

  1. 1. Services Summary
  2. 2. Actus: An introduction Actus Business Immigration Ltd. wish to introduce our services. We are delighted to be able offer our services to you and would ask that you don’t hesitate in calling us to discuss any immigration matter you may have. The following pages set out the basis of our approach to Irish immigration procedure. We also configure matching services for other immigration jurisdictions that our clients need to engage with. Actus Business Immigration is a new kind of Immigration consultancy in Ireland, specialising in delivering solutions to employers and individuals regarding their business immigration matters. We get business critical personnel into Ireland in an effective and efficient manner. We will ensure you are compliant with Irish immigration legislation and guidelines. We work solely in immigration and focus on a sustainable, empathetic and planned solution to your needs . We have been established in Ireland since 2004, individual staff members have over ten years experience in both business and personal immigration . We are based in Dublin and are highly knowledgeable in Irish immigration legislation and guidelines. Actus delivers a professional strategic service which has resulted in a 100% success rate in corporate and business applications.
  3. 3. Our ServicesWe offer a complete application service, briefing service and retainer service in the following areas: Green Cards Intra Company Transfers Work Permits GNIB Registration Visa solutions for jurisdictions world wide Citizenship, Long Term Residency, EU Treaty Rights, Stamp 3 and Stamp 4 (when business or corporate sponsored) Spousal and Dependency Visas Appeals Schengen Visas Advice and Briefings on work of a complex/ sensitive nature
  4. 4. The Benefits of Using Actus Irish Immigration procedures are strictly enforced and potentially quite complex. The demands of the system can be time- consuming and daunting. We will take the application to completion for you and liaise with the relevant Irish Government Department on your behalf. Actus offers a service that is responsive to changes within the Irish policy environment and is focused at maximising the potential for application success. To achieve this we offer a service whereby we:  Identify all relevant documents and ensure that they are of a sufficient standard and appropriate format to present.  Prepare written submissions in support of your application and submit the application to the relevant Government Department.  Liaise with the Department in relation to any matters that may arise from the application.  If the applicant is visa required we can assist in the preparation and submission of a visa application to the relevant Irish overseas embassy abroad.  Professional skilled assessment and strategic presentation of a case to the relevant Irish authorities.  Skilled and focused casework, we liaise with all relevant agencies to ensure speedy conclusion of the application process.  Dedicated systems to process multiple applications on behalf of employers.  Extensive staff experience reinforcing a case and presenting appeals.  Guidance on visa matters and assistance where necessary. We will liaise with the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs and/or the relevant Irish diplomatic post handling the visa application.  Guidance on Irish government immigration process and procedure.
  5. 5. Key Policy Drivers, the Actus Approach The Actus approach is to key into government policy regarding work based immigration status and economic development within the Irish State. In this regard we keep up to date with the activities and statements of the Department of Enterprise, the IDA, Forfas, regional government policy and development drives and other relevant State agencies. Investment into Ireland always presents a strong argument when seeking the grant of an employment permit. A brief example of arguments used would include: The IDA’s assertion that Ireland holds a strategic value in the location of headquarter functions (global, European and EMEA), specifically naming “knowledge functions” such as supply chain management, procurement, marketing, finance professionals, ICT and bio- medical skills, as areas they wish to attract. The Irish Enterprise Strategy group focus on the need for the development of R&D capacity within Ireland coupled with strong sales and marketing skills. Expert Group on Future Skills Needs and Forfás discuss the need for Internationally Traded Services (ITS) and highlight skills shortages in the areas of management, technical and ICT, marketing and languages: “Ireland has the opportunity to encourage investment in European Headquarter activities, both from established companies, and from those at an early stage of accessing European markets... [incorporating] ... intellectual property management, global or international procurement, financial shared services, HR, legal and paralegal shared services, administration, marketing and sales. Ireland can leverage its existing manufacturing, logistics and supply chain capabilities to offer services to industries seeking a first foothold into Europe. This involves targeting US companies, in particular, that have been successful in their own markets, and are well financed.”
  6. 6. Permit Types (Green Cards)Work Based Immigration Status Personnel entering employment in Ireland from outside the European Union/ European Economic Area will require a permit from the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment. The categories of permits available are detailed below.Green Cards Green Cards are designed to facilitate the entrance of professionals and highly skilled personnel into Ireland. To apply for a Green Card you must satisfy the following criteria: You must hold a job offer from a bona-fide employer registered with the Irish Companies Registration Office, the Irish Revenue Commissioners and trading in Ireland. The job offer must be on company headed paper, dated within the previous 60 days and must be for a period of twenty four months or more. You must hold a recognised professional qualification or degree relevant to the job. The job must have either: An annual gross basic salary of €60,000 or over, or An annual gross basic salary in the range of €30,000 - €59,999 and be in a recognised skill shortage area: ICT professionals, health care professionals and associate professionals, professional engineers and technologists, researchers and natural scientists, business and financial professionals and associate professionals, specialist managers.
  7. 7. Permit Types (Intra Company Transfer) Irish Intra Company Transfer Permits (ICT) are designed to facilitate the temporary transfer of senior managerial, key personnel and trainees who are non EEA nationals, from an overseas branch of a corporation to its Irish branches. To apply for an ICT you must satisfy the following criteria: The foreign branch of your company must be bona fide and engaged in substantial business in its country of location. The link between the business entities must be clearly set out. Employees on ICT Permits may not exceed 5% of the total work force of the Irish based firm. Exceptions to this rule may be made for business start ups or in small firms. You must earn a minimum of €40,000 gross basic per year. You must have worked for a minimum period of twelve months with the overseas company prior to the transfer. You should meet the professional or managerial criteria associated with the transfer role. Initial ICT permits must be for a period of twenty four months.
  8. 8. Permit Types (Standard Work Permits) Work Permits are issued to individuals who have been offered employment in Ireland where the Irish employer has not been able to source an employee from within the wider EU / EEA. Work permits are now issued under limited circumstances. To apply for a work permit you must satisfy the following criteria: You must hold a job offer from a bona-fide employer registered with the Irish Companies Registration Office, the Irish Revenue Commissioners and trading in Ireland. The job offer must be on company headed paper, dated within the previous 60 days. The post must have a salary in excess of €30,000 and be business critical. You must have the requisite skills, experience and where required qualifications associated with the job. The employer must have undergone the statutory labour test: The post must have been advertised for eight weeks on the website of FAS, the State employment network, and for three days in the Irish national and local press. Please note that the Irish Government have deemed the following job categories ineligible for work permits: clerical and administrative posts, general operatives and labourers, operators and production staff, sales staff, drivers, hotel and tourism staff (except chefs) childcare staff, craft workers and apprentices.
  9. 9. Spousal and Dependant Work Permits Spousal and Dependent Work Permits have been revised by the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment to allow the spouses and dependents (children over the age of 18) of Work Permit, ICT Permit and Green Card holders apply for Spousal/ Dependant work permit. These arrangements offer great benefits in that those qualifying may apply for any post and are not subject to the usual restrictions affecting work permits. They are also exempt from the usual statutory labour tests. Permits issued under this scheme are valid up to the expiry date of the principal work permit. These arrangements offer great benefits in that those qualifying may allow for any post and are not subject to the usual restrictions affecting work permits. They are also exempt from the usual statutory labour tests. Permits issued under this scheme are valid up to the expiry date of the principal work permit. To apply for a Spousal dependant work permit you must be either the spouse or dependent child (over the age of eighteen) of a principal work permit holder who has one of the following: A valid Green Card Permit, or A valid work permit of 12 months or more duration, or A valid Working Visa issued before the 31st December, 2006, or A valid Work Authorisation issued before the 31st December, 2006.
  10. 10. The Start – up Entrepreneur Programme As of March 2012 two new visa types – The Entrepreneur programme and the Immigrant Investor programme will be launched. The Start-up Entrepreneur Programme The Start-up Entrepreneur Programme, has been developed to make Ireland more accessible to Non EU/ EEA entrepreneurs. The New Programme requests that: Migrants have a good business idea in the innovation economy and funding of €75k -this compares with a previous minimum investment of €300k. No initial job creation targets will be set – this compares to a previous initial job creation of 2. Projects will be evaluated by an Evaluation Committee with State Agencies playing a key role in “picking winners” or those who demonstrate a good idea or the potential to be a winner.
  11. 11. The Immigrant Investor Programme Approved participants in the Investor Programmes and their immediate family members will be allowed enter the State on multi-entry visas and to remain here for a defined period. Ordinarily this will be for a period of 5 years – reviewable after 2 years. The sort of investments envisaged will include: A specially created low interest Government Bond Capital investment in an Irish business – which may need it for the protection or creation of jobs, or in some cases the purchase of property – including that held by NAMA. Endowments in the cultural, sporting educational or health areas will also be considered. The level and duration of financial commitment required from the Investor will depend on the nature of the investment but will generally range from €400,000 for endowment-related investments to €2 million in the new Immigrant Investor low-interest bearing Government Bond to be devised by NTMA in conjunction with the Immigration authorities. The funds in this Bond will be held by NTMA and, as is the case with other similar financial products, they will be available for the benefit of Ireland. The level of investment in business entities where jobs are being created or saved will generally be €1 million and the Department will be guided by and reliant upon the advice and expertise of IDA Ireland and Enterprise Ireland in assessing individual proposals.
  12. 12. Business Visas & International Visa Services Business visit visas are issued to individuals who require to enter Ireland for a limited period of time for business or training reasons. To apply for a business visit visa you must satisfy the following criteria: Your employer must validate and evidence the trip. Your employer should also confirm that you will be returning to that employment following the visit. There must be a prior and bona fide link between both sending and host companies involved in the visit. You must be able to evidence that the full costs of the visit are covered.International Visa ServicesActus also provides visa solutions for business travel to a number of countries considered key marketareas for Irish business. Through partner agencies we offer a full suite of immigration services for the USand Australia. We also directly service visa applications where required world wide. Where required ourservices include the production of certified and notarised translations in most languages.
  13. 13. Contact Us